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Ultimate Douchebag Will Wrestle Again

4/21/2008 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hold on to your man-panties, because no one's favorite pathetic, homophobic, trash-talking wrestler-turned-conservative unmotivational speaker Ultimate Warrior is returning to the ring.
Ulitmate Warrior
Brian James Hellwig, aka Ultimate Warrior, will tease his hair and come out of retirement on June 25 to faux-fight in something called the NWE. Instead of mouthing off on his blog against celebs like Heath Ledger and Hulk Hogan, the 48-year-old homosapien will fight someone called Orlando Jordan in Barcelona.

Apparently, writhing around with sweaty, half-naked members of the same sex is a hard job to give up!

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No Avatar

Party 'till you die!    

Of all the 'wrasslers' to survive! A total waste of perfectly breathable air!

2341 days ago


The opponent Orlando Jordan is gay, at one time he claimed his release from WWE was due to the fact he is gay.

2341 days ago


It's funny, because Orlando Jordan is openkly bisexual. Wonder if Warrior will intentially hurt him

2341 days ago

Handsome Nova Scotian    

Funny... Orlando Jones is a homosexual... I hope Warrior has a heart attack and dies in the ring.

2341 days ago


Hmm, never knew why Orlando Jordan was fired. He was a pretty decent wrestler. I find it funny, the WWE will have their lesbian kissing scenes, but being gay and fired? I highly doubt that. Of course, again, don't know why he was fired anyway. I hope he kicks Warrior's ass. In that fake wrestling way of course.

2341 days ago


Geez you people (including TMZ) sure are gullable or stupid..? It's all part of the act! "Lets see I am a former popular wrestler.. been out of the ring for awhile... wonder how I can stage a comeback? gotta be something big.. something that will piss people off, and make me a qucik million so I can reitre properly.. ::reads newspaper::: gee this whole gay marriage thing sure is pissing people off.... :::ding::: since I really don't give a crap what people actually think about me or what I say... They just fired a gay dude in purpose to stage my comeback.."

2341 days ago


Glad everyone keeps up with their gay wrestlin heros.........

2341 days ago

spread the love    

hmmmm... is this how this guy amkes a living? who is he? seems like an idiot to me like any other douchebag wandering the hallways at Penn Station in NYC. i say, put him on a plane to iraq, give him a gun, and maybe then he will find some value to his life...bless and praise to our men and women fighting on our behalf!

peace to all.

2341 days ago


what a freak

2341 days ago


i'd like to shove a live grenade into that homo-freak's wide open pie-hole

2341 days ago


Orlando Jordan is openly bisexual; in fact, they had planned a wrestling angle around it. The incident that led to him being fired by the WWE was that he had people in the backstage area before a show that did not have permission to be there. It was the final straw, as there had been some other issues as well.

Warrior, on the other hand, is just an idiot.

2341 days ago


Ultimate Warrior was not to be messed with....in the early 90s...but now he's an old man trying to make a living. If it wasn't for him being such a douche bag, he would've had a lucrative wresltling career....he will win the wrestling match but after Orlando Jordan rides that backside of his....

2341 days ago


I always wondered about OJ. He got that push with JBL's Cabinet and then he was gone...Too bad he'll more than likely be stuck in a squash with The Ultimate Windbag. Guy should just shut up and vanish

2341 days ago


Ultimate Warrior is one ot the greatest wrestlers of all time. TMZ you better not talk bad about him unless you like the things the Warrior will do to you. Don't call him a douchebag, that's not right, he's a nice guy. Man you are meanies. GO WARRIOR!!!

2341 days ago


Isn't this the guy no one invited to their high school parties?

yep, that's him

2341 days ago
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