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Goldman's Lawyer: Show Me the Money!

5/10/2008 4:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

In addition to the shocking claim made in Mike Gilbert's upcoming book that O.J. confessed to the 1994 murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman -- Gilbert also claims to have helped O.J. keep money away from the Goldman family.

The Goldman's lawyer, David J. Cook, is pissed.

Cook told TMZ: "It's disgusting on two levels. It's another case of folks like Mr. Gilbert drinking the cocktail of celebrity and being intoxicated by Mr. Simpson's celebrity status -- and in doing so committing a moral, ethical and legal wrong. It's no different than the Las Vegas debacle."

Although Cook believes Gilbert's book won't be 100% true, he said, "There are strong strands of truth in [Gilbert's] story. We have heard over the years of Simpson walking around with bags of money, and then the money disappears. He needed his cronies to help him. Gilbert is just one of Santa's little helpers ... this book won't be an X marks the spot, but it's an enormous break."

The Goldman family won a $33.5 million wrongful death judgment back in 1997.


No Avatar


Here we go again!

Who cares about this old a*s sh*t! No one's mind will ever change.

2331 days ago


He got away with murder.........!guilty!

2335 days ago

No Excuses    

This story makes me sick to my stomach. If this man helped O.J. and this story is true, Gilbert should be locked up for as long as O.J. SHOULD have been locked for.

2335 days ago


Still guilty.

2335 days ago


so there was more up the middle,
when you cut left then slash right ?

2335 days ago


I have never trusted OJ, I don't believe he "jumped over luggage" in a air port commercial for a rent-a-car or that he was a murderer. He just seems like the kind of guy that would stab a guy in the back then do it to Mother.

2335 days ago

tard in the hood    


2335 days ago


The Goldman's are obsessed with that money. They claim to be in massive debt because of OJ yet they leave out that the debt is from the wrongful death suit they filed against OJ. So they became broke while they were trying to get millions.

2335 days ago

Dragon's StarFire    

Go Away Goldmans!! You got your blood money! Time to shut up and quit seeking the spotlight!!

2335 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    

OJ is a piece of dirt murderer...

2335 days ago

Dragon's StarFire    

Whats the matter Goldmans?? the book sales wasnt enough money for you?? OR do you love the public spotlight so much that you are doing anything to get back in it again?? Strange how quiet you were during the Las Vegas incident but suddenly since the book is NO LONGER A BEST SELLER and is on the bargain table for $1 each You come out of the woodworks with your hands out again!!

2335 days ago


coulda, shoulda, woulda.....................that is all it boils down to! he will get his one day. just wish i could be therer to see it!

never mind, i don't want any part of hell!

2335 days ago

Dragon's StarFire    

Whats the matter Goldmans?? the money from the book sales wasnt enough for you that you have to come out and seek the spot light again?? Oh, yeah forgot since your book is NO LONGER a best seller and is now on the clearance shelves for a dollar each. YOU come back out of the woodworks with your hands out seeking the spotlight again!!

2335 days ago


Strange how since the sales of that book you won the rights to have now ended with it being on the basement bargin tables for a dollar a copy and NO LONGER a bestseller. You come out of the woodworks with your hands out looking for MORE money and the public spotlight again!! Strange how you were so quiet during the Las Vegas Incidents when the book money was rolling in but when it dried up. BAM!! there you are again!!

2335 days ago


The goldman family is just dragging this out and it's not helping their family bur hurting it.. they're not living in the streets, they need to stop fighting this battle and move on with their lives.. .we all know he's guilty.. no he didn't serve time, and no they won't get all the millions they want.... but we all know.. so leave it at that and start living you're lives people... for yourselves and your family.

2335 days ago
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