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Latrell Sprewell Makes a Pass on His Bills

5/1/2008 4:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

City National Bank has filed a lawsuit against retired NBA star Latrell Sprewell for failing to pay his credit card bills. Blame the economy.
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The docs allege that the baller and his company, Sprewell Motorsports, haven't paid their credit card bills since September 29, 2007. They owe the bank $23,600.12, plus interest. And late fees, of course.

According to his credit card application, Sprewell used to make $1.2 million a month! His $23,000 bill is for less than he made in one day. What gives??

This isn't the first time Sprewell has had money woes. Earlier this year, his Milwaukee home was foreclosed on and his yacht was sold at auction to help pay off the $1.3 million he still owed on it. Attempts to contact Sprewell were unsuccessful.

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Tee Tee    

$1mil a month?? where was he was i was super fertile!! and don't let the adams apple fool you, this queen [yes i'm gay and OUT] can make a hella'ova baby mama! FIERCE!

2332 days ago

Tee Tee    

TYPO ALERT - [and i just got through screaming at tmx] i was too excited thinking about his money .. that sentence was supposed to read "where was he [WHEN I] was i was super fertile!!

2332 days ago

slave nat turner    

such a cliche;

an pro athlete broke after a career ?

this court jester made $96 million during a 13 year career.

once L.A.M. ( lawyers, agents & managers ) take their " fair "
share of 20% off the top, that leaves him with roughly $80 million;

then in a 50% tax bracket, leaves him
with $40 mil spread over 13 years.

that averages to about $3 million a
year after tax dollars and paid out cream.

after buying momma a million dollar house, taking " care "
of 30 family members and a couple of babie's mamas,
a few bad investments from childhood friends,
living on a million a year, approximately
$100,000 a month is feasible for a pro athlete.

enjoy while you can, it NEVER last
in ANY form of entertainment......

2332 days ago

Lucy Phoenix    

It just shows you don't have to be intelligent to play basketball. Dey gets dey's muny and dey spends it. Course they don't care if they cheat people.

2332 days ago


He should be the POSTER CHILD for why NBA players should NOT be paid the ridiculous amounts they are. They are young and they simply do not know how to manage money or hire the right people to manage it!!!!

2332 days ago

slave nat turner    

perhaps he can do ads for " ring around the collar "

( to those who may have " mis-remembered "
( the new clemens sports word )
spree grabbed a coach around the neck & strangled him )

2332 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    


2332 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

i don't know maybe he needs to....like....choke someone....you know maybe a coach or something

better yet choke willie brown....and ignorant black man who defended this idiot when he choked his coach a few years back

2332 days ago

Grandmother Lohan    

Hahahahahaha!!! What a stupid dolt!

2332 days ago

Democrats are evil    

Spreewell is and will always be dumb as dirt. Just like someone who won the lotto and a few years later, they are poor again. His actions as an athlete regarding the choking incident was an assault that should have landed him in the pokey. But I'm confident that will happen in due time. As a retired athlete with zero education, I guarantee you he lives way above his means, smokes weed now that he can, and gets into fights with people that don't kiss up to him. He could always make and 18 footer but it's a shame he never learned about compound interest. The name is always an instant give away. Spreewell as in spending. What a embarrassment to the human race. He deserves all the misery that is in his future. No sympathy here.

2331 days ago

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