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Bush Not the Only Moron in DC

4/28/2008 10:03 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They weren't supposed to show, but somehow Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt finagled their way into the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

Oh yeah, and they thought their presence helped make it an "A-list" event.


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You have a boob job, WE GET IT. Now put them away, we don't need to see them 24/7 and that was certainly not the right event for underarm boob.

2371 days ago


What do we have to do to make these 2 "GO AWAY" ? ? ? ? ? Does anybody really care where they are and what they do? ? Waste of space ! ! !

2371 days ago


I still don't know why these two get any press at all. Why are they famous? Who are they?

2371 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

Who watches all these reality shows? I can understand talent shows like AI or even America's Next Top Model but those two. I don't get it.
TMZ, I think you're being too hard on Bush here. I didn't vote for him and never will but at least the man has class. By all accounts he's a very nice guy whose elevator just doesn't make it to the top floor.
Heidi and Spencer are low class losers who haven't got a whole brain between the two of them if what I've seen reported on this site and others is correct.

Go Sox

2371 days ago


hollywood royalty

2371 days ago


I love the girl in the back!

2371 days ago


Our President Bush is NOT A MORON, something I can't say about the staff and management of TMZ! Get a life and get your brains in order. Merely attacking another credibility cannot stand without verification. Your verification is grossly lacking. Just spouting untruths, half truths, and innuendos only takes away from your own veracity. Any one, any one with any brains at all knows that our President Bush had better grades at Yale than the liberal big mouth Mr. Kerry. Mr. Kerry's only accomplishment was marrying wealthy widows. TMZ and the TMZ staff on the other hand only have talent in attacking others with more talent and more money than any one at TMZ. GET a LIFE, before life turns on you and your 15 minutes of fame is washed into the garbage dump along with your stupid criticism of a man far more accomplished any ANY OF YOU!

2371 days ago


To compare "Spedi" to George Bush who is the President of the United States is ridiculous!!!! So TMZ, who is the moron here??

2371 days ago


Fortune magazine paid their way.. Blame them.

2371 days ago


Man o man, talk about your "VOGUE....Strike the pose!" duet. Looks like Spencer's mom didn't have time to tighten up his tie before sending him out the door in the first business suit he ever wore. I guess the looseness was because it would have been to uncomfortable with the seashell necklace he always wears underneath.

2371 days ago


Heidi didn't turn her headkights off for the White House, real classy.

2371 days ago


tired of those two, both of them are not that important to be reported on.BOTH ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE,PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE MEDIA,NO ONE CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2371 days ago


Heidi looks like she's got a t-rex arm goin' on there.

2371 days ago


TMZ, I'm sure Bush thinks the same about you.
Spencer and Heidi need to be flown to an unknown island and dropped off.

2371 days ago


Excuse me, but President Bush isn't a moron -- you are. Show some respect.

While you may deal with air-heads in Hollywood, at least GWB went to Ivy League schools.

You and the liberal-biased media may disagree with his politics, but that is no reason to call the President a moron.

2371 days ago
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