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Uma Faces Stalker -- Inside the Courtroom Now

5/1/2008 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Uma Thurman is on the witness stand as we type, and we're getting constant updates from inside the courtroom, where she's having to face her creeperrific alleged stalker -- who nixed a plea deal in the case because he wanted to glimpse her again.

She's wearing black pants and a black shirt, wearing little or no makeup and her hair's "tousled." According to our spy, she's "very uncomfortable" up there, speaking very quietly and nervously. Her voice cracked when she talked about her kids.

As for Jack Jordan, her alleged stalker -- he's sitting quietly, with his hands folded in front of his mouth. Uma won't even look at him or in his lawyer's direction.

UPDATE 3:28 ET: That was fast: defense attorney George Vomvolakis didn't have much for Uma, and now she's finished! The only time Jordan looked up at her was right at the very end.

Uma put on a lil' makeup and a black jacket -- girl was cold! She just told the court how she was "afraid for her life" when he showed up on the steps of her house.

UPDATE 1:00 ET: Lunchtime -- she may or may not come out, and Jordan's been known to take smoke breaks. So we'll be watching.

UPDATE 12:42 ET: Uma's getting visibly angry reading an email from Weirdo talking about being put into the loony bin -- and Jordan's just slouched, with his head on his right hand. The jury's rapt.

UPDATE 12:21 ET:
It gets creepier: Uma says Jordan made scary claims about her having had an abortion -- not true. She says she didn't want a restraining order because she didn't want to aggravate the situation and because it's "a piece of paper that can be broken."

UPDATE 11:53 ET:
The prosecution is still doing their questioning and they're on a short recess.

UPDATE 11:30 ET: Jack Jordan wanted his chance to see her again, but apparently he's looking straight ahead, and he's keeping his head down a lot too. Uma just said that when she got super-skeeved when she found out that he called her bro, mom, and dad.

UPDATE 11:22 ET:
She's being questioned about an incident in which Jordan tried to get into her trailer on the set of "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" and she can't even look at the ADA who's questioning her. She says she was "completely freaked out" and "felt sick" about the incident.

UPDATE 11:11 ET:
How's this for unbelievably uncomfortable: Uma just read from a creepy Empire State Building postcard that Jordan gave her, and her hands are shaking like mad.

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Guess it's better than getting railed!

2345 days ago


that's awful...they need to put that man away for good before he hurts her or someone in her family or anyone else for that matter

2345 days ago

Lady Zombie    

Stay strong, Uma. Hang in there!

2345 days ago


You would think they would remove him from the courtroom during her testimony. How creepy for her!!

2345 days ago

patsy ramsey    

the lawyer for the stalker must be thinking dayum, that uma is one sexy mf, and thats why the lawyer is supporting his stalker client.
uma is such a sexy sweet lady, thats why she is so attractive because she is sexy i.e. she'll probably go all night and can handle 5 guys in one night, and she is sweet i.e. her face is beautiful and is on the cover of so many magazine and is the type of woman u want as your wife, not like the lesbo rosie or the high maitenance heather mills

2345 days ago


Victimized again, sooo sad!

2345 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

It bothers me that her stalker has managed to get her into a room with him. A live feed from a room apart would quash that realization for the stalker in a pointed manner. I hope the justice system does right by her. I hope the man has a light bulb moment and gets psychological help. I hope that if none of the above happens that she takes effective measures for all eventualities to protect herself and her loved ones. The tail should not be allowed to wag the dog. Ever.

2345 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

How would these stalkers react if there was turnabout, and the celebs started harrassing their children and immediate families?

2345 days ago

patsy ramsey    

i dont know what this nonsense is about tail wagging and dogs. this is a stalker trial idiot, not animal court or pet detectives.
where is uma's husband in all this?? uma should dump that zero and get with a hero somebody who will kick the crap out of this stalker and take justice into their own hands. uma should hire david carradine and his assasin squadron to cut the stalkers balls off, that'll be a lesson to all stalkers

2345 days ago


Is it Quentin Tarantino, he loves those big feet.....

2345 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Uh, Questor, the tail wagging the dog is the fact that this stalker's actions have enabled him to get Thurman into a court with him, when the issue in the first place is stalking and the atmosphere of fear that it generates. It's having the rights of the perpetrators seemingly supercede the rights of autonomous people to not be contacted by requiring and forcing them into a courtroom with the stalker, when they do not wish contact with that person, which again gives that stalker what they want. The rights of the non-offender is the dog, and the 'rights' of the person displaying illegal behaviour (allegedly) are the tail.
Anyway, don't worry about it. You obviously don't think these stalker types should be able to ply their deluded behavior until they get a (court) 'DATE' with the object of their obsession, but it sounds as though you also think it's OK to take the law into your own hands and carry out Wild West justice. All I'm saying is that if they need to face their accuser in a courtroom to put a legal end to the stalking, they should be able to do it from a live feed from another room so the perpetrator's twisted obsession isn't rewarded.

2345 days ago


Now if only Alec Baldwin could get some new stalkers of his very own. I hear that he likes to be stalked and eventually pays them off with BIG BUCKS after a year or two.

2345 days ago

patsy ramsey    

uhh hello mcfly, video feeds is a waste of my taxpaying dollars. which special interest government cheese program do you obviously belong too. better yet why dont we have uma in one courthouse and the stalker in another so we can waste the time of two judges, duh!
if this guy was really a stalker which is isnt, all he needs to do is rent kill bil and see uma looking as sexy as ever, as tmz reported, the stalker isnt even looking at uma cause nobody wants to see a beautiful women crying and upset
in america buddy, the accuser must confornt the person face to face in court, not on television hahahha

2345 days ago


who did he hurt?? I don't see nothing in her, but you know love is blind,
I guess the message is it's okay to dream as long as you don't act on them.

2345 days ago


Would someone please turn off questor's mic?

2345 days ago
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