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It's Official -- Ashlee Is Dumber Than Jessica

4/14/2008 2:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

UPDATE: Someone might want to clue Pete Wentz in, he's denying the whole thing to MTV.
Holy unwed mothers!

23-year-old lip-synching queen Ashlee Simpson is carrying fiance Pete Wentz's baby, or so says Us. Does anyone practice safe sex anymore?!

Unwed Mothers -- click to launchAshlee -- whose father is a former Baptist minister -- apparently didn't save herself for marriage like big sis Jessica... she gave it away for free!

Family values are alive and well in Tinseltown!


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hmmm pop culture. good point :)

2385 days ago

She looks great    

Who cares about this nobody?

She needs a new plastic surgeon - she's gotten really weird looking.

2385 days ago


Family values? Get over yourself. While youths like Richie, Spears, & Simpson seem to have leapt into parenthood without thought, lumping adults like Jolie & Berry into this group only speaks to an antiquated close-mindedness. Brad & Angelina have fostered a committed family. Hollywood and the rest of the world has its fair share of happily unmarried couples (Sarandon & Robbins, Tweed & Simmons, Hawn & Russell) that have stood the test of time. The children of these couples are happy, stable, & loved. That's the real issue. Weddings are incidental.

2385 days ago

just wondering    

...good for her !!!....nothing wrong with being pregnant and happy at 23.

2385 days ago

just wondering    

P.S.....seems to be a good PR move as well !!!!!...anything to stay in the press goes these days.

2385 days ago


Do they just not have birth control in California?

2385 days ago


I bet Joe Simpson is about to have a nervous breakdown. I wonder how long it will be before Jessica either becomes pregnant or get's engaged?!

WHy don't the Spear's and Simpson's just move to a BIG compound?!

2385 days ago


total shocker....OMG, these two kids!!! Ha! Let's face it, Nicole Ritchie has set the "standard" and makes it look so glamourous.....moms out there, let's get real. It's no picnic being a mom. Good days and bad days, but it's not as glam as these hollywood starlets make it look. Angelina Jolie has a kid hanging on her 90lb frame 24-7~ how fun does that look?

2385 days ago


Don't any of these people practice safe sex much less birth control? It's no wonder teens are the in the high numbers with AIDS and other STD's. What great role models. I agree marriage doesn't necessarily come first these days, but let's hope at least these dads will at least stay in the future picture for the childs sake. Children need to know their Fathers as well as their Mothers. Any animal can spit out a baby, but it takes a lot of work and love to be parents. As for the morality of it in this day and age, please remember all great nations fell when they lost their moral compass.

2385 days ago


Ugly skanky babymama and scary lookin' babydaddy dude. PapaJoe must be so proud! Ash 'n Pete is already registered at Target and Wal-marts for the prepackaged white trash wedding shower/babyshower gift basket...

2385 days ago


Do a story about all the GUYS who have kids out of "wedlock" as well TMZ. Why just pick on the women? What have all the manho's left town? I don't think so.

2385 days ago


To Katy, who says it is just a piece of paper, and you don't have to be married to have kids. Duh, thanks for the thought of the day. Sorry but I feel a whole lot differently about it. A friend of mine knows the Simpson family from texas and both girls were trashy way back then, dressing pretty sleezy even in church. Now both have been pimped out by their father. Suddenly one gets married and suddenly divorced. Next one announces an engagement, now she is expecting. In this day and age with the availability of birth control, there is no excuse. To start having children before you marry? If you are not sure enough to commit to a marriage you are sure not ready for the biggest responsibility of your life..raising kids. Sorry, once again she is no role one to be admired. It took a pregnancy for the marriage of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, how long will that last? Don't young women have any self esteem these days? Having sex is no guarantee of a life long relationship. Call me old fashioned but there is such a thing as birth control or waiting.

2385 days ago


I cried when I heard Trashlee was preggers with Pete's kid. Happy for Pete---Not Asslee!!

2385 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

What century do we live in? SHE gave it away for free? Pete Wentz ALSO gave it away for free, and they co-created a child;
so-o-o-o, take your double standard and put it.....back into the last century, where it seems to have emanated from.

2385 days ago


"It's official. Ashlee Simpson is dumber than her sister Jessica -- Ash is preggers!

According to Us, the 23-year-old lip-syncher is carrying her fiance Pete Wentz's baby. Does anyone practice safe sex anymore?!

Ashlee -- whose father is a former Baptist minister -- is part of the growing Hollywood trend of having babies out of wedlock. Simpson joins an illustrious group that includes Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Nicole Richie, Jessica Alba, Minnie Driver -- and its youngest member so far, Jamie Lynn Spears.

Family values are alive and well in Tinseltown!"

Looks like they changed it. This site suffers from a bad case of foot in mouth disease.

2385 days ago
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