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Billy Bob Accused of Bugging the Hell Out of Lady

5/20/2008 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Billy Bob ThorntonBilly Bob Thornton is under fire for allegedly being a huge cyber-pest -- the kind that shoots off annoying e-mails and plants bugs in people's homes.

According to an LAPD report filed by Elysabeth Cherniak -- the sister of Billy Bob's fourth wife -- Thornton has been harassing her for nearly two years. She originally thought he was trying to "court her," but then "the e-mails became more insulting." She also believes "Mr. Thorton [sic] has listning [sic] devices in her home."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they are waiting for Cherniak to bring in copies of the emails and other evidence so they can continue their investigation.

Thornton was married to Pietra Cherniak from 1993-1997, and the couple had two children.

Billy Bob's rep tells us this is "absolutely false," adding, "Billy doesn't use e-mail and never has. Anyone who knows him would know that." The rep says the woman has "a history of making these very same false accusations in the past."


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marc jay    

When Billy Bob Thornton broke up with Laura Dern he sent her a e-mail that he was breaking up with her.Infact,this was mentioned in print in the newspaper's and online back in the 1990's when he had his beak up.Apparently his public relattion's people are trying to cover his track's and saying false things about him like"Billy has never used e-mail" BULL CRAP !!!

2347 days ago


Dear hehe and Annoyed:

Listening is misspelled in the original article so they added [sic] as they should.

They probably took the quote from an e-mail, letter, or something, hence the misspelling. "Listning" is not the correct way to spell it.

I loves me an illiterate (poetic licence taken with grammar).



2347 days ago


Elysabeth never liked Billy Bob, I know her personally. She was afraid of him. she was a model, and she gets plenty of action, lots of guy like her. She was in a 13 year relationship. She is very particular, and trust me she likes intelligent men who have college degrees, and no tattoos. Great family, beautiful person!

2344 days ago


Elysabeth is aa intelligent, beautiful woman who is desired by numerous men, and never liked Billy Bob, and was involved with a man for 13 years of her life. I know I am one of many men who is highly attracted to her myself. She ws being pestered by Billy for a long time, he just didn;t seem to know the meaning of the words "not interested"! When she told him to stop trying. Whoever wrote that she can't get a man? you need glasses and your head examined. You are delusional. If you knew her you would know she only dates well groomed men who don;'t have 50 tattoos, he is NOT HER TYPE, trust me!

2344 days ago


Hey Lily, she is not jealous of her sister for being with Billy Bob, he is disgusting and ugly, trust me I know her tatse, and he tried to get her into bed and she was harrassed by him like this for years, read all the articles on the inetrnet, she has her own taste, you seem to be the one who was jealous of her sister getting a piece of him if anyone is. Got taste Lily? apparently not,.

2344 days ago


Lily???? Bill bob was chasing Elysabeth for years you idiot! She does not and has not liked him ever! Grow up you freak!

2344 days ago


To: bitchlyingthruhernastyhooch
I know her and Billy bob did try to pay her $200 cash, when he was married to her sister! He continued to harrass her and try to have sex with ehr for years! So tells you what you know!

2344 days ago


Hey 13! "Silly"...teh sister who was first runner up in the Miss. Plaisades Paagaent, the sister who was involved with someone for 13 years, another man for 5 years, and is constantly being chased by numerous men was particularly "wishing" anybody would be after her? the sister who is not desperate to have just "anybody" in her life? wow talk about desperate, that's you apparently, that you feel you must try to convince people that a good "normal" person is some kind of freak like yourself. Hey good try!

2344 days ago


Elysabeth here...Billy bob and I had a clandestine thing that was so minimal and so stupid,and so NOT patettable to me,I would often make excuses why I would not be able to make it tonite,and finally told him I could not see him all together. It was not when he was with my sister,and quite honestly he was not my type at all. I knew he had hit my sister,and I knew he was a womanizer too. When I would visit him at a hotel or his home, it wo9uld be for no more then 15 minutes a pop. I did not even want to see him besides, it was only at HIS urging. I know it's his people writing comments trying to say I was unattractive, when in reality, I was popular,beautiful(still amm all these things),5 ft 7,110 lbs-115 at the very most,model,college grad,blonde hair,compared to a Barbie Doll. Whoever was saying I was a loser? You know was either one of his people,or was confusing me with my odler sister, who weighed 300 lbs. for many years. We are a very well liked family here in our town. We have no known enemies. I only saw Billy Bob at the most 10 times over a 20 year period,perhaps 18 year period for a total of 15 minutes a pop. But 5 years ago,the last time I saw him(begrudingly),he told me that he wanted to be with me, and can I wait 5 years for him. Connie had just gotten pregnant I suppose.Honestly I knew i was not inetrested, and I was planning to marry my long time sweetheart. So knowing that I would not want him, Billy decided to spend $30,000 on a grand scale spying situation here in our home. I called an expert about removing his survelliance equipment, and was told it would cost upwards of $4,500, and would have to be done every 6 months or so. Billy started this more aggressively in August of 2006, when he told me insintantly that I need to start shopping for homes for us, and to wait for him to dump Connie(which I was definately NOT INTERESTED in him at all)....when I hesitated, he would respond aggressively to things I would discuss in the privacy of my own home, and after telling my mother about this, he seemed to get even more intrusive and scary. When my ex boyfriend asked me to marry him on the phone, I was so afraid of Billy Bob I declined his offer. If someone is listening in your house to you, and reacting the way Billy Bob was, knowing he had beatern your sister half to death before in the past,(and otehr women)....what would you do? I literally did not go anywhere for 6 months, before finally realizing I had a lawful right to file a police report, and if I was not taken seriously, I would never have been permitted to do so. It doesn't matter who he is, I have never liked him, it was he who was aggressive about wanting me to see him, otherwise I never would have done so. I am not the type who gets used besides by men. I would never agree to 10 minute 15 minute sessions with any men, and I would never want to marry anyone who looks, acts, behaves the way he does. Why else would I have had plans to be with other people, he was never a partof any of my plans,I've had real relationshiops, many eactually lasting 3,2,5,13 years of my life. He weras false teeth, he has no hair, he has a drinking and alcohol problem,and so many more problems I would just never be able to deal with. He was so NOT for me, on SO MANY levels guys. There's your truth, enjoy it!

Still beautiful even at 43(skinny too),

Lys Cherniak

2271 days ago

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