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It's a Fat World After All

4/15/2008 1:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Small World?Disney is sayin' they're renovating the "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyland to introduce new characters, but what they're really trying to do is trim the fat ... people.

The boats on the ride are the same old ones when the ride first debuted at the World's Fair in 1964. Here's the prob -- 44 years and 20 billion Mickey D burgers later, America has become all blubber, and it's effing up the ride.

Two hundred pounders and up were populating the boats, which increasingly began bottoming out and stopping the ride dead in its tracks. And anyone knows you can become certifiable listening to "that song" for more than three minutes.

It became too embarrassing to escort passengers to dry land, explaining that the girth was just too much to bear.

Disney previously has denied the renovations have anything to do with weight issues.


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kill them all

2380 days ago

demis bicycle seat    

fing stupid tmz

2380 days ago


Sure, let's change the ride to suit the overweight people... I love how personal responsibility has gone completely out the window. Why don't people just lose weight?!?!

2380 days ago


It is not just the adults that are obese. My God, these kid's are a little chunky too!

Step away from the potato's!

2380 days ago

Franky Bones    

I just got back from a trip to Orlando... and I was shocked at how fat America really has become. You hear and read about it on TV but until you spend a couple days at Disney... you really have no idea. I used to think Wal-Mart was a good indicator of what America is really like...

I am not talking about fat either... I am talking disgustingly obese... Entire families of waddlers.

BTW.. we skipped the small world ride.. and sure enough it was stopped as we walked by it.

2380 days ago


I am sick of fat people. Quit eating fat-asses!

2380 days ago

tard in the hood    

want to know why America is so fat??? WE HAVE ALL THE FOOD!

2380 days ago

Lola La Pistola    

Take responsibility for your bodies, people. Obese people are costing tax payers and insurances BILLIONS on medications and treatments. Diabetis is an epidemic! Insulin, medicines, hopsitalizations, all cost money, so do walkers, wheelchairs and all that other crap obese people need.

STOP EATING FATTENING JUNK FOOD and take a little responsibility for your health. People don't just GET sick. They make themselves sick by eating too much and not exercising enough.

2380 days ago

OC Get A Life    

First of all, obeisity is not simply an American problem, it is a global issue in First World nations, luckily devloping and third world nations simply utilize disease, malnutrition, and war to keep down the number of fat and slow people in their nations. But, America has embraced the "Super Sized" generation. For example a month ago, I had the great displeasure of sitting between two three hundred pound husband and wife, who were fighting, sweating, and eating like pigs - the guy actually had the nerve to ask me for part of my meal - I was so grossed out that I simply gave the whole thing to him. Now, both these people should have been charged for taking up two seats, and more, when I got off the plane, my suit and laptop case, stank of body odour and food remanents from the porkly couple.

So, it is totally understandable that Disney corporation has to not only acquiese to the needs of obsese parents but their equally large off-spring.

But, I wish they would do one other thing at the Magic Kingdom, make full body suits madatory for any male or female who makes a manatee look like a fitness instructor!

But, do not take this as a rant against American fat people, if you want to see the epitome of obese, uncouth, and pigish people, just go to any Cuban, Mexican, or other related destination and watch the Germans (they sitll do not know that they lost both wars and are not superior to anyone), the British (who for the love of God need something to make them tan and slim), and the worst the Italians and Greeks (if I wanted to see a hairy beast male or female with a thong on, I would visit the San Diego zoo or turn on Jerry Springer).

So take heart obese Americans, you are not alone, and I support you fully, eat, eat, eat, and do not exercise or take care of your health, your declinign life expectancy will only serve to help the economy, health care crisis, and the many other costly programs to take care of people who are too stupid, selfish, or lazy to act like adutls or proper parents.

2380 days ago


I don't really understand how these hateful comments will help anyone lose weight. Slander against those with weight issues literally feeds the problem. Reducing stigma surrounding obesity will only serve to improve everyone's health. I don't have a weight problem myself, but have watched others who are close to me struggle.. and they are not lazy and stuffing their faces all the time like most people think. They actually at a lot healthier than I do.
So, stop being so hateful and accept that some people are constantly struggling with their weight and this others don't have free reign to criticize someone ELSE'S body.

2380 days ago


omg i love you number 3 that made my life! hahaha yeah seriously
its not our fault the unhealthy suddenly make it OUR problem

2380 days ago


I usually feel bad when I'm at a theme park and see someone get turned away from a ride because they are too big for the seat. But at the same time you have to remember that they've done this to themselves. Disney should put up signs like other parks do that warn about weight. People need to start taking responsibility for their bodies and the consequences of overeating.

2380 days ago


Wow, some of you have no heart. Yeah, its gross to be obese but did any of you stop to think that these people have a problem? Food is like an addiction. Would you sit here and talk so much crap on people if they were addicted to alcohol or drugs or cigarettes or whatever? While I don't think its right for the world to change to suit these people, I also think its wrong for people to be so harsh.

Should we get rid of all the alcohol in the world because an alcoholic can't control themselves? No! These people obviously have mental issues and need help. Changing a ride to fit a big child isn't the answer, it only feeds into it because then they'll think the way they are is ok.

So have a heart people and stop being so mean. No one's perfect!

2380 days ago


The saddest thing to me is all the overweight kids. It used to be very rare to see a child it is sad and shocking.

2380 days ago


LOL... Not everyone over 200 lbs is overweight.. Its common knowledge that people are just bigger now.. We have grown bigger over the decades. Now, not saying people are not getting fatter, they are.. But.. Not everyone over 200 lbs is fat.. Thats an ignorant, unjustified statement. There are many people that weigh more than that, body builders included. What about really tall people? Many men over 6'4 are well over two hundred pounds.. This does not make them fat.. Get off the bashing bus people... People were much smaller in the early 60's. Even the NHL has considered making the ice rinks bigger because of the sheer size of hockey players. There is not as much room for them to skate as there used to be. Its probably all the growth hormones in our food! Get real people!

2380 days ago
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