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Billy Bob's Son Alleged Sex Crime Victim

4/30/2008 12:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Willie ThortonLaw enforcement sources tell TMZ Billy Bob Thornton's son is at the center of a criminal investigation -- the alleged victim of "unlawful sex."

Here's what we know. Willie Thornton, age 14, was dating a 22-year-old woman. Her ex-boyfriend apparently became jealous. Sources say the ex called the LAPD, informing them his former GF was having sex with a minor.

Law enforcement sources tell us there is an "active investigation" into the crime of "unlawful sex" -- translated, an adult having sex with someone under 18. We're told Willie is cooperating with the sex crimes unit. And, we're told, cops have also interviewed Billy Bob.

BTW, the picture was taken four years ago.


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Now that I'm much older (58), I think that it would have really great if I had dated an older woman when I was 14. I must confess to you, though; at the time, I wasn't much thinking about it (except for one older lady I met at a wedding). Should the government come in and stop such personal relationships?

2333 days ago


When I was 14, there was this one lady whom I would have liked to have been with. Why should the government with police power muscle in on people's personal relationships?

2333 days ago


When I was 14, there was a lady with whom I would have like to have been with. Why should the government with police power step in, to break personal relationships?

2333 days ago

jim spice    

I wouldn't be surprised to see the article yanked before I can hit the "return" key at the end of this post. Time Warner/AOL suits are probably discussing this as I type.

The only reason it's still up, in my guestimation, is at that most-certain time of litigation, having pulled the story would be considered an admission of wrongdoing. At this point, however, and being so clearly out of bounds, I think the suits should be considering the concept of mitigation (yep, we were wrong, but we did our best to make it right), which might help at the damages phase.

It also amazed me that it wasn't until post 131 that someone got around to suggesting advertisers might be interested in hearing from offended parties. They are there to your right folks. The first click will cost them at least a nickel.


2333 days ago

bsb fan    

Yes, I agree this post needs to be taken down IMMEDIATELY!

Come on TMZ, he's 14!!!! Who cares who his dad is.. TAKE DOWN THE POST!

2333 days ago

admire Bale    

How immoral can you guys at TMZ be? This is plain wrong to put a 14 year old boy's picture and story into the media. You may think this is "ggod gossip" but it is desensitizing kids to what is right, wrong and acceptable. Hollywood and their gutter morals has been the downfall of family,marriage, morals, decency in the USA. Shame on you all. Get a conscience.

2333 days ago

bsb fan    

TMZ identifies 14-year-old alleged sex crime victim
TMZ identifies 14-year-old son of movie star who's the alleged victim of sex crime
The Associated Press


Breaking with standards widely followed by the mainstream news media, the celebrity Web site TMZ posted a story Wednesday about a 14-year-old who's a movie star's son and an alleged sex crime victim, and it ran the boy's picture.

The story said the boy was in a relationship with a 22-year-old woman, whose ex-boyfriend tipped off police that she was having sex with a minor. Police have opened an investigation, the story said.

Almost all news organizations refrain from identifying sex crime victims, let alone show their picture, because of the stigma often attached to it, said Kelly McBride, ethics group leader at the journalism think tank Poynter Institute. The Associated Press' policy is not to identify people in such cases.

"The reason the story is even interesting to TMZ is because of who the child is," McBride said. "I'm not sure that alone is enough to justify" identifying the boy.

Harvey Levin, managing editor of TMZ, refused to speak about the decision to run the story.

"The story speaks for itself," he said through a spokeswoman.

The story was not reported on the Web site's syndicated television show.

TMZ is owned by Time Warner Inc., the media conglomerate which also owns Time Warner Cable, Warner Bros., the magazine publisher Time Inc. and a group of cable channels that includes HBO, CNN, TBS and TNT. A Time Warner spokesman referred calls on the matter to the company's Telepictures division, and a spokeswoman for Telepictures did not immediately return a call for comment.

If the victim in this case were a girl, McBride said she's not sure TMZ would have made the same decision.

"They think, `Good for this boy, when any young boy has sex with an older woman it's not a crime'," she said, "when of course it is. It's just as harmful for boys as it is for girls."

The Internet means that the gatekeepers who traditionally control the news are no longer in charge, said Jay Rosen, a New York University professor who runs the Web site Press Think.

In many cases, such as coverage of politics, that's a good thing, he added.

"This, to me, is not one of those cases," Rosen said. "There are very good reasons for keeping these names out of the news no matter how much interest there is in them."

2333 days ago

Uh, She was old when she was PM too    

If we've learned anything from reality TV shows like "The Osbournes" it's that children of Hollywood celebrities can do whatever they way, where ever they want. They get into clubs. They can drink. They score drugs. They hook up with people much older than them.

William Thorton is not some aberration. This is a reality.

He has looks, name and probably Billy Bob's money. He can rule the roost, and hook up with whomever he wants.

I am sure he was not a virgin. And I am sure she was not the first older girl he had sex with.

It's a different culture than Nebraska or Indiana. Don't try to understand it. It just is.

And get over the old picture where he looks like a child. I'm sure he's not so baby faced anymore.

2333 days ago



2332 days ago


TMZ shouldn't have ran this story ID'ing the boy- double standard as in this wouldnt have happened had it been a girl and it just shows no respect for the victim. Thanks TMZ for showing little respect for sex victims and sensationalizing it for the public further reinforcing sex abuse in our country and minimalizing its problems... I expected better, more thoughtful reporting from your site...

2332 days ago


If this had been a girl there is no way TMZ would have named names.

2332 days ago

Save the Gosselin kids    

Good for this kid, for landing a hot chick. Looks like the apple doesn't fall far...

Too bad Billy Bob isn't Angelina Jolie's kid Maddox's daddy anymore (he was the original daddy for anyone who doesn't remember). He could teach that little Asian boy how to catch some hot mamas!

2332 days ago


You really have a low set of morals TMZ, who cares if the kid looks older you shouldn't put his name and pic up on line, just because of who his father is.

2332 days ago


I cannot believe that you would show a minor's picture and give their name when they are an "alleged" victim of child sexual abuse. Don't you understand how hard it is on a child already to just give their story and then your sorry site exploits them because their dad just happens to be an actor......
What is this world coming to?
Every day in this country 1 out of 4 children will be the victim's of sexual abuse. But hey , if it sells a story then I guess the victim's rights do not matter do they?
It takes a child so much courage just to be able to tell someone what happened to them and there is guilt that the child has because they feel what happened to them is their fault. Now this child will have to go around and have everyone point at him and whisper about these allegations. Let's hope that your child is never a victim of sexual abuse and someone plasters his or her picture on a website. SHAME ON YOU!!!!

2332 days ago


Just because this child's father is looney you (TMZ) does not have the right to publish the name of a child who is a victim of Sexual assault. If this was a 14 year old girl the name would not have been posted. SHAME ON YOU!

2332 days ago
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