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Miley -- Miles from Reality on VF Shoot

4/28/2008 2:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley Cyrus might be boo-hooing about this Vanity Fair shoot, but we're told that her parents were with her "the entire time" and that they knew everything that was going on. So any suggestion that Annie Leibovitz tricked Miley into taking racy shots are absurd: "There was no subterfuge," we're told.
Miley Cyrus, Annie Leibovitz
Well-placed sources at Vanity Fair say that the mag is "happy for all the press -- we're selling magazines, after all," and when it comes to Miley's suggestion that the legendary Leibovitz got her to take a topless shot, "Are you going to believe Annie Leibovitz or Miley Cyrus?"

For her part, Leibovitz said in a statement, "I'm sorry that my portrait of Miley has been misinterpreted."


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If the news articles would get it right of once...her parents had been at the photo shoot, but had left and she was with grandma and a teacher. This is not the point. The point is that Annie L. knows better. She has been in the business too long to cop out now. Does she think in a few years she could pull this off on Tom Cruise and Surie??? She would not even CONSIDER IT!!! She knows thoses photos are totally inappropiate for a 15 year old ...and don't try to pull that 'artisy crap on adults.

2332 days ago


At 15 how many people have the nerve to stand up to one of the most famous photographers, reps from a huge magazine, and both of her parents? Are you people serious that you think she should've said something at the time? The adults in the room should have stopped it. Annie needs to pull her artistic head out of her artistic ass and realize that nudity of children in any form isn't artistic. It's exploitative. Her parents should be ashamed. It's not like they are new to the business and didn't know better. Nobody gets to take pics of my teenaged daughter without clothes on. NOBODY. As a mother I would've shut things down the second someone suggested that my child's clothes come off. They could've had a beautiful and edgy layout of this young lady fully clothed. That was where some artistic creativity could've been useful.

2332 days ago


#72 - I could not agree more with your comments, well said. I guess ultimately Billy Ray and the Mrs. will do anything to keep riding on Destiny's ----oops----Miley's meal ticket.

2332 days ago


Are you Cyrus people nut jobs or what! The parents are pimping their 15 year old daughter out for what, money. This stunt is going to come back and bite you in the azz. I hope you lose everything you've got because of the NEGATIVE publicity. T

2332 days ago


Bill and Hillary are currently pimping Chelsea out to the gays and lesbians for votes, this isn't that much different.....

2332 days ago


Men over 21 are jerking off to this picture. You just know it.

2332 days ago


Too much money, too much fame, too quickly. I blame her parents for this. Who in their right mind allows a 15 year old to be photographed topless, even with a towel or sheet in front of her. Miley, you too have to take responsibiity for your actions as well. Too many racy photos of you are showing up. Her parents approved the photographer's conduct - they need to be blamed but I suspect they aren't seeing clearly - they are seeing too many dollar signs.

2332 days ago


Here we go again. Some of you are trying to blame anyone and everyone except Miley and her parents.

We can argue about what kind of person Annie Liebowitz is, but our beliefs about this are totally irrelevant. I say this because it was Miley and her parents and her handlers who _agreed_ to the photo shoot. Do you think that none of them had any idea of what kind of photographer Liebowitz is, or what kind of magazine is Vanity Far?

Miley's family even participated in the photo shoot. And never once did any of them protest, or ask that any of these photos be destroyed. None of them filed lawsuits trying to block the publication of the photos after the fact.

Rather, all indications are that Miley and her family were _happy_ with the photos. Even Miley said that she saw them and thought they were "artistic".

Only when Disney got wind of it and the family and handlers realized that their source of income was in jeopardy did they start making negative comments about the photos.

So lets put the responsibility where it belongs here: on Miley's family -- or if you believe that Miley is old enough to make her own decisions, then put the blame on her.

Liebowitz and Vanity Fair were just doing what they _always_ do, for better or for worse. It would take a pretty damn moronic set of parents to not realize what they were getting into, and to not stop it once it started going in a way they didn't approve of. I find it much easier to believe that the parents are of a reasonable intelligence level, and they were pursuing this as just another way to market their daughter.

2332 days ago


Its the "Britny - ization" of Miley Cyrus...there's no avoiding the sexualiztion of these pop tarts...they do it with or without anymbody's help, but frankly, I would have vetoed the topless shot, no matter how tastefully it was done.

2332 days ago


Since when are photos of a half clad 15 year old minor child appropriate? Whether her parents are there or not? The adults around her, including Ms. Leibovitz, are responsible for protecting her. What possible use could a photo like this serve other than to sell magazines? As a minor, Miss Cyrus should not be expected to make all the appropriate choices in her life and shame on the adults who allowed this to happen.

2332 days ago


You people act like she is stark naked and topless - we've all seen the photo. If you chose to view it as sexual, that's your own issue. I actually think it looks beautiful and innocent. She is covered up, all you can see his her back - that evokes sexual feelings? Ew, if that's what you think of when you see the photos, maybe you should take a good look at yourselves! If you want to see something that provokes sexuality, take a look at the photos that Miley posted HERSELF - that's more child porn than the so-called porn phots by Annie Leibowitz. Get a grip. It's called art. Again, you want to see porn, just look at the shots Miley took of herself...

2332 days ago


Sick. Plain sick. Oh, yes it would be called "child porn" if she wasn't famous. Oh well. Looks like MSNBC's "To Catch A Predator" will have to wait for this one.

2332 days ago


who cares?

2332 days ago


You know, what 15 year old girl does not want to look sexy!! Even if you don't want to admit it , they do want to look sexy and look older than what they are. That is why we have girls that age having sex all over this country. Now I am not saying its ok I am just saying that Miley knew what she was doing. Her dad is in some of the pictures so at least one of her parents was present for the photo shoot. I blame the adults present for allowing a 15 year old to to do this. It seems her parent's (dad) is living through his daughter. He is wanting to be famous agian so he is using her to become just that. As a result we have another Brit on the way. Just wait another few years, I'll not be surprised to hear she is pregnant like Jaimie Spears.

2332 days ago


omg lisas right


2332 days ago
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