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'Dancing' Conspiracy

to Eliminate Elizabeth?

5/1/2008 4:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Shannon Elizabeth doesn't think it was her fans or the judges that got her booted off -- but instead blamed her ousting on a "bigger force." And we know what it might be.

We're told the support staff at "DWTS" (think makeup and wardrobe) couldn't stand her diva ways. We're told everyone got worried when Cristian de la Fuente got injured because they figured that meant one more week of Shannon's bitchy attitude.

They were upset to see Derek finally go, but anything to get rid of Shannon.


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Does #1 win a prize?

2330 days ago


Yeah, that stint on "Cuts" really made her a star.

2330 days ago


Yeah, Shannon, showing a temper tantrum is the way to go. Honestly, it seemed she was looking for sympathy votes.

And no one wanted to pay up. So ha! It either works or it backfires. And in her case: backfired.

2330 days ago


I can't understand how this chick has a "diva attitude." She's done nothing and is on the D-List. She MAY move up to the C list after being on "Dancing with the Stars." But that's only if someone puts her in something. Honestly, I think she blew up her spot with that tirade she and Derek had after getting low scores from the judges a week ago. Viewers simply did not like that.

And watch out Derek, this "trick" is just the type of girl who will poke a hole in the condom to get you.

2330 days ago

I have a heart, do you?    

That's what you get for acting like a bitch! Maybe if you weren't such a stupid prima donna hoochie, they would have liked to keep you around a little longer.

2330 days ago


Poor pathetic loser. She was gawky, she was a cry baby, she royally sucked. It was time to GO!

2330 days ago


Oh Shannon,
You talent-less schrew.
Crawl your skinny, no rhythm self back to your delussions of granduer.
You can't act.
Can't dance,
And I'm pretty sure Derrek will out you for all the other things you can't do, too.
Your 15 minutes of fame ran over.
See ya.

2330 days ago

slave nat turner    

isn't it interesting that " this dancing couple "
are migrating OUT of the airport together ?

looks like this FINALE of the season is far from
over and is still going on between the sheets. !

2330 days ago


Why such a sore loser?..Grow up and accept the fact that you were booted off. You weren't going to win anyway because you weren't the best dancer. So be thankful for the time you were on there and call it a day.

2330 days ago


Why cant the poor girl accept she cant dance. The judges and viewers voted and she was the one with the lowest votes so she was booted off. This girl will do anything to stay in the spotlight. Check out the DWTS message boards the fans are sick of her tantrums and whiny ways. She is not an A-list star never has been never will be. Please be gracious and just GO AWAY!!!

2330 days ago


She's an idiot. Anyone woman who seduces a 23 year old inexpreienced baby, usually can't seduce anyone her own age. She has issues up the wah-zoo.

2330 days ago


I believe that totally. Yes, the powers that be very conviently and subtlely ousted another manic hater. Gee I love that word since I got called one earlier today. Glad you change your stories often.

Rosie was very carefully manipulated to disappear into the background with offereings of false hopes and promises. All engineered to get rid of her.

Shannon's dance was outstanding, top notch. Keeping the token fat chick and injured latin lover likely made better business sense.

If it was a personality contest, they should have said so. They dance was top notch and the couple should never have been eliminated. But that's what happens when they create a situation that puts people under enormous pressure. Obviously if she was that hard to deal with, then maybe the experience was too hard on her and instead of trashing her, they could have been kind and helped her overcome her emotional struggles. Sign of our times, if they have a problem, ditch um.

2330 days ago


Does this come from the same sources that told you Christain wouldn't continue with the show? And that he wouldn't be at the results show? And then that he would, but only via his hospital room? None of that was true. I'm supposed to believe you NOW?


2330 days ago


Hey, from reading the comments, It seems to be " Slam the emotionally Weak Day" or is it "Ignoramous's Aynonomous Day" All I can say is people don't become beeochs without a reason behind it. Survival of the fittest.....Down with the weak and stomp on them while they're down!!!! Good Job first 12 commenters. Your mean temperant is showing, better pull up your slip, you may be committing the same crime she did. I support you Shannon. Forget about the crap and rumba your way in paradise gf!! Party on!!

2330 days ago


Good riddance to both of them. It got a little nauseating to see Derrick draping himself all over her, all the time, like a wet freakin' blanket. Odd looking pair: She looks like a witch and he looks like a devil.

2330 days ago
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