Jordin Sparks Not Going Away for Good ... Yet

4/21/2008 4:16 PM PDT
Whether you really choose to listen to her or not, one thing's for sure: Jordin Sparks' singing career is not over. Not even close.

The alarm was sounded when Jordin had to ditch gigs this weekend because of what was described as a scary-sounding "acute vocal chord hemorrhage," which led to speculation that her career might be ovah! Sparks' rep tells us that while Jordin's condition is in fact "serious," it's manageable and she'll be back on tour in May. All her dates through the end of April have been scrapped.

The main thing is, we're told, that young Jordin needs to learn that vocal rest is vocal rest! Bettah keep that trap shut -- or else she'll be opening housing developments!