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Miley -- Hate When My Top Goes Missing!

4/28/2008 8:44 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus just can't decide whether she wants to be squeaky clean or a saucy seductress – and today's she's protesting a bit too much, again.

Snaps of the "Hannah Montana" star in Vanity Fair mag caused a big stir – especially one of her with her back exposed, suggesting toplessness. Well, she now tells People she's "embarrassed" by the photos and claims that she was hoodwinked by the great Annie Leibovitz: "I took part in a photo shoot that was supposed to be 'artistic.'"

Vanity Fair shoots back in the New York Times, saying that her parents and handlers were in the studio the whole time.

Mindy McCready –- Roger's Underage Ballgirl?

Country trainwreck Mindy McCready might be a brand new pain in the ass for Roger Clemens, if a report claiming a relationship between the pitcher and the singer -– starting when she was 15 – turns out to be true.

The New York Daily News is reporting that McCready met Clemens when she was 15, and for the next ten years, the pair spent plenty of time together, with McCready coming to games and sitting behind home plate when the Rocket pitched. The allegations may hurt Clemens' cause in his defamation suit against ex-trainer Brian McNamee.

Clemens' lawyer admitted that the pair had a relationship but that it wasn't sexual.

Jessica Can Buy Friends – for $300

Whoever thought that Jessica Simpson would start losing celeb cred to her sister Ashlee, all because of a new nose and a bun in the oven? Even Joe Simpson gets on TMZ more than Jess does.

But one entertainment branding company, CKrush, wants Jess to reclaim her fame and show little sister who rules the Simpson family. Jessica can create her own "personal social network site" for $300, and CKrush says that this could help jump-start her career.

Hey – when your boyfriend, little sister, dad, and mom are getting more ink than you, anything will do.

Party Favors: Chace Crawford, So 2007 ... Clayken's Wackjob Fan ... Are We Witnessing the Birth of Mayniston?

Chace Crawford might be the Southern pretty boy du jour, but TMZ hears that "Leatherheads'" Trey Moore is about to be plugged into said title. He's a Cosmo hot bachelor, blah blah blah – and how long until some ridiculous scandal involving an ex-boybander? Stay tuned. ... Clay Aiken has a fan who really really likes him. Gatecrasher says that this fan has seen "Spamalot" more than 40 times, gets to the stage door every morning at 9:30 am, and calls him the "Savior." ... Jen Aniston and John Mayer? They were just spotted having lunch and dinner in Miami, reports Us, and it looked like they were "definitely" on a date.


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Baseball Junkie    

dont bite the mailman; It wasn't just Boston fans that knew about this. In fact, most Boston fans were surprised too but anyone who follows baseball gossip knew. Google "On the DL" if you want to find out the between the sheets hijinks of MLB. Also the drinking and drugging. Most players are decent guys but the ones like Clemens make them all look bad. I think the same is true for other professional sports. You hear about a few players who get arrested again and again while most are basic law-abiding citizens.

The pictures of Miley Cyrus aren't that bad. EXCEPT that she is only 15. They remind me of the Brooke Shields Calvin Klein jeans campaign. For those of you too young to remember that featured press and TV ads showing the underage Brooke Shields stretched out on her stomach, looking over her shoulder at the camera and in a sultry voice saying "Nothing comes between me and my Calvins." While the ad said nothing risque, the implications were obvious. Miley's parents are the ones who should be ashamed. And I'm sorry, she's much too old to lay on her father's lap. Altogether now "EWWWWWW!!!!"

Go Sox

2377 days ago


I can see the art in the Miley Cyrus photos, but also think they crossed a line and that's why she (together with a lot of other people) is feeling uncomfortable with it now.

The real problem is that she is only 15. At that age, it is far too easy to convince a kid to do anything, and it is also far too easy for the kid to change her mind 15 minutes later. There's a reason 15 year old kids can't be held to contracts... The photographer had far more influence over her than over a 25 year old, and should have known better. Artistic photographs that would cause no regrets could easily have been taken instead. Why go for seductive poses in a kid jailbait age, anyway? Plenty of other types of poses were possible.

Not sure if the parents were actually there for the most objectionable photo- I think they had left someone else there at that point. Without being there myself, I also can't tell how obvious the final result would be to an onlooker who is not a photographer. Miley's specific comments suggest she was surprised by the difference between how it felt to her during the moment and how it looked later, that she felt the final result implied something that didn't happen. That could have been avoided if the photographer had just consciously considered her age at all times and erred on the side of caution.

2377 days ago


That Trey Moore is yummy! I think I've seen him somewhere before. I can't wait till Captive comes out so I can see more of him!

2377 days ago

Mom for Modesty    

Hey, Smiley Miley!!!
Great publicity stunt!!! yeah, go girlfriend!!
" OOPS, I did it AGAIN !!! "
For a few hours you actually topped me in image searches. whoa!

I'm so frickin' jealous of YOU!! Annie would never do me!
I think they crossed me over too soon and she couldn't.

So are we still hanging on Friday night? Vanessa still has the all clear.
Oh and My pub is still feeling out the "Girls Gone Wild-Disney Style" vid, remind me if I let it drop, kk?

See ya, baby!!

2376 days ago

Joseph Culligan    

Country music star Mindy McCready of the Roger Clemens story: The other arrests, bankruptcy, federal tax lien, judgments and more

2375 days ago
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