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Jamie Lynn Looking to Adopt, Too?

5/2/2008 6:41 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

She's about to pop out a baby, but Jamie Lynn Spears has also been spending time with some super cute pups.

The last thing this girl needs is another wild bitch in the family.


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Anonymous 4.12.08 Expect us    

Awwww, Look, Just like her big sister. Popping out babies, and getting little puppies for the babies to torment and step on. She sure is a responsible young lady, isn't she? She really is planning all of this out. Because we all know having a newborn is not at all time consuming, and she'll have plenty of time to devote to training her new puppy.


When will this family stop breeding, they're effing up the gene pool!! Seriously, Sterilize the Spears clan, for the love of all things holy.

2362 days ago


you people make me sick ...

you don't adopt animals...
they are not people.

2362 days ago

ut oh    


2362 days ago


33, your rambling nonsense...not me.

2362 days ago


You don't "adopt" a damn puppy, you get one or buy one or find one, but you don't "adopt" one. Puppies are not peopler. Hell, in Korea they call puppies "food".

2362 days ago

Me in DC    

Good God TMZ! Do you always have to be so damned nasty? What has this young girl ever done to you?

2362 days ago


JAMIE PLANNED THIS PREGNACY! She fell in love with Britneys babies ! She loved holding them, loving them, feeding them, playing mom to them, thanking Jesus Christ for them. When K-Turd took the babies away from Britney he also took them away from Jamie and she did not like that one bit ! Jamie has accomplished more in her life than most Women and Men do in a life time. WHO THE HELL RU ? Jamies already been there done that, went back did it again and did it better than you ! Now that she's achived more success in her chossen field than 99% of men and women twice her age she wants to take a break and start a family with the financial security she can now provide. Every Civilized culture in recorded history owes thier populations to Moms Jamie Lynns age and younger. Women getting pregnant after their mid twenties is ABNORMAL and UNNATURAL and thins the herd of dumb broads who's vainity compeled them to wait so long. The average "twenty something" "thirty something" pregnancy requires massive amounts of medical "CUT & GUT resorces that Women Jamies age have never needed throughout recorded history because their NATURAL and NORMAL strengths allow them to survive child birth. So many Women are intimidated by "YOUNGER WOMEN" that Jamies baby is a deadly threat to mental illnesses feminists promoted to convince Women Husbands and Babies demean Women and must have the lowest priority in any Womans life. A Womans youthful beauty and youthful energy are not for falling in love and having babies it's for waging war against Men. After Women have squandered their youth and life energy rebelling against Motherhood and Men most Women don't have the strength to have a normal natural child birth so "CUT & GUT" becomes the rule. These Women mis-led by the false promises of feminism just end up feeling empty inside, TRUST ME, JAMIE DOES NOT FEEL EMPTY INSIDE.

We should all hope she has a healthy baby and life with much more happiness than sorrow. Jamie Lynn is living proof the Women of Jamie Lynns generation have been polarized by the fallout of feminism which made false promises of "NEW & IMPROVED HAPINESS" in exchange for Women organizing and destroying the "OLD HAPPINESS" of traditional male family values. Someone needs to tell Jamie Lynn C-section cut & gut is the new feminist birth right and many people need the income and employment despite the fact "cut & gut" weakens females as a gender via processes of natural selection weakening individual blood line abilities to have natural child birth. 40 IS THE NEW 14, MENOPAUSE IS THE NEW PUBERTY and Jamie Lynns generation is dealing a deadly blow to these new false realities and false values. Is it Mens fault that natural child birth grows more dangerous and difficult with age and Men should have dedicated every breath to providing Women with hip bone genetic modifications that make Womens hips separate like a snakes mouth separates for wide loads at any age, thus making the time line of Womens reproductive viability more equal to Mens as long as the Woman has her eggs harvested and frozen and put into storage in her teens to get preggers in her sixties . On the other hand maybe Jamie Lynn has only one life and should use her own heart and mind to do whats best for her knowing that she, not us, will reap the rewards or sorrow of her decisions. The average CUT & GUT birth cost is almost exactly the same as the average cost of raising a child to the age of 18.

2362 days ago


36. your rambling nonsense...not me.

2362 days ago


Jennifer 2000? Wow...long post, feel better!

2362 days ago


Hey Jennifer2000, you should really elaborate what you are trying to say! Your post is so short! Come on! don't be afraid to write a very long long long long post! Oh one more thing look this up and wtrite a book about it. "To each thier own!"

2362 days ago


tmz sucks!!!!

2362 days ago

brazen weep    

Why is Kelli talking to herself and responding to her own posts? (#33, 36, and 41)

Jennifer2000 is hysterical.

2362 days ago


Jaime is not an adult and you should show respect towards a pregnant woman, who can die giving birth., or lose her child.
What 3rd world country are you from? How many pregnant girls/teens die giving birth ?
Who wrote this anyways? what a rude article.

2362 days ago


the last line is too much.

2362 days ago


...and dont post a poll asking people whether it was appropriate or not.

2362 days ago
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