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Got Cottage Cheese?!

5/5/2008 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Can you figure out which 22-year-old starlet got jiggy with it in Australia?


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hey I got that same thing............seems worse now......since......I excercise with the plastic suit on.........which brings out a whole lot of fluid all over much it looks like i just got out of the you think maybe thats how you get that celulite ? Is it from bringing the water (fluid ) out of your system thru the pores? Just curious.........cause I am not bottom heavy ..and never have a matter of fact........i wish i had a little more

anybody know the science of this?

2324 days ago


That photo looks very much like a Photoshop fake.

2324 days ago

no one you know    

Wow! This should make the general public feel pretty good about themselves. Cellulite happens, but damn girl.....don't show it off!

2324 days ago


Its a rare condition called "Lazy Ass," which is caused from drinking excessive amounts of alcohol and smoking too much weed. The body becomes weak and lethargic and the cellulite begins to reproduce at alarming rates.

2324 days ago


granted i am addicted to the trash that is tmz but SERIOUSLY PLEASE STOP DOING THIS TO YOUNG WOMEN! we are so weak to any comments about our weight. someone told me i had saddlebags (im petite mind you) and i pretty much stopped eating for 2 weeks.; only to snap out of it when my mother came to me with tears in her eyes. STOP THIS. i know a lot will say that this is what celebrities signed up for well sorry i dont believe we are not omniscient we dont have the ability to determine whats right and wrong for others (even though many do cough republicans sorry) but i know this is WRONG so wrong it hurts me i only know mischa as marissa cooper but i know she is a human being first.

2324 days ago


unfortunately cellulite does not discriminate. you can be 100 lbs and still have it. it's a matter of exercise, water, hormones and our lineage. i don't think these photos are doctored, just bad lighting that exasperated the little buggers.

2322 days ago


and just to say that paris said that kim kardashian has cottage cheese in a trash bag this is who she really meant. she need help badly

2321 days ago


he look sjust fine, dimples and all. also none of you guys would kick her out of bed for eating crackers.

2321 days ago
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