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"Earl" Star on Paris Hilton: She Ain't Stupid!

4/12/2008 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ethan Suplee knows what dumb is -- he plays Jason Lee's bumpkinly brother on "My Name is Earl." So when TMZ asked him what Paris was like when she made a cameo on the show -- his answer was a bit shocking.


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Wow! Why can't all the paps be as kind as that pap? He wasn't all in his face and scaring his daughter, he just kinda stayed outta the way and ask a few questions. Hey calling all the other paps---You guys need to take a lesson from this guy. He got all the answers to his questions and was polite to him and had respect that his daughter was with him. Hell, that little girl didn't even pay any attention to him. Two thumbs up to that pap!

2355 days ago

just sayin    

very cool guy.. don't see what was shocking about his answer

2355 days ago


dump? or dumb? please learn this beautiful language of ours. spelling is a virtue.

2355 days ago


And HE knows stupid!

2355 days ago


Hilton is very street smart -- but she has the global awarness and intellect of a gnat. Shallow, manipulative, media whoring -- I mean what did they think this poor guy was gonna say to a video camera? One thing is for sure -- she was cheap.

2355 days ago


Awe, he is a gentle teddy bear. I first saw him in "Remember theTitans." GREAT MOVIE!! Cute little girl.

2355 days ago

We know who is unethical    

Paris isn't stupid but yet she is dumb enough to get herpes and hang with future Grand Dragon Greasy Crotch. It also helps to have a savvy management team to help direct her. One thing she is VERY dumb about is having all those dogs and hearing that she mistreats them should have PETA all over her throwing fake blood on her.

2355 days ago

f bell    

Time to stop obsessing over that useless Paris Hilton. I cannot believe an intelligent country like ours has debassed themselves by obsessing over this piece of nothing.

2355 days ago


He is stupid!
He's another dimbulb that's fallen for $cientology, just like his fictional brother, Jason Lee!

2355 days ago


ALL RIGHTY NOW....Does this nimrod know about the various tiny dead doggie bodies that were found in Paris' bedroom closet. (Um... I like thought it was a like bathroom, for the doggies, and were taking a long time to like...well...poop. They had to fart a I closed the door...for their privacy..and the know ??? Then, I got interested in my make-up and nails......I For about a month.

2355 days ago

She looks great    

Who cares what this nobody thinks about another nobody?

That Earl show is so awful and so annoying.

2355 days ago


Sups is great! A classy, great guy!!

2355 days ago


Well, Hilton was dumb enough to actually think that people would show up to see her film in American theatres. The turnout for her stupid "reality" show was just as bad. She's not a dumb blonde in the traditional sense; she is just vapid and empty in the sense she has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. London has Heather Mills -- we have the unbearable Bigbird (Hilton).

2355 days ago


I can't listen to or watch anyone who falls for Scientology. Ethan and Jason Lee, wake up!!!

2354 days ago


That guy makes rocks seem intelligent. He doesn't even play a dumb guy convincingly for crying out loud.

Note to "My Name is Earl" producers/directors if you read this stuff... Paris was death at the box office with her latest movie... why would you think she was anything more on the small screen? Think about it you stoners, lol.

2354 days ago
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