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Viva Las Vegas!

4/20/2008 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas! Including the love these couples once shared. We're not saying that Vegas weddings are cursed, but if we were, we'd have a lot of evidence from this gallery to prove it.
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Lori, I think that you just answered your own question... Elvis was bombarded with all the women, groupies, starlets, and just about ANYTHING he could have wanted. That kind of sexual temptation is almost impossible for most men to resist, especially when they still have A LOT of growing up to do. Also, Elvis had an addictive personality and all the hoardes of drugs that he took DO cloud one's judgement. He needed a real friend (a man) STRONG enough to FORCE him to step back, take a breath and really SEE what he was doing. Unfortunately, he never had that kind of person in his life. He was constantly surrounded by "yes" men and LEACHES... like the boys in the Memphis Mafia.

2377 days ago



You are exactly correct!! He needed someone to tell him straight out but everyone was so memsmerized by him, they were not capable of truly helping him. He was good to people had a kind heart but just couldn't grow up. I think he did really realize what he lost, and I think Cilla has taken as good a care of Lisa as she could and in the best way she could know how. I am sure she has capitalized on the name but hey why not? What red blooded american woman would not. She had to take care of herself and child. She has been her own woman as well.

2377 days ago


Wow, sittin on "the john" would be a hell of a way to go. VIVA LAS VEGAS Elvis..............RIP.....

2377 days ago


I agree, Lori... and when I try to think of someone who could have POSSIBLY helped Elvis the ONLY person who comes to mind would be Bobby Darin. Elvis was a HUGE fan of Bobby's and had a LOT of respect for him and his talent. Unfortunately, Bobby died in Dec. of 1973. If he had lived longer, I truly believe he COULD have had some REAL influence on Elvis, even though he was a year younger than him.

2377 days ago


Elvis sure was great looking. Pricilla is about as fake a person as anyone would want to meet, Her personality is like a glacier trying to thaw out.

2377 days ago

Trophy wife Slim and Trim!!!!    

Elvis is coming back from the dead on April 24 to see Heidi his granddaughter... The King will return! All you nonbelievers can rot in hell when he arrives on a chariot at 11 pm on April 24 at Knotts Berry Farm in California!

Elvis will bring with him his gay lover Paul Lynde! He has three main goals on this visit:

Meet his granddaughter Heidi Montag
Screen the new Ashton Kutcher movie
Meet with President Bush to ask that Paul Lynde's face be added to Mount Rushmore

2377 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Elvis you are a GENIUS. Period. Best to Paul.

2377 days ago


I beg to differ with you jeannie. Bobby Darin had his own demons to battle. Finding out that his "mother" was actually his grandmother and his "sister" was really his mother just about destroyed him. The only one who could have possibly saved Elvis was Elvis himself. He made the choice to keep hanging out with his "Memphis Mafia" and being involved sexually with other women. He also made the choice to keep doing drugs. Nobody held him down and forced the junk down his throat. It wasn't up to Darin or any other entertainer Presley may have admired to save his ass. He was a grown man and chose to drug and eat himself to death. He deprived his only child of a father. He failed 2 people in his death...his child and himself. You know, he could have put himself into serious counseling, got drug free and gotten legitimate management and maybe become a real singer or actor, but he chose to keep acting like an immature jerk, keep dumping drugs down his throat and let the "Colonel" ruin his career, at a very high price. No jeannie, Bobby Darin was in no position to save Presley. Darin couldn't even save himself.

2377 days ago


True that Elvis acted like an immature jerk, and I agree that he was over-rated and idolized beyond belief. But when you're young, good looking, and charismatic like HE was when he started out, and then the WHOLE WORLD keeps telling you how GREAT you are and fawning all over you ALL THE TIME, how do you get a reality check??? I don't blame him entirely for screwing up like he did. He knew that he wasn't ALL THAT and he couldn't live up to that impossible image of the superstar, so he turned to escape... maybe MANY of us would have done the SAME thing. Now, I know that you are completely disgusted, but maybe you should try to have some compassion.

I'm not saying it was anyone else's responsibility to save Elvis, but it's VERY SAD that he didn't have the kind of FRIEND who could have knocked some sense into him... somebody on his OWN level who wasn't so mesmerized by him or so afraid of crossing him. Sure BD had his own demons to deal with, but had he lived longer, I have no doubt that he would have been a REAL friend to Elvis IF ONLY he had known about his plight. Bobby was unpretentious and down-to-earth. He wasn't mesmerized by ANYONE (except perhaps by Bobby) lol. I'm just saying that BD had the character, talent and RESPECT needed for Elvis to pay some attention.

2376 days ago
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