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"Alpha Dog" Trial's Top Dog Allowed to Rumble

5/13/2008 2:21 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The prosecutor who shared confidential court docs and police records with the director of "Alpha Dog" -- that halfway-decent movie with Justin Timberlake -- will be allowed to continue working on the real-life murder trial on which the film was based.

The California Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the actions of Ron Zonen, the Santa Barbara County Deputy District Attorney, did not warrant removal -- even though Jesse James Hollywood's lawyer claimed "Alpha Dog" unfairly tainted his client for potential jurors.

"Alpha Dog" was inspired by Jesse James Hollywood's alleged masterminding of the 2000 kidnapping and murder of a 15-year-old whose older half-brother owed Hollywood $1,200.

While no trial date has been scheduled, prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for Hollywood, who is charged with first-degree murder and kidnapping.

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I would have to say his actions probably poisoned the jury pool. They could always file a motion for a bench trial. They would probably get a fairer trial that way. Hollywood is gonna fry anyway.

2322 days ago


wow it was a good movie...... and jesse james...mmmmmmmhmmmm sorry but hes hott,

2322 days ago

Princess Ali Baba    

it was so long ago and who saw that film anyway?
I happen to think it is a very well done film but not a blockbuster type of film anyway.
Hollywood should fry for what he did.. went from a small time thug to a murderer.. all for 1200 bucks?
he's not a guy of smarts .. or he would of just let that kid go.
Very sad but let's hope justice is served.. for the 15 year old that lost his life way too young....

2322 days ago


To Lala, yeah he is "hot". That's what makes justice in this case even sweeter. He'll be passed around by the Homies in jail like a blunt at Cyprus Hill concert. Hahahaha, never mind the death penalty, this "Alpha Dog" will wish he was dead when the gang raping and ass beatings begin. “Damn it feels good to be a gangsta!”

2322 days ago


Coming from the victim Nicholas Markowitz's family, I must say that this is such great news to all of us. We have been dealing with this trial for the last 8 years this August. And for the last 3 years we have been sitting and pondering about when the trial would begin with Jesse Hollywood, so justice could be served, and ourlives could well some how move on.
This trial is going to be a very very long trial and I just hope that people realize that even 8 years later we can not move on because of the hold on the case. I just hope Justice stays on our side from here on out.

2322 days ago


Its not holly wood justice all the stars are getting is equal justice because all the stupid judges in the state have no brains. Its not about being rich or famous its about the whole dumber than dumb state.

2322 days ago

Todd Lee    

i have followed the case since day one and i feel really bad for the family of the kid who died. its sad to think the kid could have escaped ANYTIME he wanted to but didnt.....hope this punk frys.

2322 days ago


The boy that died his name was Nicholas Markowitz.

2322 days ago

die a painful death already Hollywood    

why is this slime bag still breathing ?? he deserves to die just like the innocent boy he had ordered to be killed .,.,
anyone who thinks he is hot , innocent or anything less then guilty I wish would be sitting on his lap if he was to get the electric chair ,.,.,.,,,,.,

its too bad our so called justice system takes so long to be served .,.,,..,he will get the death penalty and sadly about another 10-15 years to live while his appeals are sorted out .,.,.,

2322 days ago


That movie was really good.

That poor boy that he killed... he wasn't even involved... it was his BROTHER that owed the guy some money. It is so sad.

2322 days ago


I think people should remember that Jesse James Hollywood has a family too. I am a close family member and have known Jesse his whole life and know that he didn't order this murder. I am not in anyway saying that he is a saint in this situation but seriously, he didn't have any previous reputation to command this kind of power. He didn't even have a police record other than a traffic violation. Let's be fair about this. The shooter and the ones who were with Nicholas throughout the time of his "captivity" could have pulled the plug on this whole thing at any time. Jesse wasn't even around. He feared for his own life during the whole ordeal. The whole truth has not been heard. There is no excuse for what happened to Nicholas Markowitz. It is a terrible tradgedy. My heart breaks for his family but Jesse DID NOT order his death.

2322 days ago

Just call me trailer trash....    


this guy is worse than the guy who pulled the trigger....and what a puss running away and hiding

death penalty, death penalty, death penalty

2322 days ago


The movie was horrible. The actual story is a lot more interesting and was better than the "over-acting." Jesse will never get away with this.

2322 days ago


GREAT movie...Tragic story

2322 days ago


Who cares if you knew him! The only reason he didn't have a traffic ticket was he hadn't got caught!!! He ordered it and should rot in jail!!!

2322 days ago
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