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Michael Johns: The Stiff From Down Under

4/13/2008 1:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

He got no job, and now he got no money!

Just days after getting booted from "American Idol," Michael Johns hit LAX, where he gave a skycap a big fat tip ... of nothing.

Johns was polite about the stiffing, but dude -- if you got no money, don't use the skycap!


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Michael told the guy he didn't have any cash. You people get all over people for the stupidest things. I love love love Michael's voice and think he's a great singer. He should be in the finale this week, not little Archiebot. Michael's looks and accent don't hurt him either. ;)

2317 days ago


He should have WON
AI is a SHAM

Michael Johns is sexy sexy sexy...with a voice to match. I hope he makes it big.

btw, TMZ, this *story* is LAME

2349 days ago


Cheap bastard

2349 days ago


I thought only us brothers were stiff tippers.

2349 days ago


Oh, give the guy a break. Maybe, he didn't have any ones!

2349 days ago


Why do employees doing a job, getting a salary always want more?

2349 days ago


no, there's no "rule" on tipping skycaps.

2349 days ago


,,,but skycaps generally work for tips. However, some carriers have a curbside check-in fee now, and the traveler ends up PAYING for curbside service AND tipping the skycap, so a lot of times, the skycap doesn't get tipped in that case. I generally tip $1-2 per bag regardless.

(hit enter too soon on my last post.)

2349 days ago


Who says you have to tip? Can't you leave the guy with some dignity left? Making this video and calling him the "Stiff from Down Under" is much more rude than you're making him out to be by not tipping!

If fact, if anything, I like him more because of this. He keeps his composure even though he's got a video camera following him around like a mosquito that deserves to be swatted. And broke or not, he'll be bringing in the money once he makes a new record. I know I'll be buying the CD as soon as it comes out!

2349 days ago


It's called reverse KARMA!

2349 days ago


Here is the thing: Tipping is generally an AMERICAN thing, and many other countries around the world (UK, Australia) are not tip obsessed like we are. Get over it, and give the dude a break. This is probably the first time that he has been without the American Idol handlers since getting the boot. TMZ, this screams of "slow news day"..wasn't von A-hole at the Ivy or anything?

2349 days ago

Lenn K.    

Maybe the guy is still in shock. He thought he had this thing wrapped up. Funny thing happen on the way to grand prize legs cut off under you by the people. Don't think ahead, ask Chris Daughtrey, I know I butchered the spelling. But anyway, Taylor Hicks won and he can't carry the bags for Shauna Sands or Tonya Harding. You know that sucks!!

2349 days ago


He is not that attractive! I'm glad he got booted off, although I was hoping Christie Lee Cook would be booted off before him.
Oh well, who knows who is truly voting for these idols!? It's crazy.

This was kind of pointless though, the news about him.

2349 days ago


WHOOO CARES...IDC..HE STILL HOT SEXY AND HE SHOULD HAVE NVR LEFT!! HE'S SO SWEET..For all I care he could have just ignore that lady n the whole world n cursed you guys out and I would still love him for his talent!

2349 days ago

Kyra Wells    

So what if he didn't tip. The guy just got kicked off the biggest rigged show since the $64,000 question!

2349 days ago
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