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Harry Potter Gives Theatergoers the Shaft

4/19/2008 8:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you're hoping to score tickets to Daniel Radcliffe's Broadway debut in "Equus" and snap a picture of young Harry's joy stick, think again.

This summer Daniel hits the stage in NY to play the lead role of a teen boy who likes to give it to animals -- horses to be exact. Young Harry is a big boy now as is evident when he appears naked on stage for an extended length of time.

Getting a closeup view of the growing wizard's mystical package will cost you, and theater producers want to make sure no one gets a peek for free according to the NY Post. Increased security will be added to the theater and infrared devices will be installed so mesmerized girls can't snap a keepsake shot.

Anna Not Putting Out for Enrique

Enrique has been trying to close the deal with his longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova, but she refuses to get hitched (via Yahoo).

According to Enrique, his tennis pro play toy, who performs better off the court, doesn't take his proposals seriously and ignores his endless quest to be her one and only hero. Maybe Anna saw this video from one of her bf's past concerts.

Robert Downey Jr. Finally Put on Some Clothes

It was a long road for RDJ who had a very public battle with addiction. Gone are the days of getting pulled over for throwing imaginary rats out his window on Sunset Boulevard.

The actor confesses to TIME Magazine that he can't do sobriety all by himself and has a new posse of yoga and martial arts instructors and people who know about herbs -- the healthy, new age kind.

Now Downey is settling into the mundane: family and married life, history, martial arts and looking forward to having more children. The actor has no problem becoming the John Lennon to his Yoko. He would be perfectly content sitting home and cooing over his new little missy.

Party Favors: Eli Manning Brings the Wood ... Bush Makes a Deal

The Superbowl quarterback plans to score a touchdown tonight when he gets married to his high school sweetheart, Abby McGrew, in a seaside service in Mexico (via NY Daily News). ... President Bush is going Hollywood on Monday night when he makes a surprise video appearance on "Deal or No Deal" to support the Purple Heart and Bronze Star soldier as he plays for $1 million, according to Yahoo. Dismal poll numbers call for desperate measures.


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Hopefully Emma Watson will go nude also.

2342 days ago


Who cares what you think about the president? Your opinions on most everything else you write about are stupid at best. Bottom line, he's the leader of the free world and you are not. You are just one of his subjects. Polls don't matter to this man because he's not running for office.

When you dismal, spiritless saps write so stupidly, I realize you refuse to acknowledge this man's love and humanity and faith. You should ask yourself why he chose to go the unpopular route rather than the one guaranteed to win him popularity and high poll numbers, like the democrats do when they pander to the lowest common denominator. They will do anything to win votes and power. President Bush has chosen to do what he thinks is right and be damned to YOU.

John McCain will be a worthy successor. The country will be protected and you and your family and possessions will be safe. That is, unless y'all have trekked over to Syria with your buddy Carter.

2342 days ago


Purple Heart and Bronze Star solder

great spelling

2342 days ago


I knew they couldn't say a word about Bush without some smartass comment thrown in there too. Give it a rest people.

2342 days ago


Bush could give a rats ass about the polls. He is leaving office soon so, I doubt that his appearance on "Deal or no Deal" is for the sake of PR! I think it is really nice of him to go and support the "purple heart and bronze star" vetran! Kudos Bush!

Anna not accepting Enriques proposal...............Makes you want to go HMMMMMMM! Sounds like there is alot to the story we will never know!

2342 days ago


what an idiotic thing to say TMZ. What our President is doing to help our wounded soldiers is to be commended, not ridiculed - and ITS IS HIS JOB as their Commander in Chief to support them,regardless of which party you worship. Shame on you for simply using it as an excuse to take a stab at the Pres. Getting sick of your obviuos agenda TMZ - no matter who we "little people" outside of Hollywood vote for, we ALL support our troops. Stick to what you know - the mindless fluff.

2342 days ago

SPLIFFSMOMMY think robert downey jr. has finally grown up perhaps?

2342 days ago


Nice jab at the Prez about pole numbers. If that is the case, then Ms. Pelosi and all her Democratic buddies doing such a wonderful job in Congress will be guest starring somewhere next.

2342 days ago


"7. Nice jab at the Prez about pole numbers. If that is the case, then Ms. Pelosi and all her Democratic buddies doing such a wonderful job in Congress will be guest starring somewhere next.

Posted at 9:37AM on Apr 19th 2008 by Disillusioned"

The only reason why people rag on pelosi and the democrats is because they're jealous of them, they're actually doing a better job than the incompetent republican government currently in office. The democrats have actually not done such a bad job, but they are hampered by a president who veto's them and due to the fact they have such a slim majority in congress. If you take those handicaps into account, they haven't done a bad job at all.

2342 days ago


Most reports say that Eli met his sweetie while they were both at Ole Miss University.

2342 days ago


God, I'd never go to see Radcliff or his wang.

Johnny Depp... HELL YEAH!

2342 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

i did a horse...totally overrated.

2342 days ago


Possibly it's a result of drug use, possibly not, but Mr. Radcliffe doesn't seem to be aware of how much he is embarrassing himself. It's certain that he doesn't know that his exhibitions can be an actual affront to the generations that were born and grew up when the world was still normal. It seems to center around the year 1968, with the age before that year being the pre Neo Roman Empire and the age after that year being the Neo Roman Empire. Everything since that mysterious turning-point has seemed to many of us like some kind of bizarre film by one of the more drugged-out Italian directors. Daniel Radcliffe doesn't know that the normal world, as it once was, is completely gone now and that the roles he is playing, in life and on the stage, and the whole world around him, are all really just the surreal Technicolor screening of Satyricon, over and over again. Some of us, putting on our hats, think that this is where we came in.

2342 days ago

He's Boring now    

YOu mean Downey now gets to be, and do things like the rest of humanity does? Like settling down, marrying, raising children..what a dirtbag this loser is. Wanting medals and trophies for showing up....he knows deep down inside he would rather be by himself in a corner or back alley getting high to a point of passing out....he was born that way and will always be that way..I wish him well but he knows the real truth. and it isnt him being yokos john.

2342 days ago


Congrats to Robert Downey Jr. for doing better in life. It's great that he has yoga people helping him. RBJ is my favorite actor and singer ( Yes, he's a singer too. Put out a CD called " The Futurist" in 2004 and it sounds great.). He looks great.

I would love to see Harry Potter a.k.a. Daniel naked.

2342 days ago
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