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Celebs Sign Up as Snipers

4/23/2008 6:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Wesley Snipes got some of his famous buddies to write letters to the judge who is sentencing him for tax fraud, asking for mercy.
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Noted pothead Woody Harrelson wrote about racism. Going well off-track, Woody recounted how he was shooting "Wildcats" and that he and Goldie Hawn were the only Caucasians on the production team. Harrelson said a few of the folks were fans of Louis Farrakhan. Woody wrote, "It was the first time I experienced racism toward me."

Denzel Washington says that Wes is like "a tree -- a mighty oak." What the hell does he mean by that, and how's it gonna keep Wesley out of the Big House?

Then there's Judge Greg Mathis, who says: "Unfortunately, it was his honest nature that forced him into these legalities" and "I can say from my personal experience as a Judge that people are always trying to manipulate and defraud people with a high profile status."

And Judge Joe Brown, who says Wesley is "one of those rare individuals possessed of an extremely developed social conscience."

Snipes faces three years in prison. Sentencing is set for tomorrow. Good luck, dude.


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Amazing T!    

The IRS doesn't care how nice of a person I am...I still have to pay. Why should he be any different just because he's famous?

2373 days ago


Because the IRS bases who they prosecute for tax fraud based on race? Come on now!! I now MANY caucasians serving in the big house for same thing! More caucasions serve time than any other race for tax fraud as a matter of fact. If you do the crime be prepared to do the time Wesley. How is he any diff than you or I if we were guilty of tax fraud? Oh he's a celebrity w/ entitlement issues - thats how he is diff.

2372 days ago


Why should celebs get a break? I never did and I never will. He made the money, he has the money, PAY UP LIKE EVERYONE OF US PEONS HAVE TO DO. We can't even afford to put gas in the car and these jerks jetset all over the world and expect the laws to bend for them. I hope he gets what he deserves and nothing less.

2372 days ago


Put him in jail. For a very long time. I pay my taxes and it really hurts since I have little left after the multitude of taxes levied by various greedy government agencies. Put him in jail for a long time as a lesson to the tax scoflows like this wasted arrogant man.

2372 days ago

just wondering    

I hope the law prevails!!

2372 days ago


Woody..... WOODY.!!!!... Lay off the yam yam babe....

2372 days ago


hate to see anyone go to jail for a nonviolent crime, there's too many in jail now. just take his money away from him.

2372 days ago


I not sure what Woody Harrelson's rant about racism on a movie set has to do with Snipes failing to file a tax return.

2372 days ago


Hopefully, he will get what is deserved!

2372 days ago


Do the crime, do the time....

If you make big money, hire good people to care for it for you.
Great accountants are out there, dude.

2372 days ago


There is a video that I dedicate to all who have fallen victim of government corruption and taken advantage by the IRS bullies.
This is Tommy Earl Cherry with "Program the System". Rock on brother!!

2372 days ago

Brattus Rattus    

The Woody rant is funny to me because Wesley petitioned the courts to have his trial moved to New York because he'll "never receive a fair trial because of the racism against blacks". He even had a call center phone residents to have their racial views recorded and counted as proof that he wouldn't get a fair trial. Tax evasion has nothing to do with race. It usually has everything to do with greed.

2372 days ago


I'm not a fan of the way the IRS behaves, and I'm definitely no apologist for them, but the only color the IRS cares about is green.

2372 days ago


Well the I.R.S dont care if you're black or white... they will have you butt naked on the corner to pay them back OR go to jail...

2372 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

He ought to be jailed based strictly on his terrible acting abilities. Way to play the race card fellas.

2372 days ago
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