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Al Sharpton's Next Challenge: Uncle Sam

5/10/2008 10:34 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Rev. Al Sharpton may need to reach further into his pockets to pay his debts. A whopping 1.5 mil!

Government records obtained by the AP suggest that the Rev and his business entities owe nearly $1.5 million in overdue taxes and associated penalties.

The U.S. attorney is investigating his nonprofit group. Sharpton's lawyers and the staff of his nonprofit group, dispute the size of the debt under investigation and have been negotiating with the federal government. The group has also been trying to pay off tens of thousands of dollars it owes for failing to properly maintain workers compensation and unemployment insurance.

The Wesley Snipes school of tax evasion may have another graduate!


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Let me see...what will Sharpton say...I'm sorry, so sorry, I should have kept better tabs on my accountant? and they all say they are sorry when they get caught, regardless of their color..the only thing they are sorry for is they are "sorry they got caught."!!!

Or how about Jimmy Swaggert/the Bible preaching preacher who used money from the believers, the ignorant, the illerate who sent him millions and millions of dollars monthly/weeks that he frittered away on illicit, illegal, ungodly behavior..Sobbing, confessing on National TV to his followers, to the Lord "I have sinned O Lord, etc. I am sorry. again, sorry he got caught..

And of course there is Jim Baker..if you don't know what he did/they did, then you are really out of the loop..

I'm sure like other commenters have said, old Sharpton will try to turn it into a racial vendeta..Like, the U.S. Attorney General who is/has brought the charges against Sharpton is a RACIST..and his illerate, ignorant followers will support him..The blacks don't move ahead because they choose to live and only remember that they were once, so many, many years ago, they were slaves. . I'm sure we will be hearing from the good Rev. Wright with his hateful, evil sermons like he gave on Sunday's when Obama was attending for 20 years...He preaches hate, evil ..and it is so sad that people sit in the pews of his church and let him brain wash them with his hatred towards the white man and choose to live in the past of those blacks hundreds of years ago when if they truly want to better themselves, just like any color, race, there is help out there..More help for the blacks than the average white families because of their color..I was a divorced mother of three and my kids sure didn't get any breaks when it came to their educations..They worked after schools and on week-ends to make money...They took out student loans in order to get college degree and took years to pay them off..So don't cry on my shoulders because if my white kids can take out student loans to better their education , can work from the time they are twelve doing odd jobs, and into better jobs when they because of legal age, so can all blacks, browns, greens, yellows, etc. you get the picture?? IT'S TIME WE HAD A "CRUTCH BURNING" IN D.C. AND TELL PEOPLE TO LEARN TO WALK ON THEIR OWN AND STOP BLAMING EVERYONE ELSE FOR THEIR FAILURES...

2317 days ago


This country makes me sick. I am so sick of the racism. And it is not just "white" people being racist against "colored" people. Our country is very divided- and I feel thet "colored" people are just as guilty as "white" people.

Things could be so different. I am sorry- but to the African-Americans: you should not keep emloying the slave card. I am white, and I think slavery was a HORRIBLE part of American history. But there is no one alive at this point that owned slaves, and there is no one alive that was a slave. So while I really do feel bad for the people that had to endure slavery, I do not think that anyone living today can claim that pain.

At this point in American history we have people of all nationalities living in America. Instead of hating eachother we should all do what we can to better ourselves. This country could be SO much stronger, and smarter, if every person would take advantage of the opportunity to get an education. We should not be labled "White Americans", "African Americans", "Mexican Americans", etc. We are ALL Americans now. So instead of HATE, we should try to do the best we can to make this a great country.

2317 days ago

ticked off grand-pa    

It si about time someone put Sharpton in his place. However, as with others I agree, Sharpton is going to some how get out of a lot of this due to racisim. RACISM!! BS!!! The man is a crock and should be delt with accordingly. Put him in jail and let him rot there. Serves him right!!!

2289 days ago


Oh thats too

2321 days ago

He's Boring now    

seems to me this was first a story like a year or so ago and than sharpton cried foul, that the govt was messing with him because of who he is and what he does...but than admitted yes they did owe money. guess they owe more money for more discovered by the IRS skulduggery ways of accounting by Sharpton.

My god the man started out as James Browns Manager, so please, its not like he got his accounting skills honed at the Monastery or anything.

Guess if he is guilty, than maybe he will have to do some real time instead of these few hours of arrests like the one he got the other day.

Al and others, you can mess with just about any institution, corporation, person or group in this country and use your minority status to go unscathed---but when it comes to the governments money, your color wont get you an ounce of extra protection or ignorance on the IRS's'll pay like anyone else will.. When will rappers and sports and enterainters and sharpton likes of that culture figure that part out...go f with anyone or gorup you want and cry minority status, but the govt dont play homes. idiots.

2321 days ago


Im sure this will somehow, get turned into a racial thing. Thats all that this flake knows. Sad person he is!!

2321 days ago


Sharpton will be screaming "racism" at the top of his lungs. The feds need to keep their eye on the ball because Sharpton is going to try to make the charges go away in a hail of racist rants.

2321 days ago


Well,well,well, This is the great man (rolling eyes) that keeps racism alive. I guess he will use the normal,they messing with me cause I'm black cliche...

2321 days ago


Nooooo!!!! Not AL!!! They must be mistaken!!! Certainly he's not going to be exposed as the SCHIESTER that HE IS! I hope they check every nook and cranny!

2321 days ago


All I see is nothing but racism. Why do they just go after the brotha's and not anyone else? Al Sharpton should be excluded cause he is black and is a minister of love. Those laws be made by white people anyways, but you aint ever here them putting there own in jail or blasting them about how much they owe. If they arrest him we will be ready to march for him, and we always gets our way. Al Sharpton is as equal to Jesus...if not greater, cause more people know who he is, and he's reached and helped so many people.

2321 days ago


Too bad so sad... The government only see's ONE color - GREEN!!! Pay up Al!

2321 days ago


He can scream racism at the top of his lungs but, like #2 said, the government doesn't give a rats ass color your skin is!

This sorry excuse for a human being makes my stomach turn and infuriates me. Black's can "thank" this piece of crap for keeping racism alive and well!! It oozes out of every pore on this mans skin.

Put him in the same cell as Snipes and let them fight for the soap!

2321 days ago

Insert comical name here    

Good Lord, they claim to be in business to help people then they screw over their own employees. What hypocrits.

2321 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

"Al Sharpton is as equal to Jesus...if not greater"

Thanks, Darquan,
Now we know you're a joke poster

2321 days ago


He is the ULTIMATE Trouble Maker and Crook, and he's supposed to be an ordained man of God, Yeah Right. I wonder if he has read in the Bible where Jesus himself said
"Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God what is God's."
"Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God."
"Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves."

I hope he gets years in the Slammer. He brought it on himself! He is a NO GOOD example, let alone a Christian!!!!

I hope he gets years in the slammer. What a POS.

2321 days ago
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