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Denise Richards' Fake Reality Peep Show

4/26/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Denise Richards really likes to suck it up -- and in -- for the cameras!

What a coinky-dink that a day after Heather Locklear trounced mortal enemy Denise in a bikini showdown, a crew of paparazzi just happened to catch Richards looking slammin' as she walked ever-so-slowly on the beach in Maui alone, tossed her wind-swept locks, went for an ocean dip and seductively took an outdoor shower! Even "The Hills" isn't this staged!

Let's hope the last photog to leave Hawaii will let Denise know she can exhale now.


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Georgia Girl    

Denise who? Heather Locklear is the bomb, man! The absolute sex goddess bomb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2370 days ago


Love the flower behind the ear. SO DESPERATE!

This chick is a lower. She got with her best friend's man, she out-trainwrecked her own trainwreck of a husband, and now she's pimping out her kids for a buck. Fake ass has-been.

She's in the same category as Angelina Jolie: you can dress things up and pretend you're wholesome, but the world knows yo're a slut.

2370 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Wowsers! Denise is muy caliente! This chick is gorgeous! She's all natural and wins the body war, hands down. Heather was cute when she was younger but for the past 10 years she has looked fried. Scrawny body, no hips, bleached and dried up hair. Denise is stunning with no work done, not that she needs any. Who wants a frozen, emotionless face? She looks like a REAL woman that most men would love to be with. She has some body to work over, not a bag of bones. Team Denise, all the way.

2370 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Heather is 46? Denise is 37? Yikes! Sign me up for the Heather Locklear program.

2370 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Richie Sambora was obviously drunk when he through Heather over for Denise.

2370 days ago

Georgia Girl    

Heather Locklear still rocks my boat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2370 days ago


You people and your comments are very cruel.

You should be ashamed of yourselves!

What if Heather's little girl or Denise's two little girls came on here and read these awful comments about their mother?

When you point the finger at someone, two fingers always point back at you!

Who are you people to judge Denise or Heather? You don't know them personally so please stop the mean comments!

Again, all you people should be ashamed of yourselves! Grow up, please!

2370 days ago

Georgia Girl    


I'm thinking that Charlie Sheen and Richie Sambora were both blitzed out of their skulls when they hooked up with Denise Richards.

If she looks like this at 37, just imagine what she will look like at 45.


2370 days ago


Are you people all beauty queens and thin?

I don't think so!

Being beautiful and thin isn't the most important....what is inside and how you treat others counts the most!

Who are you people to judge Denise and Heather?

You don't know never met them in person so please....just shut up and spare us!!

You people are very cruel and should be ashamed of yourselves....there seems to be a LOT of jealous, angry, and bitter people here.

2370 days ago


Neither one of them have talent. Heather is so superficial so she got another superficial bimbo to rival her. I think this whole thing was planned by Heather's agent to revitalize her nothing career. Zambori or whatever his name is slept with one at every port he probably gave Heather an std. Hollywood is like that.

2370 days ago

Illinois person    

Yeah, it takes a bitch to know a bitch, don't it Denise? Being the former Mrs. Charlie Sheen is no big claim to fame deary.

2370 days ago

Standing by the edge    

Hey all you fools, just for the record Denise DID NOT steal Richie Sambora from Heather. Heather had already kicked him to the curb then cried foul when he found someone else. Give me a break. What, she can't keep a rock n roll hubbie? Did she get tired of the life, twice? She didn't want Richie and didn't want anyone else to have him either. You can't have it both ways, b**ch, since that's the role you want to play both on and off TV. Denise and Richie had parents battling cancer in common and they have both since lost them to the cancers. Go ahead and say something negative about that. Hold your head up Denise, you know you didn't go behind Heather's back.

2370 days ago


Both gals look great.....It is a no no to go with somebodys husband.........but it really is not all her fault......
Tempation is hard to pass up for some..........
But it did take two...........

Sometimes you do not recognize the problems in a marrage till something like this happens....then its tramatic.....
because its best friends....husband....and child ............

Both gals and guy should go into therapy...............for heather ...I am sure the animosity is eating her alive....
For Denise.....even though she does feel justifying it.... instead of just admitting .........
For Sam.....well...he should ...just to find out why....and was the worst mistake of his life and does not know how to fix it...
child..........she needs it for the confusion........

There is still hope for reconcilliation............if they can get past all the emotions ...(therapy)
all those years of marriage down the sad.........

Its all up to them.................1st thing is communication............

2370 days ago


they are both hot! no contest, neither could possibly lose,,,

2370 days ago


notice from the waist up........not showing her problem area.....gut..........

2370 days ago
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