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Waiter Calls Foul on LeBron James

5/9/2008 11:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LeBron James is a bad tipperCleveland Cavalier LeBron James recently dined at Cleveland's XO Prime Steaks where he ate like a king, but tipped like a servant.

According to Cleveland Scene, LeBron and a few friends stopped by the restaurant for a late night bite. The group stayed well past closing time, until nearly 4:00 AM, ordering drinks and racking up an $800 bill. When it came time to pay up, LeBron allegedly left a measly $10 tip. Brick!

Maybe LeBron should take a lesson in tipping from Barack Obama.

Calls to LeBron's rep were not returned.

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To all of you post that servers make a salary and we should be grateful for any tip we get. If you ever get the urge to dine out please go to Burger King and have it your way. You are all sadly misinformed. Every state that I know of gets away with paying servers less than minimum wage because almost aways tips will bump you up over minimum wage. Servers in the US make an average of $2.13-$3.67 an hour. So to say we make salary and tips are a bonus you're an idiot. If this restaurant closed at say 11:30pm as most do that server stayed for an additional 5 hours after closing for $15.00 salary after taxes. The tip he got was $10.00 (which he has to then tip the bartender, bussers, and anyone else the restaurant requires him to tip out to. So in the end those five hours he was making less than $5.00 an hour. If you can't afford to tip your server between 15-20% go to BURGER KING! You apparently can't afford the luxury (thats exactly what going out to it is) of dining out.

And as other people have said on here. Nothing racist, I have had some black people tip me very well but most servers fight over who is going to take the table because more often than not, your lucky if they tip you 10%.

2332 days ago


I've been a waitress for many years. Black people rarely tip, make the waiter/waitress stand there while they figure out what they want, and make such a show of themselves like they've never eaten out before. They have a nasty attitude and look around to see if anybody else got their food ahead of them so they can feel discriminated against. They act like they shouldn't even have to pay for the food!

2330 days ago


So what? They got paid $10 extra to do their job. What's the big deal? Get a real job losers.

2319 days ago


it is that man's business what he tips. in addition, if these establishments were not so AWED by celebrity, they would have put his butt out at closing time like the rest of us po' folks.

2317 days ago


That's a 1.25% tip.

2337 days ago


No suprise here. LeBrick doesn't live in the same world as the rest of us. When he gets a foul call everytime there is any minor contact against him, but he is allowed to run threw or over his opponents, it probably scews with Lebrick's perspective on life. If the refs give him everything and don't recieve anything back from Lebrick, he's probaby thinking the waiters should be happy with it to. Here is hoping the only championship Lebrick will ever win is the Gold medal for team USA this summer. Hopefully true NBA success will continue to elude him.

2337 days ago

gary wichard    

Another cheap a hole. Put this loser on blast

2337 days ago


Why are someone's tipping habits up for public discussion anyway?

2337 days ago



These are jocks, not math geniuses. We pay them to grunt and sweat for our entertainment and fun. We like to laugh at point at them

leave them alone.

2337 days ago


Cheap (n)

2337 days ago


You can take him out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out ofhim....

2337 days ago


You can take him out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of him....

2337 days ago


2337 days ago


You can take him out of the hood, but you can't take the hood out of him....

2337 days ago


im starting to belive tmz has a few klan members.

2337 days ago
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