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Von A-Hole to Sharpton: I'll K.O. You, Big Mouth

5/16/2008 12:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

How's this for a cage match we'd kill to see -- Zsa Zsa Gabor's husband vs. Reverend Al Sharpton.

The Prince challenged Al to a fist fight yesterday, claiming he's a "big mouth" and that he could K.O. him.

VAH also called BS on Barack and Michelle Obama's claims ... that they knew jack about crazy Rev. Jeremiah Wright when they went to his church. As for calling Michelle Obama a "washerwoman," VAH says it's his opinion and she hates the US and should "go the f**k out of America."


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As crazy as he is, there's some truth to what he says.

2352 days ago


If your going to be racist #8 be smart about it. Mankind started in what you call the animal kingdom, do some research about that. And how is someone suppose to go back to somewhere they never been. If you are white can I tell you go back to Europe, if you never been there. Hypothetically, if blacks went back to Africa where would they go? Africa consists of over 52 countries with different ethinic groups and languages. Blacks dont know what country or ethnic group there ancestors came from, so what you are saying makes no sense. If blacks went "back" to Africa, the Africans will not see you as an African they will see the blacks as foreigner, as AMERICANS!!!!!!!!!!

2352 days ago

b wilson    

Why do you continue to give Ahole coverage -- do you trhink anyone that regulary reads tmz really cares about this guy? Take a survey and you'll find out that you are wasting precious space when you run another PVAhole story. He's a nobody! bw

2352 days ago


"she hates America" ... funny coming from a guy who's given interviews in German magazines calling the US a "third world country" and how he can't wait to get out of it. I suppose that means as soon as his wife dies and he gets her money, although with the new exchange rate, he might have learned to love America.

2352 days ago


I know he says some crazy stuff. But he is so right. SO RIGHT. He isn't even an American, it is sad to say but europeans can say stuff like this but if an American said this It would be all over the national news.

2352 days ago


Von A-Hole for president !

2352 days ago


Right on #8. I want a box of those t-shirts!

2352 days ago

b j johnson    

Why is this guy given so much press? He's a nobody.

2352 days ago


OMG !!!! I can't believe I'm getting soooo pissed off by this !!!!! LOL I obviously spend waaaaay too much time on this site !!!!! LOL LOL

2352 days ago


I can't believe you people would perpetuate this nonsense with this no-name idiot. What's he done for this country other than soak up the sun and sponge off the money of others? Can't you people stop this crap with this guy? He's free to his opinion but keeping it going, encouraging him to bash Michelle and Barack Obama in order to put something on your website makes you JUST as guilty of hate mongering as AHole is.

What's wrong with you? SHAME ON YOU TMZ.

2352 days ago


i kinda agree with this dude

2352 days ago


Have to agree with the prine.

I can't stand Obama's wife and Sharpton is an oportunist who shows up every time thre is a photo op.

2352 days ago


I love him.

2352 days ago


I think he is quite humorous. He is right about Sharpton and probably the only person who gets this kind of coverage that Sharpton can't get fired LOL!!!

2352 days ago

TMZ Fraternity    

This guy is People from other countries like him are always funny..

What is really funny is I dont even think Black people like Al Sharpton...How can you trust an overweight grown black guy with straightened hair...hahaha

2352 days ago
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