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"Gossip Girl" Fans: So Inappropriate!

5/1/2008 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Parents Television Council got pissed at the soap's racy "OMFG" ad campaign -- and now we kinda get why.

Spotted: The cast of the show getting completely surrounded by a group of tweenage girls ... not exactly the best audience for threesomes, drug abuse and underage drinking.

Not that we're ones to judge. xoxo, Gossip Girl.


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I get so tired of hearing about how white teens etc vs. black teens. Idiots, Its how each individual raises their child. quit making excuses from the past. You make the best with what you have been given. If you don't have what you want go out in life and earn it instead of waiting for a hand out. This has nothing to do with race those that always make it that way seem to be the racist ones. quit making excuses for yourself and get educated... Whites and indians were slaves long before african americans check your history and blacks sold their own people. I guess we're supposed to ignore the true facts!

2273 days ago


WOW.. I guess nobody cares... next stupid show please..

2332 days ago


Even I was a bit shocked with the "OMFG" ads.....really NOT neccessary....I'm surprised the PTC didn't start a boycott on the sponsors.

2332 days ago


OK, don't these orphans have any parents?? Oh, yeah, the Parents are having threesomes , on Crystal Meth, no job, up on da welfare, and hang around drunk all day.

2332 days ago


If they don't want their kids watching it, don't let them. Seems easy enough to me.

2332 days ago

Pookie Adams    

It's not about watching the show, it's about the crudeness of the ads. Really tacky. Inappropriate. Stupid.

2332 days ago


From the calibre of some of the comments, I'd say some tweenies and teenies post on here, so what makes F**k , B**tch, S**t, etc (TMZ's trademarks) more appropriate than F?

2332 days ago


i watch the show and i like it but i think that since there r younger girls watching that they should change the ad but i heard there were going 2 be more like this 4 new shows on the CW

2332 days ago


people seriously need to get over themselves! i'm 15 and i've seen worse things on mtv. yeah gossip girl is aimed towards kids in high school, but what is mtv aimed at? the majority of people who watch mtv are teens in high school. gossip girl really isn't that bad. it's not like they're promoting cocaine and underage drinking...they clearly show it as a bad thing. and the worst word i've heard on gossip girl is bitch. kids who do drugs and underage drinking in real life have bigger problems than just getting influenced by a tv show. this whole thing just seems like parents finding an excuse for their kids' problems.

2332 days ago


Shouldn't it be the parents responsibility to monitor what is and what is not is appropriate for their child to watch? If the kid knows what OMFG means, there's a good chance they've typed it in conversation more than once...

2332 days ago


OMFG... What a stupid ass show.

2332 days ago


Well, I think the show is more targeted toward the high school senior and college crowd. maybe if parents did their jobs their children who are not mature enough to watch schows like Gossip Girl would not watch it. Thats like making a big deal out of the porno mags that are in the corner store behind the counter...OH no they can see them!!! big deal

2332 days ago


no offense, but all of the white teens on television live adult lives.
the difference between the promiscuity level in white and black teens is birth control: Black teenagers are screwing for love and getting caught, but white parents take their children to planned parenthood to stop most of them from becoming teenage parents. The truth is emerging about the lifestyles of young white girls slowly but surely. Not so pure or innocent. Girls gone wild.

2332 days ago



2332 days ago

Carl Gorney    

Really...does the PTC have nothing better to do than flip out over an ad campaign?

A freaking AD CAMPAIGN?

Remember,folks....any show the PTC hates means that it's a show which might be worth your time to watch.

2331 days ago
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