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Pap to Benji Madden -- Get the Eff Off My Foot!

4/25/2008 1:26 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A hit and run report was filed by a photog whose toes got smashed by Benji Madden last night -- now we have that pap's footage of the incident.

Though Benji and Paris took off, this guy definitely sounded like he was in pain.


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DUDE! Its his own damn fault for standing in the street right next to the car! How many PAPS feet are going to get ran over before they realize that their jobs suck! He's the idiot for getting ran over!

2318 days ago


Serves the photog right. Maybe if they didn't hound people as they are driving off and standing right next to a vehicle that is trying to leave they would not get ran over. It's his own fault. Stupid photog.

2318 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

got what he deserved...back off people

2318 days ago


yooo....dont stand so close to a moving car, back up a bit n u wont get hurt...ur not soposed to be in the st.....these paps r stupid or just want money its a lil ridikk

2318 days ago

sick of brit    

it's too bad the dude got his foot run over, but honestly what do you expect when hounding people near a moving car???
how many other feet have been run over in this manner before? (brittney spears has taken out at least two feet this last year)

it's a hazard that comes with the job. stay away from moving cars. step back a few feet. i dont blame benji/paris/or paparazzi, it's the fault of our celebrity obessed culture who would rather see this kind of thing than deal with the reality we face daily.

too bad the general public doesn't care as much about the state of the union as it does to the daliy happenings of celbutards.

2318 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Oh yeah, I'm going to suddenly lay down in the middle of traffic and whoever hits me gets sued!

2318 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

if the cops do anything other than take a report from this clown I'll be surprised....I think the cops in that area are more fed up with these stinkin Paps than the clowns they are stalking! I refuse to call them celebrities cuz most of them are not

2318 days ago


LMAO!!! i mean what do u expect celebs r freakin tired of u guys GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!

2318 days ago


It's the freaking PAPS own fault for getting run over. You invade others space like he did and something is bound to happen. What a fool for filing a police report!
Back off and leave these people alone and you won't get hurt!

2318 days ago

H B Rider    

Hahahaha, celeb-stalkers are morons. I hope his foot is broken so the idiot learns a lesson: don't stand so close to a moving car. What a tool.

2318 days ago


What a dumbazz crybaby. Anyone who can't figure out to move out of the way of a moving car deserves to get run over. These whining paps are just mad that they can't make celebs stop on demand. Get over it.

2318 days ago


It's his fault for standing so close. These photog need to give famous people some space. They are so rude and pushy. I'm glad his foot got run over and I hope he is in a lot of pain. I hope Benji doesn't get in trouble cause it's not his fault.

2318 days ago



2318 days ago


the vehicle has the right of way, no matter who is in it and no matter what job the paps have to do. you can take pictures w/out being in the path of a moving vehicle, and if you don't, you can't expect for something to not happen. everyone gave Britney Spears crap about the same thing. You can take your pics, but if your foot was not in the way, it wouldn't have been run over. this is a discrace on the paps part. they complain about the escorts, the cops, etc, and then they file a frivalous suit b/c of their own stupidity... nice....

2318 days ago


Here's a friggin' clue...stand back!!! Why do they feel it's necessary to get all up in people's faces? A good cameraman can stand a few feet back and zoom in to get good pics. Shoot, I'd be interested in seeing the WHOLE picture anyway, Pap crush and all rather than an odd angled, closeup of some celebrity's mole and botoxed face. Show me the action going around said celebrity, that's interesting!
If it were anywhere else, standing that close and impeding movement would be illegal.

2318 days ago
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