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Chris Brown to Photog: Back Up Off Us!

5/6/2008 6:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chris BrownTo add to the crazy Chris Brown bodyguard beat down, a source who was at Chris's birthday party says that the security who allegedly man-handled the photog did so because the photog opened the door as Rihanna and Chris had just gotten into the car, startling everyone.

Security thought that Luis Santana, the cameraman, was attempting to enter the vehicle and went into action. For his part, Santana says that a window was down and he tried to peek in and take a picture. He says Chris actually began chasing him, and that's when security took over. Chris' peeps say it was the security at the venue that got into it with the photog.

Hey, if Rihanna was sitting next to you, you'd try to protect her umbrella too!


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Sir Patty    

The hell's Chris Brown? Another TALENTLESS MOOLEY?

2361 days ago

Shaula B.    

Lawd!! Chris was just trying to enjoy his bday with his bestie.....remember they're just friends..cough..cough..Lol. Seriously that doesn't give the dude the right to stick anything into their SUV. This guy says he's a pro, well he should know by now the things that can get him a good 'ol butt whippin. Chris Brown is a good performer and so is Rihanna, but do you really think whatever is going on b/t them has gotten to Jay Z and Beyonce stats yet? Or maybe, he already knows that he can't try no mess like that with Jay Z? As already shown on the show, all Jay has to do is say for the phogos to stop talkin to him and POOF!, he's shuts them ALL down!

2361 days ago


aren't they only friends???

2361 days ago


That's some bullsh*t. The car windows are NEVER down. When was the last time you saw one down. He opened that door and he knows it. He got what he got cause he deserved it. When more celebrities start beating the shiznit out of intruders, it'll be a different story.

If I were famous I would have random people around me all the time. If some idiot pap tried to acost me or my family they would get the BEAT DOWN. Then I wouls simply say " I don't know who that was, you've never seen me with them before" All security detail would be changed constantly and payments would be made in cash by someone else. Problem solved.

2361 days ago

Pablo Alleycorn    

WTF is a crisp brown? Who cares! Beat this down. Viva Argentina!

2360 days ago


Wright on Chris, thats what A guy pays A bodyguard for! try opening my car door and see what pokes out at you.

2360 days ago


These celebrities are making an unbelieveable amount of money to be in the lime light and they need to deal with the good and bad associated with the entertainment business. If I were a celebrity , I would be prepared and welcome the cameras when I am in public. I would draw the line when it comes to touching my body. Chris Brown - If you have nothing to hide, smile with your pretty lady when you are in public. Be a strong man and get over it

2360 days ago

Droppin' Knowledge    

For those of you who don't know, Chris Brown is SUPER TALENTED! He can sing and dance his azz off. He works hard for his money and does put on a damn good show. He was on the awards show that we ALL saw that was supposed to mark Britney's big comeback--NOT! But anyway, he came out in the (very) old school looking suit and was dancing on the tables. Remember now? Actually, he had probably the best all-around performance of the whole evening.

2360 days ago


that is funny

2360 days ago
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