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Miley -- Hate When My Top Goes Missing!

4/28/2008 8:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus just can't decide whether she wants to be squeaky clean or a saucy seductress – and today's she's protesting a bit too much, again.

Snaps of the "Hannah Montana" star in Vanity Fair mag caused a big stir – especially one of her with her back exposed, suggesting toplessness. Well, she now tells People she's "embarrassed" by the photos and claims that she was hoodwinked by the great Annie Leibovitz: "I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic.'"

Vanity Fair shoots back in the New York Times, saying that her parents and handlers were in the studio the whole time.

Mindy McCready –- Roger's Underage Ballgirl?

Country trainwreck Mindy McCready might be a brand new pain in the ass for Roger Clemens, if a report claiming a relationship between the pitcher and the singer -– starting when she was 15 – turns out to be true.

The New York Daily News is reporting that McCready met Clemens when she was 15, and for the next ten years, the pair spent plenty of time together, with McCready coming to games and sitting behind home plate when the Rocket pitched. The allegations may hurt Clemens' cause in his defamation suit against ex-trainer Brian McNamee.

Clemens' lawyer admitted that the pair had a relationship but that it wasn't sexual.

Jessica Can Buy Friends – for $300

Whoever thought that Jessica Simpson would start losing celeb cred to her sister Ashlee, all because of a new nose and a bun in the oven? Even Joe Simpson gets on TMZ more than Jess does.

But one entertainment branding company, CKrush, wants Jess to reclaim her fame and show little sister who rules the Simpson family. Jessica can create her own "personal social network site" for $300, and CKrush says that this could help jump-start her career.

Hey – when your boyfriend, little sister, dad, and mom are getting more ink than you, anything will do.

Party Favors: Chace Crawford, So 2007 ... Clayken's Wackjob Fan ... Are We Witnessing the Birth of Mayniston?

Chace Crawford might be the Southern pretty boy du jour, but TMZ hears that "Leatherheads'" Trey Moore is about to be plugged into said title. He's a Cosmo hot bachelor, blah blah blah – and how long until some ridiculous scandal involving an ex-boybander? Stay tuned. ... Clay Aiken has a fan who really really likes him. Gatecrasher says that this fan has seen "Spamalot" more than 40 times, gets to the stage door every morning at 9:30 am, and calls him the "Savior." ... Jen Aniston and John Mayer? They were just spotted having lunch and dinner in Miami, reports Us, and it looked like they were "definitely" on a date.


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white boy    

Don't blame Miley; blame your vapid selves for putting a 15 year-old on a pedestal in Hollywood and not expecting this to happen. It's Hollywood, for Christ's sake! This is what goes on. If you want wholesome maybe you should actually pay attention to your kid and read her a book instead of ignoring her while you are working for a bigger flat screen. If you weren't so narcissistic you'd realize that people like you are the maniacs who made this girl famous in the first place. And now you want to tear her down.

2371 days ago


People need to stop blaming Annie. her parents were there and Miley said last week she thought the pictures were beautfiful.Now that the backlash has started she wants to put the blame on anyone but herself. Shame on her. She is coming off like a liar and playing the victim. That is more bothersome than the pictures themselves. Take some responsiblity Miley!!! Stop trying to act all innocent. We aint buying it any more.

2371 days ago


I actually saw Trey Moore out and about shooting his next movie--Captive and he was soooo hot and signing autographs for everyone. A real southern gentleman I am assuming....there were people talking that he was seen around town with Veronica Mars too---he needs to upgrade to Carrie Underwood!

2371 days ago


If Trey Moore is the next Chace Crawford where and when can I find him....preferably in my bed

2371 days ago


I am absolutely sick that a 15 year old CHILDS parents would say "yeah it's okay honey, take your shirt off"
Every adult that was present at that photo shoot, and did NOT protest these photos and did NOT call police, should be arrested on child PORN. It's absolutely disgraceful that her parents allowed this. This is child abuse. They are using thier child for financial gain.

2371 days ago

Baseball Junkie    

I hope Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer are getting together. They both deserve to have a good, long-lasting relationship.

Go Sox

2371 days ago


This is sickening and outrageous ---here we go again. Another teen idol that my grand daughters can not look up to.

2371 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

Why would anyone complain!? Her parents consented.

2371 days ago


Trey Moore + Chace Crawford + me = heaven

2371 days ago


"Trey Moore--i have actually seen him act and he may be one of those who doesn't have an ego--well let's wait and see after Hollywood gets a hold of him"

2371 days ago


Attn Parents!! Do you need extra income? Bill collectors bugging you? Well worry no more. All you need is a child. Any child will do. Steal one if you have to. Here at Cyrus and Spears Child Pimping Agency we can turn your couch-potato teen into a Cash Cow! No morals or conscience needed. Call Today!

2371 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Hey Greg,
You don't know your ass from a hole in the ground. Maybe you've never heard Miley singing live, a capella, on Ryan Seacrest's and other radio shows, huh? Voice effect indeed! Ain't it a shame when reality intrudes on your tortured, fantasy-laden foolish thoughts.Maybe you should saddle up your wawa pedal and mosey on back to the isle of make-believe. They're waiting for you there.

2371 days ago

He's Boring now    

Clemens----bigger bum than I could ever have believed. And to the earlier commenter on him, no I didnt know he was known for this type of behaviour. apparently boston fans did but apparently the rest of baseball and mlb has done much to hide this from the public and the news.

that dumb wife of his and his kids are going to pay for shameful and a fall so far from supposed grace.

In a way I'm glad to see clemens get piled tell us andy petitie has a musical GF too.

Jerks the both of them

2371 days ago

hannah montana fan    

have anyone ever been on a photo shoot ? They don't care who at the shoot , they do anything just to get the money shot , She made a mistake and is sorry LET IT GO .

2371 days ago


DJ you need to CALM DOWN. it's the INTERNET and you don't know Miley personally. You're all a bunch of freaks for taking this so far.. she's a celebrity in hollywood.. I completely agree with 'puhhleez'.. Maybe if you want someone for your kids to look up to you should spend a little more time with them instead of just putting them up in front of the TV expecting there to be someone for them to look up to. Pathetic. She's only apologizing because of how many prudes there are out there.. she has nothing to apologize for. Those pictures were artistic and beautiful and only a prude, perverted mind would think otherwise.

2371 days ago
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