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Forrest Gump Supports Wapner, Obama

5/4/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Tom Hanks wants Barack Obama to be Prez, and it could be one of the most effective celeb endorsements so far.

Hanks, who put his homemade video up on his MySpace page, begins by saying, "I'm Tom Hanks and I want Barack Obama to be the next President of our country. As an official celebrity, I know my endorsement has just made your mind up for you."

Hanks then gets serious, acknowledging both candidates have screwed up and associated with the wrong people, including relatives. Could Tommy boy really be saying that about Bill?

Watch, then cast your vote!


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Why Tom? He's a racist having the gift of a smooth talker saying anything to get what he wants. Wake up!!!!!!!!!!

2332 days ago


You stupid stupid Americans need Barack Obama in the whitehouse more than you could ever know... God help your poor pathetic excuse of a country - you need a president who is going to help bridge the racism and nationalism that has DESTROYED your country. What a bunch of racist, uneducated pigs on this website - you deserve everything that is happening to your stupid country. Thank god the American empire has finally fallen.

2332 days ago

same same same    

one last stand .... there are certainly more people bailing on obama than coming out with support right now!

2332 days ago


I would have said Tom Hanks before today...except today I watched Charlie Wilson's War, or I should say the first 15 minutes of it, and lost respect for him. If he can star in a piece of sleaze like that movie, I really don't value what he has to say politically. And I lost respect for Oprah years ago.

2332 days ago


Get real! This guy is Al, Jessie and Louis in sheeps clothing! He will destroy this country. Look at the % of crime that blacks commit based on the % of blacks in our country. Remeber that most of the black city mayors that have been elected over the years are on the take or drug users ie: The mayor of detriot! Do you really want this guy in the white house running the country? Think about it, please. Rev. Wright is only the begining of what you don't know about this mans plans for america's future.

2332 days ago

Glenn Beckerhead    

Winfrey and Hanks both suck.

2332 days ago


#65... as much as I hate to admit itI totally agree. As many enemies America has made, you'd THINK we'd be trying to get someone in office who can bridge the gap. The only thing questionable about Obama has been his pastor & anyone can misjudge one's character.

What are the charges of the others? Instead we have some broad who is using her ovaries to run for office and another running on the beginning stages of alzheimer's. Let's not even talk about the current... HERE WE ARE.

Ignorance is bliss... and i'm sure as this country sinks deeper in debt and hate... many in other foreign lands will share your opinion.

2332 days ago


#69 LOL the forementioned in sheep's clothing is what they are not. There is no mistaken about their views on the injustices of America? Where do they come from? As a result of what??? What difference is there in drugs in the house than whore & war mongers??? Sad that you truly believe that black people are responsible for drugs in this country... what planet are you on... drugs like aids or any other social ill does not have particulars... there are plenty of meth heads, heroine addicts, and pharmaceutical abusers that blacks are a VERY LOW percentage.

Maybe the real fact of the matter is Obama's race is more of a problem than people care to admit, but I understand.

2332 days ago

tard in the hood    

hahahahaha #71 HITLERY LMAO

2332 days ago


Tom Hanks is and always have been cool!

2332 days ago


What I want to know is who the hell gives a crap who Tom Hanks and Oprah are voting for ? It boils down to this at election time you will have Republican Liar and a Democrat Liar all you do is vote for who you feel is the best liar and then for the next four years you sit back and watch them screw you and the country up even more than it is. Lets face it the President and Congress are nothing more than puppets for people like Warren Buffet, big corporations and Arab countries and thats it. If you your not super rich, rich or have power your going to get screwed by whoever gets elected. So enjoy your trip to the polling booth and on the way home buy 4 years supply of condoms and kleenex tissues and vasoline or petroleum jelly. Don't sweat the rest of it cause you ain't gonna get out of life alive anyway.

2332 days ago


Smitty, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

2332 days ago


It is a pitty to see people I thought had some common sense show they don't. Because anyone who knows anything about Obama would never think he is good for this country. I guess Hanks is just another liberal moron too!

2332 days ago


Why do celebs always have to ruin it for me by getting political. omg.

2332 days ago


Oh it just breaks my heart to see how racism is still very much a problem for the USA. As an outsider looking in, over the past 6 months I have been blown away by the comments directed at Barack Obama and/or his supporters. To hear people say that they would never vote for a man whose name is one letter away from Osama. To hear people say that so long as the deep south lives, a black man will never be in the Whitehouse.
I think he's your only hope... Hillary has done nothing but play dirty politics and it's going to catch up to her. Barack has the heritage, background and education needed to advance your country's mentality past the stone ages.
His father is from Kenya, his mother from Kansas. He lived mostly in Hawaii growing up and spent 4 years in Indonesia. He graduated from Columbia and Harvard. To hear people bashing him because of his NAME or RACE makes me believe the stereotypes that the world holds against your country.

2332 days ago
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