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Game Gets Bentley Jacked ... By Cops!

5/19/2008 10:35 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The GameThe Game had the Bentley he was driving towed by police last night because it had expired tags. The Game doesn't go to no DMV!

The rapper was stopped in Glendale, CA. around 7:00 PM last night and was cited by cops for the expired tags and for not having proof of insurance. "His car was towed because the tag has been expired for more than 6 months," Glendale PD spokesperson John Balian told TMZ.

The Bentley was taken to the police impound. The Game will have to pay late fees, fines and ante up an insurance card before he can get his ride back.


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Does this suprise anyone? It's about time stars started being held accountable for their actions!! Way to go police!

2350 days ago


Does this suprise anyone? It's about time stars started being held accountable for their actions! Way to go police!!

2350 days ago



2350 days ago

kate blows bigtime    

Who the hell is this ass clown?

2350 days ago


another example of arrogance and stupidity

2350 days ago


this is yet another to fall under
the category of racial profiling;

being stopped for expired tags is just another way
for the largest gang in los angeles to punk someone.

without TRUE probable cause, a citation
at the very best should have been issued.

to toss the car, interrogate the driver and passengers,
to CREATE a problem, is standard operating procedures
in these small towns like glendale, el segundo and especially culver city !

the police in this backwards little
cities are the ultimate player haters.

give a man with a small penis, a chip on their shoulder
and a self-righteous nature a badge, they ABUSE
any type of authority given to them by the people.

they are suppose to serve and protect ?

not go out of their way to " produce " problems just
short of planting evidence to show their true colors.......

2350 days ago


He is hot. I would let him in the BACK door.

2350 days ago


That's hilarious !! Just another thug idiot. Whith a name like "the game" how smart do you expect this moron to be ??

2350 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Millionaire rappers are the biggest braindead dumbasses on the planet. Gotta be all that crack. Lesson for our youth...

2350 days ago


#6 who posted on here is just another black apologist. Life is a lot easier when you blame all of your downfalls and problems on someone else, especially when you can blame it on "the man". Way to go you rosa parks wanna-be, you're a perfect example of why your race is what it is.

2350 days ago


rosaparks ~ your racial spews would mortify the "Rosa Parks"! This would not be the first time either!

2350 days ago


Your car doesn't get impounded for expired tags. Must have been the lack of insurance or combination.

2350 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    


It's California law the police can impound your vehicle for lack of insurance. That's how I lost my bike some years back

2350 days ago

Boo hoo I am opressed    

#10 You just took the words out of my mouth !! Tell me this #6 how is it that you are a MINORITY in this country yet the jails are filled 85% by you thug blacks ...that makes you the majority huh ? I guess it was all blame the white person for being poor, but we don't tell you to destroy the things you have and to live in filth like animals. While you spend every penny you steal on Jordans, we spend the money we earn on education wich is why we have good jobs and MONEY !! GO TO SCHOOL, GET A JOB..STOP BLAMING WHITIE for something that happened 400 years ago !! And just a tid bit it was black people who sold your ancestors not white people !

2350 days ago


sad simple fact;

if that were true, that california laws allows constitutes
the impounding of vehicles for invalid proof of insurance,
then the " majority " race in this state would have their vehicles
impounded and they would cease from parking them on the lawn.....

2350 days ago
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