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Miley Cyrus Grounded by Disney?

5/1/2008 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley can't go to a Disney eventDisney has confirmed that Miley Cyrus has been pulled from her first scheduled public appearance since the whole Vanity Fair fiasco.

Miley was set to walk the red carpet for the "Disney Channel Games" this coming Friday, but instead she'll be sitting in a castle tower, brushing her hair and complaining to her mirror about what a horrible step-mom Disney is.


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No one should be surprised by this fiasco, she is just one more in a long line of defective merchandise sold to the public like a chinese made toy.We,[not i] gobble them up like live itself depends on it,then they implode.The only people who hold blame here are the PARENTS.Regardless of wheather it's Joe Simpson,Lynn Spears OR that hillbilly Billy Ray Cyrus,they are guilty of pimping their own children for the almighty dollar.These"chidren" are manufactured goods that are bought and sold like stock.WAKE UP people!They are NOT bloody role models!They do not want to be be.Parents are.The minute most parents wake up and stop leaving the job to the television and those who PROGRAM it,there is a good chance the child star franchise will go out of business for good.One can only hope.
In the meantime,theres always playboy for Miss cyruss .When she grows up or billy ray decides it's time.

2343 days ago


Why is everybody coming after this little FIFTEEN year old girl? That picture wasn't that bad. Its like people are looking for a reason to bring her down. *SMH*

2343 days ago


If only Miley had been draped in "Little Mermaid" sheets.....

2343 days ago


650 million spent today in the middle east.... Bush asking for 770 million food aid..... and poor poor Miley gets grounded for a juvenile skin show.... I never liked her nails before she chewed the paint like a toddler

2343 days ago


So the little twit did a very tasteful photo shoot that showed less skin than a bathing suit. And the dirty minded little church biddies of the press, the Internet, and Disney go frantic. Get real, you guttersnipes.

2343 days ago


Don't be fooled. Disney is probably having her tatoo-ed and pierced everywhere, and I mean everywhere. How else can she be made into the "flavor of the week Disney whore" without some behind the scenes primping. They are also probably removing her gag muscle so she can "do" the really big jobs.

2343 days ago


I have A 12 year old daughter still in the cave, (she's the sole reason I even sit here at this computer) I went through this with my 22 year old daughter . Pari Hilton was a big influence on that one. If not for my girls I'd not even be on here. so folks you'll have to over look my bogus and rancid comments at times, most of the times I'm nice, but never mendacious.

2343 days ago


Let me get this straight... we have war going on all over, soldiers are coming home in body bags, people are starving to death in third world countries, and gang violence, diseases and poverty are knocking at our door, and the top story is a pretty 15-year-old's back. And Disney is so concerned it pulls her from making a public appearance. Well, she's not in a jail cell and she should go out and make all the appearances she wants. Disney needs to wash out their head gear on this one. I routinely receive tons of clothing catalogs showing very young girls with far more skin showing than their back... how do you say "string bikini," and I hear no hoopla about that. Gosh... ever been to a public beach? How about a pool? Is a bare back setting a bad example for a popular 15-year old? I sure don't see how -- my kids have backs, too. Do you have a back. I have one. The difference is whether you have any back BONE. Stay strong, Miley. You did nothing wrong. You have a nice back. Stand up straight and be proud. Disney... take a hike.

2343 days ago


Disney is so stupid for ensuring this is bigger then it really what, she had a blanket on and had her picture taken..good god, we are watching shows like Big Love and The Big L and a kid with a blanket on and shoulders showing is no big deal. Disney is not the moral compass anymore. Get over it people...Brooke Sheild survived the controversy dealing with what is between her and her Calvin Kleins and this to will pass.....If I were Billy Ray and Miley I wouldn't give it another thought and just wait til some other hollywood star does something really stupid and then the focus will be off of them..

2343 days ago


I am kind of surprised that Disney did that, yet they supported Vanessa Hudgens, I know she is 18 but she still is on a movie that is popular to many little kids and in my opinion, it is worse than this photo shoot. I do not support Miley doing this and this should be an eye opener to her parents to have a closer watch on their daughter. She may be famous and rich, but she is still a child, I would hate to see her fall into the footsteps of the others.

2343 days ago


ok why is disney make such a big deal about Miley Cyrus just showing off her back....but disney was ok with Vanessa Hudgens going nude for her pics

2343 days ago


The photographer,Miley and her parents were all wrong. Miley is old enough to know what she was doing.She is far
from innocent.The pictures of her and her Dad are creepy looking.His fifteen minutes of fame,was up a long time ago. But,he
is still trying to cash in. Nice photograph's could have been taken, of just Miley.It's a shame,because she has so many really young fans,that look up to her.

2343 days ago



2343 days ago


I was 21 and still had A year to go in the service when my son was born,my son and i grew up together, then after the service came big girl, so theres no hidin that dads a heathen bastage. but little girl thinks dads a saint, she'll learn better soon enough. we all have our skeletons in the back of our caves.

2343 days ago


I highly doubt that CPS needed to be called. Maybe all they needed on that photo was to be smiling. I am picturing that photographer saying something offensive so they got that weird expression on their faces. It was not a seductive moment you people.

2343 days ago
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