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Annie Leibovitz -- Mouse Got Yer Tongue?

5/1/2008 11:17 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Disney and the Cyrus family have been tearing Annie Leibovitz a new one since her bareback Miley pic came out in Vanity Fair -- but if the photog is pissed at 'em, she ain't gonna talk about it.


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Dad of Daughters    

My girls, triplets age 9, took down all their Hannah posters. There is no limit of sleazy celebrities to idolize. Miley Cyrus was special. She was a big role model for them and now they won't even talk about her. As far as Annie Leibowitz, what makes her photographs famous is the people she photographs. Any good studio photographer can do this kind of work. The parents have a right to infringe on 'artistic freedoms' when their children are concerned and lay down parameters ( no matter who is doing the work) on how they want their daughter portrayed. Big mistakes all the way around.

2276 days ago


Great photographer, creepy lady.

2335 days ago



2335 days ago

just my input    

how in the hell can they be mad a the photographer if the parents were RIGHT THERE during the whole shoot?!?!?!?!? When a female is posed like else could it be interpretated? not to mention....why in the hell would vanity fair want a teenager ? the whole thing is really weird and stupid

2335 days ago

just my input    

oh and keli.....thank you, thank you, THANK YOU......for not being one of those morons who say "first.."

2335 days ago


This is one manly man!

2335 days ago


Annie Leibovitz ...your photos are fantastic!! Bad parenting when they want to blame someone else for their choices made for their children. You can take my photo any day.............You may even make me look good. Thanks for all your years of photos, your work is great.

2335 days ago


This is one UGLY bitch -- or wait a minute, could it be a man????????????????

2335 days ago


Annie Leibowitz is an amazing photographer and I personally will believe what she says over Miley Cyrus any day of the week! Miley is on the fast track to becoming the latest ho of the week,,,her family was there for the entire shoot - then again, if they were there for the entire shoot what hte hell were they thinking letting a 15 year old pose in what could be construed as a compromising situation? The reason that little Ms. Cyrus suddenly backpedaled is because she wants the public to see her as the wronged party,..when there is no wronged party - except for what they've said and have "had said" about Annie Leibowitz. Ms. Liebowitz is more of an artist than most of La La Land's "celebrities" could ever hope to be. I hope and pray she doesn't take this lying down...

2335 days ago

my, my, what truth dacoits you are    

Poor Annie. She deceived a minor 15 year old girl,who cannot give legal consent, into doing a sexually provocative potentially illegal smut and soft-, porn shot, only after Miley's parents had gone from the shoot. Ain't it a shame in this world? Annie's so put upon-what will she ever do? I know, maybe she should put down her porn camera, shut her gaping mouth, wipe the drool off her face, and consider her next photographic project-maybe, Young Women and Old Lesbian Hags Behind Bars, the real tit for tat.

2335 days ago


At this point, Annie Leibovitz has more CLASS than any of them!!!!

2335 days ago


I think we have three at fault, the phtographer, the parents and Disney themselves. That's right Disney you are at fault too. You also manipulate a 15 year old girl to make your compnay millions.

2335 days ago

Rose-Lee Gypsy    

What kind of name is Annie for a man? What? It's a woMAN? Oy! It is so hard to tell these days! But you know who is all man? Harvey Levin of course! He is one hot hunky man and makes my panties moist!
Love you Harvey!

2335 days ago


Laws were broken, underage, porn, where the D.A. and when will charges be filed... if it were ny one of you to have took photos like that of an underage girl you'd be in jail........oh I for got, the photographer is great and Disney has money...?

2335 days ago


I'd still like to hear from Miley or her parents why she poses so provocatively on her MySpace site. She is just one more Disney star that's older than her years. To paraphrase Indiana Jones, "It's not the years, it's the "Miley-age."

2335 days ago
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