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"Lost" Diary -- The Shape of Things to Come

4/25/2008 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LostHey, Daniel from TMZ here -- welcome to another edition of the "Lost" Diary.

My friend Chris has been great about IMing me the morning of "Lost" and giving me a good one-liner that really sets me up for this blog. Thursday morning he only sent me this: "I totally forgot that 'Lost' started back up tonight. That's like f**king Christmas." Couldn't have said it better myself.

For all you "Lost" Diary newbies, here's how it goes: I gather with a group of friends watching "Lost," writing what happens on the show as it happens, and throwing in my two cents along the way. I am watching tonight's episode of "Lost" solo -- I needed to watch the East Coast feed so I wouldn't end up staying up all night. Gotta get my shuteye. Let's roll:

10:02 -- Previously on "Lost" has never been so useful. I almost forgot what was going on, it's been so long. So there was a plane crash, right?

10:03 -- I like when "Lost" ends chaotically one week, then starts off slow the next. Particularly when that slow start consists of Kate in a state of undress.

10:04 -- When you're hoping a boat is going to come and rescue you, having the doctor of said boat wash up dead on shore is probably a bad omen. Just a thought.

10:05 -- "Australia is the key to the whole game." -- Hurley. Fun fact: I have never played Risk.

10:06 -- Predictably, Alex turns off the super fence. Question -- is Rousseau really dead? I go with no.

10:07 -- "They're here." -- Ben. Carol Anne, is that you?

10:11 -- I managed to go this entire week without seeing one "Lost" commercial or reading a single spoiler. So the fact that this is a Ben flash-forward is a complete surprise to me. Color me excited.

10:12 -- Ben seems to have fallen from the sky and landed in the Sahara Desert, with a wounded arm, and stumbled onto a couple of guys on horses wearing turbans and armed with Ak-47s. Clearly someone slipped me acid during the commercial break.

10:13 -- I have to admit, Ben going all Jason Bourne on those guys was kind of a letdown. Ben is like the guy from "Princess Bride" -- he's all intellect. I don't like the fact he's got a black belt, too. It's inconceivable.

10:15 -- "When? When is kind of a relative term." -- Farraday. I missed that guy.

10:16 -- One of my biggest pet peeves about "Lost' is how there are dozens of random people running around who never say or do anything. Apparently the producers have decided to cut that number down by having some of them walk into gunfire. Natural selection.

10:17 -- "Lost" does gunfights about as well as Britney Spears sings. BTW -- did Claire just blow up? That would be anticlimactic.

10:20 -- Dean Moriarty is checking into the Tunisia Hilton ... but he's not 100% sure of the year. Nothing unsuspicious about that.

10:21 -- Sayid is on the TV, and apparently his wife is dead. R.I.P. Nadia.

10:22 -- Ben is planning a field trip to Jacob's cabin and it involves Hurley. Better pack an extra picnic basket.

10:24 -- Ding dong! Miles is at the door and he's got a walkie-talkie.

10:29 -- Yup, Nadia is dead and here comes Ben to pay his respects.

10:31 -- Ben has finally tracked down Sayid and we're beginning to see how he recruited Sayid to work for him -- by exploiting Nadia's death. Same way he always gets people to do what he wants.

10:36 -- Ok, I didn't go minute-by-minute during the Ben vs. Martin mercenary scene for a reason -- I couldn't. As someone who pours over the minutia of "Lost' every week, I have come to learn something. Since there are so many characters spread out over the island, "Lost" has a ton of scenes, usually lasting about a minute, maybe two in length. But when they decide to hunker down for a good five-minute scene, look out. I loved this scene, I really didn't know how it was going to play out. Have we ever seen Ben truly lose in a situation? Not this badly, that's for sure. A+ scene.

10:37 -- Oh, almost forgot -- R.I.P. Alex.

10:40 -- "He changed the rules." -- Ben. He's not taking this well at all.

10:41 -- Ben scurried off into his fortress of solitude and then snuck off into a Batcave. I literally couldn't make another comic book reference if I tried.

10:44 -- "Benjamin, who is next?" -- Sayid. Ben is pretty happy with himself.

10:45 -- Black Smoke Monster? Hey, it's Ben. Well, not so good actually. I was wondering if you could do me a favor. I am locked inside a house and these six mercenary guys are trying to kill me and they just executed my daughter right in front of me. Yeah, I know. Sucks, right? Do you think you could take care of them for me? Really? Oh, man I totally owe you one. Say hi to the Mrs. for me. Linus, out.

10:50 -- Bernard, who never ceases to surprise, exposed Farraday for lying about the Morse code message. BTW -- Jack looks likes grim death.

10:52 -- After a bit of a pissing match, Hurley agrees to go with Locke and Ben. Of course he does, he has to find the cabin.

10:54 -- Ben is heading up to the penthouse suite of some building in London. Any predictions on who is there? I am going with Penny, and Ben kills her.

10:55 -- Close, it's Charles Widmore. That was the safe bet.

10:56 -- Why can't Ben kill Widmore?

10:57 -- "I know who you are, boy, what you are. I know that everything you have you took from me." Widmore to Ben.

10:58 -- "I'm here Charles to tell you I'm going to kill your daughter. Penelope, is it?" -- Ben to Widmore. I was close!

10:59 -- "Sleep tight, Charles." -- Ben

I used to judge an episode of "Lost" by what we learned that week. Lately though, I feel like we're learning less each week than ever before (as if that was possible). Yet, I still find myself enjoying every week, even though every episode fails my "What did we learn?" test.

This week is no different; we learned a few things (Ben can control the smoke monster, for example). But how many big "reveals" have we really had this season? Can't say I have ever been totally blown away at any point.

Tonight though gave us a handful of new questions, which on "Lost" is the far more common occurrence. How does Ben control the smoke monster? How he did land up in the desert? Why can't he kill Widmore? Why does Widmore think the island was once his? What happened to the boat doctor and why did the boat people think he was fine? What are the "rules" Ben spoke of? Why did "Lost" start at 10:02? Did America really need two extra minutes of "Grey's"?

In the end, I found this to be another solid episode of "Lost" -- I enjoyed it the whole way through, even if it never gave me that "OH MY GOD!!!!" moment, though I loved the Alex execution scene. Solid B from me.

I am bringing back an oldie but goodie for my question to you this week -- if you could have one "Lost" question answered next week, which would it be?

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Details I missed/dismissed first time I watched:

1) Ben's wearing parka when he awakens in desert. Does he or the island have a "transporter", and he landed in wrong location, or was he at Widmore ice station from previous season finale, where Penelope's guys detect magnetic anomoly after "the dam is blown".
2) Opening shot of him awakening in desert appear to show him coming out of seizure, surrounded by either smoke or chilled air (quickly dissipates). Must have just telported that instant.

Not big picture observations, but interesting (to me) logistical pieces of puzzle.

2373 days ago


I really want the question of who keeps dropping these guys food off on the island? In previous episodes the deliveries said "Dharma". Is Widmore still doing it to keep on playing the game? Someone knows those guys are there and they need to be taken care of with food and supplies.

2373 days ago


Concerning Walt. He was on the plane his father is Michael. Michael shot 2 people in order to save and rescue
Walt fromt he others. Walt was taken while in the water with Jin, Michael and Sawyer. They took him.
Michael made a deal with Ben to get his son back but he had to bring Sawyer, Jack, Kate and Hurley for the
deal. Once Walt got them to Ben he released Walt to Michael they left on a boat. That part has never been
told. But, during flash foward. Michael had deep guilt about killing the two woman, Libby and Anna Luca.
What a father will do for his son. Well the guilt got to Michael and he told Walt what he did. Walt did not
take it well. He liked Libby and was close to Locke. Michael is a single father. Now he has come back to die.
Wonder what happend to Michael as he was not on last night. He just might get his wish. Walt is living
with his grandmother in New York! The actor ahs grown. I wish they let him have some scenes. He was good.

2373 days ago

Proud Marine Mom    

I give it an A!

I loved it; and I found out that I love Ben...I hate I love him...I hate him... Jeez!
That's how you can tell it's a great show. I am truly LOST! HA HA!

2373 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

Is Ben still alive???? As soon as he DIES maybe I will return to Lost..

2373 days ago


Hey Daniel, Thank you for yet another amazing entry. Last nights episode was amazing. I would have given a B+. I had a few "Oh my God" moments last night...There are way too many questions to be answered to pick just one!

2373 days ago


I've been marking the days down on my calander for Lost to return. If it were not for that I would have never known it was going to start back this week. Not once did I see anything on TV saying it was going to start. Anyway, GREAT show. I love the recaps and reading all of the comments!!

2373 days ago


Ben said "you broke the rules".
Perhaps one rule was to not kill each other or family members??

I think it's very plausible that Ben and Charles Widmore are brothers. Many classics in theater and film show extreme sibling rivalry as center for a dramatic story. Just like the struggle between father and son.

2373 days ago


If the island was Widmore's and Ben took it from him, why can't Widmore find it?

2373 days ago


Wow ! that was the worst blog I ever read of yours? Were you paying attention to the show? I almost forgot ? RIP ALEX???
WTF?? I used to real;ly enjoy your blogs and you would get mopre from the show then I did. Maybe you are right, someone slipped you something during the commercial!

2373 days ago


What the F was the big foot statue in the second season when Kate, Jack, and Sawyer got caught by the others and Micheal went free.

2373 days ago

Judie in CA    

This is to the #33 post from Brittney. Regarding Jacob...Watch the episode where Jacob is in the cabin rocking in the rocking chair. Watch it carefully cause I SWEAR he looked just like Jack's father. If anyone is able to watch that scene again, let us know what you think. Lost is the best thing on the tube.

When are we going to find out about the polar bear? Think it will show up again?

2373 days ago


Flash forward, flash backwards, present time...yikes, I can't keep up! Ben is bonkers. Jack is King. Hurley's a hoot. Sawyer is hot. Kate is a bad girl. Locke is loco. Everyone else just blends in.

2373 days ago


thanks god for this site, my 13 year old son stopped recording on my dvr last night so i MISSED the show!!! so my the thing i would like to know is more about widmor's involvement with the island and ben

2373 days ago

Glee (I'm baaaaack)    

This was a great episode! I disagree they are telling us a lot - the dots are connecting now. Almost makes me sad, I see the beginning of the end.

2373 days ago
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