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Cristian de la Faker?

5/14/2008 2:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cristian de la Fuente has been accused of faking his injury on "Dancing With the Stars" -- and last night's episode might be the proof.
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Watch this clip from last night's episode closely -- Cristian's arm brace jumps from his left arm (the one he "injured") to his right. Is it just bad editing (his tattoo is always there)-- or is the soap star doing his best acting job yet?

Doctor Nose Best

Not all stars opt for plastic surgery when it comes to fixing those small imperfections, but a few might want to consider it. Especially after Dr. TMZ shows them what they could look like. Go ahead and be nosey!
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Archuleta's Dad Gives Producer Cold Shoulder

Jeff Archuleta, David's dad, showed up in the audience for tonight's "American idol" and made it clear -- he's pissed at the producers.

As we first reported, Jeff was such a troublemaker, he was banned from backstage rehearsals. According to our spies, on tonight's show during commercials, Jeff shot darts at Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe. J.A. stared Nigel down and was enraged as he watched the E.P. visibly excited as David Cook performed.

Jeff seemed chummy with Randy. The two bro'd out during several breaks. He hugged Paula two times and whispered something in her ear and she nodded in agreement. No interaction at all with Simon.

Jeff was trying to get the attention of legendary songwriter Diane Warren, but she pretty much wouldn't give him the time of day.

It's Hard Being Madonna

Now that everyone and their mother is walking around sportin' man hands, Madonna has gone and started yet another trend -- man arms!
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Madge was snapped in London on Tuesday showing off her guns. Hard candy indeed.

Imagine Me and You, I'll Sue

Two members of the 60's group, The Turtles (you know, "Happy Together'), have sued Capitol Records over an Ice Cube song -- bitches!
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According to the suit, filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Flo & Eddie recorded a song in 1972 for The Turtles called "Buzzsaw." The suit claims the song was sampled in a rap song by Ice Cube called "Jackin' for Beats." Flo & Eddie allege Capital signed a deal for the derivative song but went beyond the agreement to make even more money.

Flo & Eddie want minimum $25,000 but not more than $70,000. We know, it's weird to set a limit when you sue.

Capital, Eddie & Flo -- not happy together.

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Gisele -- T & A at the TSA

No entourage, no prissy attitude, no man-servant ... when did Gisele Bundchen become a real (albeit extremely hot) person?
Gisele Bundchen: Click to watch
Charming the crowd at LAX, Tom Brady's tight end had every man going gaga -- and was even pulled from line and allowed to cut a woman in a wheelchair. Being beautiful must be tough.


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You can clearly see if you look behind Cristian that the images are reversed.

2351 days ago


As far as him dropping Cheryl with the other arm, that type of injury hurts like crazy. He didn't drop her with his good arm because it was weak, he dropped her because he got a horrible pain in the other arm. That type of injury causes a lot of pulsating pain and hurts like crazy.

2351 days ago


I feel bad for David Archiletta,I see a scared young boy with no experience with the outside world( I was one of those inexperienced kidsbecause of religion),he has a great voice ,all his songs sound pretty much the same and he seems very odd and shy for a 17yr old...I think Daddy rules and I feel bad for him if he loses...I hope this experience brings him out on the tour...

2351 days ago


Interestingly enough, I had a similar injury to my left arm a week before Christian's injury. I was worried I would need surgery myself, but I had a physical therapist check it and keep it wrapped and slung for a week, and by the following week, I was able to move it around with minimal pain. Considering how he seems to have a better range of motion now, I think the same may have just happened with him. If he's faking anything, it might be that he's not as hurt as he is, but the injury is real. Perhaps he's doing what I did and for the sake of not doing further damage, being cautious about using it.

2351 days ago


I watched the show when he supposedly got hurt and he missed a step in the routine. It didn't look like his arm was at all envolved in the mistep and soon after that he started holding his arm. The injury is just a cover-up for his maistake, that would have sent him packing otherwise....YEAH HE'S FAKING IT!

2351 days ago


the christian faking it video is bull because if you pause it at 9 secs he doesnt have a tattoo on his right arm but then at the end of the video when the cast is on his right arm the tattoo is their he only has a tattoo on his left arm and he wouldnt get the same looking tattoo on both arms so they just edited the video so it looks like he is faking it by putting the cast on his right arm

2351 days ago


The staff at TMZ has the intelligence of a cough drop

2351 days ago


I don't think the cast changed arms...besides the tatoo being there...look at the shadows behind him, the shadows flip flopped too...I think it was how they filmed it. Whether or not the injury is real or is as bad as it's made to seem, who knows and really...who cares? But the arm didn't change.

2351 days ago


Umm... if u notice his tattoo on the arm that the cast is on you will realize that the final shot was just mirrored during editing, making it look like he switched arms when he didn't.

2351 days ago

El Crítico    

While I believe that the images are the same (you know, done with software), I truly believe that Cristián is facking the injury. I believe that he knew that he could not win "as is" since the episode where Shannon Elizabeth (a much better dancer than he) left the show. As one of you said, he is racking up sympathy votes from lonely, middle-aged white women (biggest audience the show has) who find anything that is labled "Latin" sexy. I have never heard of a Dr telling a patient that an injury can wait for surgery, especially of that nature! He could actually end up crippled for life...for what...? A glass, worthless trophy?? Also, where is the pain? Is the pain also waiting at his request? Remember the scene where they were clapping on stage? When Christie secured her spot? He was doing just fine then--enough to clap, I guess??? Give me a break!! The guy SUCKS....he has no rythm, especially for a Latino person--he can't dance worth a junk. Oh, I forgot to say...HE'S AS FAKE AS A $3 BILL!!

2351 days ago


at 16 seconds it is on his right arm

2351 days ago


Man you can really be snaky.

That is not even the same picture and if you watch the video again REALLY watch, you can see the Mirror image is there SCREAMING AT YOU, yes it seem like the other arm but is wasn't.

So pay attentions next time, before you as always, reach for attention with lies as many other times.

And not only you are discrediting the actor and the person, you also are insinuating the whole group of people that create and participates in this show are on it buy “covering” for him, IF this was real, what a shame.

2351 days ago


i do and i dont think hes faking it. For one, the brace is on the same arm both times with the same tatoo. Then again, Christian does seem like the kind of person that would be that way.

2351 days ago


I think that he was in great health Monday night. He really didn't look lie someone who has a problem with his arm. Review the tape as I did and you'll see how he used that arm (he also put it behind his back to let everyone know that was the one he hurt) when he forgot that hsi arm was "hurt". I think that he is milking this for all it's worth !!!

2351 days ago


It is not switching arms. The image is flipped. Look @ the tatoo.

2351 days ago
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