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Papa's Got a Brand New Boy!

5/3/2008 12:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

James BrownGuess he really was the hardest working man in show business: A DNA test done by James Brown's widow show he's the father of little James Brown II.

The attorney for James Brown II says a DNA test confirms James Brown fathered the son of a woman who claims to be the singer's widow. The attorney says that the 6-year-old boy was tested in April, before the paternity test was ordered by a judge. "If that was James Brown's bone we tested, that's James Brown's kid," says Robert Archer, PhD, director of Genetic Identity labs of Eugene, OR.

"The alleged father (James Brown) cannot be excluded as the biological father of the child since they share genetic markers," says the lab's paternity screening report dated April 18, 2008. A copy obtained by reports "the probability of paternity is 99.999975." We'll take that.

The results of the court-ordered test have not been released.


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This is all so ridiculous....the child looks JUST LIKE James. Why put the woman and the child through this? Stupid.

2361 days ago


RIP Man Slut.

2361 days ago


Justice for Tommie! That boy needs to be taken care of. The greedy executors of is will need to let his family take over his assets.

2361 days ago

slave nat turner    

another dripping remains of an encore performance.

can you swing any lower than this on the family tree ?

2361 days ago


I Fill Good Do You Know What I Mean The Little Kid Is Mine Dna Tests Say He Fine And Living In America Hope He Gets Some Of My SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2361 days ago


Just like obamas old man: go around impregnating different women,abandon them with no support,just like a dog.It takes a sperm donor to make a baby,but it takes a MAN to raise and love a child. He was the former.

2361 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Daily dead person story. Can't live a day without it. ATTA girl Harv

2361 days ago


GOOD! now James Brown's GREEDY OTHER KIDS SHOULD REMEMBER THIS!! These kids make me sick-Fighting for everything... If their father wanted them too have everything-he would of gave them everything.. WHAT ever happened to love ? James Browns kids should be ASHAMED of themselves.!!! I HOPE THIS boy gets everything!!! & the boys mother- she should get the house, after all SHE Lived with Mr. Brown until the end...

2361 days ago



2361 days ago


Just like obamas old man: go around impregnating different women,abandon them with no support,just like a dog.It takes a sperm donor to make a baby,but it takes a MAN to raise and love a child. He was the former.


HUH? HE DIED! How is that 'abandoning' his kids? Now should he have had kids so late in life? Maybe not, but your statement is stupid.

2361 days ago


Is this child of the woman who claimed they were married and lived in his house and they put her out of the house? That is so terrible I think her name was Tammie Ray or something like that? I hope the child is taken care of properly.

2361 days ago


Michelle: actually Obama Sr did abandon his son and wife... not due to death. Obama Sr at the age of 18 was actually married to a woman named Kezia when she became pregnant he moved to honolulu abandoning this lady.(he did not divorce her.) Thus in Honolulu he married Ann and had Obama when Ann found out abt Kezia she divorced him. Obama Sr eventualy returned to Kenya and married a woman named Ruth had some children by her but still would return to Kezia to have more children(remmeber he never divorced Kezia this info is from Obama Srs and Jrs relatives) Obama Sr was also a drunk who would repeatedly beat his 3rd(bigamist marriage) and thats what ended this marriage.Obama Sr died in a car crash while intoxiacated(obama jr was 21 at this time) at the time he was expecting an 8th child with a woman he was going to marry. This isnt a attack on Obama Jr because I think the fact his father was like this has probably hurt him emotionaly however to try to sugar coat ones relatives with half truths leaves the door open to people would use ones heritage against them. Also I would like to point out that in Africa polgymy is not frowned upon so culturaly in that context Obama Sr. was merely acting on his own cultural upbringing. However I do have a problem that Obama Sr never supported his son the way a father should...

2361 days ago


Yes, the is the same one. Her name is Tommie Ray.

2361 days ago


She said all along that the child was his. How AWFUL she was treated at his funeral, for shame to those who booed her. She has a BEAUTIFUL voice.

2361 days ago


I am pleased for the innocent boy. Shame on his Racist older sisters and brothers.

2361 days ago
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