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That a Baby Bump or

You Just Happy to See Me?!

4/15/2008 12:17 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

At six months pregnant, Nicole Kidman looks like she just has a little gas buildup. *burp*

Nicole Kidman
The glowing porcelain mom-to-be and her fetus' tantastic, flat-ironed and highlighted birth father, Keith Urban, couldn't look any happier about their pending indigestion baby on Monday.

Nicole is finally eating for one.


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Pia Pskov    

Ya know, my mom had 12 kids (I'm No. 3), and like Nicole, she was real tall and real thin. She never showed much AT ALL (just a little pot belly) until the seventh month of pregnancy. After the baby arrived, she was totally back to her pre-pregnancy self TWO OR THREE DAYS LATER! I could never figure out why everybody else's mom was so fat!

2318 days ago


She looks so much prettier and softer without all that Botox.

2318 days ago


A little Danactive can cure that irregularity.

2318 days ago


she is having a boy! she looks exactly like I did with my son at 6 months, including the oddly like shaped tummy!

2318 days ago


Actually 25 years ago when I was pregnant since I started out very petite and small boned I didn't look visibly pregnant until my 7/8th month. In fact the day I delivered a healthy 6lb baby girl I weighed 106 pounds.

2318 days ago


Keith looks like a hetero Larry Birkhead

2318 days ago


Which one is the mother?

2318 days ago


That dress goes a long way in hiding her bump I think. Also, Nicole does look better than she has in years. She must be laying off the botox during her pregnancy, because her face looks soft and emotive.

2318 days ago

Granny Pants    

Is that a human baby in there? No way.

2318 days ago


Some pl don't gain much weight till after the 6 month mark but she's still prob trying to stay as skinny as possible knowing these actresses.

2318 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

maybe it's an inflatable one. or she is baking it somewhere else and is gonna put it inside when it's done?

2318 days ago


#27 - "HUNNY" - Calm down! Sheesh, only a question. Oh, and thank you so much for caring enough to answer that little inquiry for me.

2318 days ago


Maybe she's wearing a prostetic belly...And she's thinking, Im not wearing the 6 month belly until they think I'm 9 months. Why look fatter than I have to look?


She could just be pregnant with a really little baby, and she hides it well?

Either way: You can see her hip bone in the picture on the right. [just above her clutch]

2318 days ago


I think she is a beautiful woman, and looks stunning in that dress, you can tell shes pregnant from the side view, where Keith is touching her belly. Im not as tall as Nicole, but I didn't show til 7 months with my first baby. I think Keith is a good looking guy, and extremely talented..puts on one hell of a concert!

2318 days ago


I'm getting sick of TMZ focusing so much on women's bodies. Thin, fat, pregnant, not pregnant, maybe pregnant - what do women have to do, start wearing burkhas so they won't be judged every time they walk out the door?

2318 days ago
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