Uma to Stalker -- You're Creepy AND Dangerous!

5/1/2008 5:07 PM PDT
Uma Thurman took the stand in New York today and made it very clear that her stalker was more than just your run of the mill creep.

TMZ was there as she told the jury -- angrily, at times -- that Jack Jordan made her fear for her life when he showed up on her doorstep, and that she didn't get a restraining order against Jordan because she didn't want to aggravate the situation. She read off a whole raft of what she called disturbing and devastating correspondence -- and said she really freaked out when Jordan got her family involved in his pursuit.

Jordan barely looked in her direction, but took a peek at Uma only at the very end of her stint on the stand -- the whole reason he rejected a plea deal was to get a chance to see her again. Uma's bit is ovah -- but the trial will continue tomorrow.