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Rob Lowe Ex-Nanny Wants to Clean Up

4/11/2008 1:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One of the ex-employees making wild allegations against Rob Lowe and his wife has money on the brain.

Sources tell TMZ that Jessica Gibson, a former nanny of Lowe's who claims she had an affair with him, has lawyered up, and her mouthpiece has been in touch with Rob's peeps, demanding this and that -- in particular, money for OT, meals and vacation. We're told Lowe has already told her if he owes moolah, he'll gladly pay but it doesn't seem that's gonna make her go away.

And we're told the other two employees have lawyered up as well, so a fight is a-brewin'. There's also talk the three may consolidate with one lawyer, and you'll never guess who......

Lowe says he's the victim of an extortion plot and that the three employees have engaged in a variety of misdeeds -- including sex on his bed while he was gone.

BTdubs, we're told if this gets ugly, some of the people who have been "involved" with Gibson in the past are willing to talk, and it ain't pretty.


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I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Hey Rob.....go get ya some!!

2365 days ago



2365 days ago


Could the lawyer be ........ G L O R I A A L R E D ?? My guess.

2365 days ago

He's Boring now    

The non practicing Jew is guilty as charged. Guilty for not keeping his pecker in his pants 20 years after the Sex Tape, and guilty for not telling us he is Jewish. Now the whole world knows he truly is a fraud. And dont start with the "his wife is jewish, he's not", oh how trite----if that is true than he's even more guilty since the Princess probably wasnt putting out for him and he had to go use and abuse the hired help.

Let it go to Civil Trial and let the dirt come out. His boys should learn about who he really is since he's put his shtick on people this long.

2365 days ago


I think the lawyer is that troll of a woman - Debra Oprie.....

2365 days ago


#3, what the heck are you talking about? What does religion have to do with any of this?

2365 days ago


Hey TMZ, what the helll with with this new tern you keep using "BTDubs" WTF does that mean? You sound ridiculous and corny.

2365 days ago

david b merklevinskyvitch III    


2365 days ago


his real name is Robert Lowenstein

2365 days ago


He's not obligated to discuss his religion (or lack of religion for that matter) with the public.

2365 days ago


I agree. What does his religion have to do with any of this?

He doesn't owe anyone an explanation about his faith or religious preferances period. NONE of our business.

That's the dumbest post I've seen in quite a while!

You're ticked off because he hasn't "revealed" that he's Jewish? Come on. That's YOUR criteria for those in the public eye to gain your "respect" or whatever it is that floats your boat?

I'm sorry for his wife and family and for him. This woman's probably nothing more than another gold digger and he's innocent until proven guilty isn't he? Should be like everyone else!

I'm sure Gloria Allred is there eagerly offering her legal services OR it could be that woman who represented Larry Berkhead at first. She was a piece of work. She charged him thousands for just one dinner supposidly because they discussed his case.

I wish Rob and his family good luck and hope they beat this woman in court. I'm sure she's out for her 15 min of tabloid fame and $$$$$$ like most of these other trashy people who are always out for money

2365 days ago

She looks great    

TMZ, if racist comments were posted, you'd delete them and block the user.

Yet, anti-Semitic lunatic ravings such as #3 are posted and you don't bat an eye. Just like you post misogynistic rantings.

Shame on you TMZ.

All hate is equally bad. Racism is not worse than other hate. Please delete anti-Semitic and misogynistic hate.

2365 days ago

He's Boring now    

Whose being anti semitic simply for stating something about a persons Religion? What the heck is wrong with you people? YOu overly sensitive liberal do nothings. Lowe is the one who came out and brought up Religion in the very first story about this last week, talking about going to Temple and seeing his Rabbi over this.

So back down, you're the same types that said nothing about hip hop and now see a culture that has approved of a prison culture mentality, the use of the N word, the abuse of all persons Female and honors school drop outs and births out of wedlock.

Your silence was deafening and one day you will be devoured by it all. Speak up once in a while instead of cowering in the corner with your eyes closed.

Most who come to this site are liberal, non serving their country types who are quick to brand any and all racists or other nasty names for the mere mention of something. Thank God there are many who are not like you that keep this Country Free and its Speech Free as well.

2365 days ago

He's Boring now    

TMZ please delte all non Free Speech rantings on your site as can be found in posting #12, author name "by no anti-Semitism"

How dare this person become the judge and jury of what can be said and by whom in this Country and in the Free Press.

Who is this person to determine and decide if something is anything? And if that something is hateful, that too is considered Free Speech.

TMZ please delete that posting so we dont go to a Stalin or Hitler like way of living in this Lovely Country

2365 days ago

Over It Already    

Oh boy - the liberals are out today!! Must be an early-out Friday from the office for you folks... I TOTALLY agree with # 12! Post # 13 berates you because his/her take is that you are in the wrong for commenting that somenone "simply stated something about a person's Religion"... Listen up, Live Free or Die, there's nothing simple about religion - and you refer to everyone else as a liberal!! Amazing. Religion is why there's so much upheaval here and in the world as we know it, Bonehead. Post # 3 deviated ENTIRELY from what is relevant here and brought religion into it.... so kudos to #12.

2365 days ago
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