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Judge Rips Von A-Hole an A-Hole

4/18/2008 7:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The verdict is in in the Prince Von A-Hole case and he has to pay up. Better up his allowance, Zsa Zsa!
Prince Von Anhalt -- read the docs
Von A-Hole has to fork over $910 in medical expenses and $3,600 in general expenses.

We're told the Prince is "very happy" with the decision. What does he care -- it's not his money!


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A victory for Paps everywhere!

2349 days ago


Congrats Prince!! Come to the Golden Acorn Casino this week and Ill comp you dinner again.......You are a Good Man!!

2349 days ago


He's not really a prince... Look it up!

2349 days ago


im glad he only has to pay alittle..2 many trumped up lawsuits...even tho he shouldn't of had to pay a dime...maybe he should of counter sued....

2349 days ago


#3 ......Beacuse he's really a QUEEN

2349 days ago


I wouldn't consider $4,510 "ripping a new one"

2349 days ago


Guess that pap better not quit his day job. He out to be humiliated he got "beat up" by an old dude.

2349 days ago

John in San Diego    

He has the eyes of a crazy person. He's "happy" with the verdict? Yeah. Right.

2349 days ago


Mackenzie: Technically, he IS a prince because bought the title by getting himself adopted. He bought the title for a monthly fee but got lucky and the old lady who "adopted" him died pretty soon after the deal, so he got it for cheap. Nevertheless, he can use it ... even if it's as fake as his marriage.

2349 days ago

just me    

Some victory. The paparazzo was awarded $910 for medical expenses and $3,600 in general expenses. That is a paltry sum but might be worth taking off work and spending 2 full days in court trying to collect if it wasn't for the fact that he has a lawyer to pay, a lawyer who spent 2 full days work in court in addition to the many hours of work he spent taking depositions from the people who would testify at trial, both for and against Freddy von Anhalt, and deposition from Freddy as well, in preparation for trial. I seriously doubt that there is an attorney worth his weight in salt anywhere in Los Angeles whose fee is not at least $250 an hour and nearly double that hourly rate for court appearances and trial work. There is no gain for the paparazzo. His total award of $4510 actually makes him a loser with a big fat net loss after paying his attorney. I can understand why Freddy is "very happy with the decision."

2349 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

This guy is my hero...
I hope he takes on TMSLEEEEEEZE.... just for the fun of it.

TMSleeze.. have't you worn out your welcome on the AHole's AHole?

2349 days ago


Well this pap obviously got out of line and got so determined to get his pix that he crossed the boundaries of human respect to get them. I take pix of people all the time but usually ask them for their permission or if they are far away just shot them and if they come to me to object, I show them the shot and erase it while they watch if they object. They almost never do. I have missed some great shots because as a photographer you are invading someone's world when you take their picture. I would like to see more laws controling the paps since they have already contributed to several car crashes and deaths because of their aggresiveness. The public does not have the right to know everything there is about their celeb of the moment. Let's see some bathroom pix of that Lohan girl!

2349 days ago

Another stupid story by TMZ's uneducated chimpanzees    

It's too bad the judge didn't order jailtime for this bitch. He deserves an old fashioned beat down...

2349 days ago


No mention of how much the pap was asking for... How come TMZ? Interfere with your headline?

You guys all work under a bridge and eat children, right?

2349 days ago


Whoever Hal R. Hosfeld is, (and i'm sure that isn't your real name), I don't know if your comment was meant to incite anger in people who have intelligence and morality but if it was, you failed miserably. All it did was show that ignorance is alive and well in whatever whitetrash neighborhood it is that you live in. People like you make the rest of the world laugh. I'll bet you're married to your sister, right?

2349 days ago
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