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Vegas to Mills: Take Your Leg and Shove It

4/13/2008 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

One-legged celebridiot Heather Mills should really stay far, far away: just ask the crowds in Vegas.

Heather was booed by the audience when she was introduced at the Miss USA pageant this weekend, but appeared unmoved during the broadcast. It appears that the cold-blooded Brit has gotten used to all the negative feedback. Later that night, Heather seemed unconcerned by her dwindling popularity and danced the night away.

The Donald, who hired Heather for the beauty gig, says "America wants more Heather Mills." Mind you, he also thought "Celebrity Apprentice" was a good idea.

Tom's Patience with Posh Wearing Thin?

Tom Cruise is reportedly peeved about the negative effect the bobblehead Spice Girl is having on his misses. According to the Daily Mail, Cruise is alarmed by the shrinking size of his stepford wife and thinks Victoria and her 900 calorie diet is to blame.

As TMZ first reported, Cruise is a little obsessed with his wife's physical appearance. After Suri was born a few years ago, Tommy Boy was "so concerned about Katie's bod" for their wedding, he made her drop everything to drop the baby weight.

Party Favors: Miley Rolling Dough ... Cougar Ivana Pounces Down the Aisle Yet Again

Miley Cyrus raked in a barrel load of cash last year, earning a reported $18 mil (via Us). Not far behind was the late Leona Helmsley's bitch, Trouble, a Maltese who inherited $12 million to continue to live the lifestyle to which he has become accustomed. ...Ivana Trump, who appreciates the sanctity of marriage, took her 4th trip down the aisle this weekend, according to People. Ivana married an Italian actor who is 24 years younger at The Donald's Mar-a-Lago estate. Donald was even in the crowd cheering his ex-wife on as she took the plunge again. 4th time is the real deal.


No Avatar


And Trump is wrong once again!

2384 days ago


So Heather was booed in Vegas? Well, that is really surprising especially since the other day she told GMTV in Britain that she would love to live in the U.S. because most of the Americans support her.

Gee, must be something in the water out in Vegas, huh Heather?

2384 days ago

Lenn K.    

There nothing in the water in Vegas, we can spot a one-legged, baldfaced, freeloader from a mile away. The problem that Heather has is the world know's, she's a liar and a dirtbag.

2384 days ago


WTG Chris Rock's Mom... She did raise GREAT and SUCCESSFUL children. ALL of her kids have done well for themselves- i think only 2 are in show business but the others are business owners and college grads :)

2384 days ago


The Donald must be smoking crack if he thinks America wants more of Heather Mills. EVERYONE and I do mean EVERYONE is so sick of her. Best thing for the paps and the news media to do is leave her alone. Maybe if she didn't get the attention she craved she would just go away.

2384 days ago


~~ Go away Heather Mills you ungrateful Cow and please take the Donald with you. ~~ You are both whores for fame and money and neither of you have an ounce of class. ~~ Instant Karma is gonna get you Heather, and by the way . . . most Americans do not like you or your attitude. ~~ Go Away!!

2384 days ago


Katie needs to get out of Tom's world immediately and get real help.
She's obviously proven that she is controllable and doens't have a mind of her own at all.
Scientology is dangerous.

2384 days ago


The little Scientroll read the riot act? He's too short and unbalanced to be taken seriously.

2384 days ago


TMZ writes "the late Leona Helmsley's bitch, Trouble, a Maltese who inherited $12 million to continue to live the lifestyle in which he has become accustomed. .:

Ummmm, a "bitch" is definitely a FEMALE dog. In your mad dash to write a cool sentence, you then refer to the Maltese dog named Trouble as "he."

2384 days ago


Oh, thank God I am not married to Tom Cruise................or, let me rephrase that, I would NOT be married to a man like Tom Cruise! What an insecure control freak! Katie, needs to tell that SOB "kiss my young arse" and be done with him.

Heather, STFU! Get on with your life and stop burning bridges!

2384 days ago


Congrats to Ivana, 24 year younger Italian? Your my role model!

2384 days ago

Ashley B.    

All of you need to leave Heather Mills alone. I think it was awesome that she was able to publicly humiliate her ex husbands lawyer. The damage is done she has her money what of it?? And as for her on a rich dating site what about all the ho's that are on that millionare matchmaker show? You don't think all of those women are out just for the mans money? THATS HOW THE WORLD WORKS. Instead of sitting on TMZ worrying about which celeb had sex with who you should be out there cleaning up this planet that we all ruined. GOOD JOB WORLD. You all suck and I hope the world bursts into flames and ingulfs all of the retarted people all of you pathetic people worship. One last thing. GO HEATHER FOR BEING SUCH A BAD ASS BIOTCH!!

2384 days ago


I'll second that Kelli!

2384 days ago


Ashley B. ~ So, get off of TMZ and go clean up the planet!!!!!

Practice what you preach!

2384 days ago


I've said it before, I'll say it again...Katie Holmes is insecure and very easily influenced. All the money in the world can't change that. I'm sure she's a very nice person but she needs to pull herself together and take control.

2384 days ago
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