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Steven Tyler: Dude Looks Like a Rehab

5/21/2008 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler: Click to Watch!Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, 60, has checked himself into Las Encinas Hospital drug rehabilitation clinic -- the place Dr. Drew practices -- in Pasadena, Calif.

It's the same facility where the reality show "Celebrity Rehab" was filmed. Tyler is getting treatment for substance abuse.

Tyler's reps had no comment.

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I am so sad to hear this after Steven being sober for 12 yrs but it happens to the best of people and aerosmith ROCKS!!!

2345 days ago


Rehab is a time to face truths Steven. A huge one for you is what you've lost to keep the company you have had in the last couple of years.

2345 days ago


Hang in there. So you've fallen off the wagon. You've got clean before and you can do it again. Have faith in yourself and the man upstairs! Withy him, anything is possible. You still have a lot of music to make, and alot of people are pulling and praying for you. Get Better SOOOOON!!!!

2345 days ago


I praying for you Steve. I love you.

2345 days ago

No fat chicks    

Anne and Aerogirl - you girls sound really stupid. Don't talk unless you know- and the way it sounds is that you don't know Steven and you don't know Erin. First Erin hasn't had plastic surgery so uh, first thing to make you look stupid. She changed her hair - oh my god call it plastic surgery! 2nd they spend more of her money than his - 2nd thing to make you look stupid. 3rd you girls sound nothing more than jealous. Steven is a great guy who has battled with addiction for years, years before Erin, during Erin and will probably (although I pray not) after Erin. Sorry you guys have to hate on who Steven loves.

I bet you guys are overweight and not very cute. It's usually the fat, ugly ones who hate on the girlfriends of the rockers. You know the girls that the rockers would never look at.

Love you Steven and talk with you soon. You know your in my prayers.

2345 days ago


Steven Tyler is awesome and it is sad to see him go through this crap again but he will pull through. He needs to get back on stage and have the high of a crowd in front of him. All the haters will see he will be back on top of his game again oh by the way it takes a big person to admit a fault and a smaller one to flaunt someone elses faults. Aerosmith is a band that always rises to the top.They are the SH#T so take a wiff and enjoy.

2345 days ago


It says for "substance abuse". He just recently had surgery, so it's more than likely pain killers, not heroin. Know your facts before you shoot off your mouth.

He's been to the depths of addiction and risen. He probably realized he was getting hooked on the pain pills and decided to get help before it got out of hand.

We all wish you the best, Steven.

2345 days ago


I am a huge fan And I am glad he is nipping this thing in the butt before it gets out of hand!!!

Love ya Mr Tyler

2345 days ago

Dee in TX    

This is not a perfect world and it changes everyday to where you have to either change with it or not. Steven, you are one of my role models and take care of yourself. Texas loves YOU!!!

2345 days ago


A wise man once said- "Theres a slip up every skirt"
I believe Steven and all the guys have been sober for years and I wish him the very best. I think he just needs a fresh dose of recovery to get back on track. I think he's gonna come back stronger than ever. He rocks my world! Take care and be well. n2

2345 days ago


I have been an Aerosmith fan forever. I absolutely adore the band, espeically Steven and Joe. I support him 100%. I was completely floored by the news, I had no idea, but I am glad he is seeking he help he needs. I wish Steven a safe and hurried recovery. He has always been my idol, I look up to him so much. We need you, Steven and your true fans love and respect you so much!! My thoughts and prayers are with Steven, his famiy/friends and the band. He is a very strong person and this will only make him stronger. Can't wait for their new album/tour.

2345 days ago


Good Luck Brother!!!!, I'm fighting with the same demons, I know it's not easy, just do the next right thing and think it through next time before ya' pick it up.

God Bless Ya' Brother & Stay Strong!!


2345 days ago


Way to go for Steven. There are still people cheering him on! I wish him a safe and long lasting recovery. Take it from someone who had to live with an addict and made it through the recovery with him, it's a bitch but it can be done and sometimes it takes more than two or three times for rock bottom to jump up and slap then in the face!

2345 days ago

Teresa C    

Someone mentioned earlier that Mr. Tyler would "not be seeing these messages anyway" WELL THANK GOD FOR THAT! I cannot beleive all the mean and hateful posts I've seen on here. Unreal, so sad and shame on those of you who are consumed with so much hate towards this man. Why?
Ok, that said, YOU are so loved Steven. I'm sending nothing but possitive energy your way. Best wishes and have a speedy recovery. This planet is messed up as he**, but it certainly would shine much less without you on it.

2345 days ago


Steven, you still rock...hang in there,man, gettin sober is a total bitch..been there and behind you all the way!!

2345 days ago
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