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Steven Tyler: Dude Looks Like a Rehab

5/21/2008 3:42 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Steven Tyler: Click to Watch!Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler, 60, has checked himself into Las Encinas Hospital drug rehabilitation clinic -- the place Dr. Drew practices -- in Pasadena, Calif.

It's the same facility where the reality show "Celebrity Rehab" was filmed. Tyler is getting treatment for substance abuse.

Tyler's reps had no comment.

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Another Friend of Bill W    

All the best to Steven. He's taking responsibility and doing what he needs to do to get sober again. Keep Coming Back, my friend!

2307 days ago

Dave V    

Steven, good luck man, u beat this demon before u can beat it again. Your fans and neighbors here in Mass are praying for your recovery

2307 days ago


I've always loved him. He's awesome.... totally support him 100%!!! Hope you get better Steven!!! Still, he's a hottie!!!!!!!!!!!

2306 days ago


Steven, you've been thru this before and managed to have many clean and sober years. The answer is simple, read the first three words on page 112 of the AA Big Book. I love ya, you have the capacity to inspire other addicts by your actions, that's a hell of a responsibility but that is your lot in life. Let Go and Let God.

2306 days ago


Im a huge fan of Steven Tyler and Aerosmith-I hope he gets well soon.

2306 days ago


Dear Janet (the one tellin steven to jump off something high and sarcastically saying he has it so bad). As someone in the music industry, I would like to let you know some things, its a lot harder than you think. Im assuming you went to college and went to classes for 15-20 hours a week. I went to a college of music, went to class 20 hours a week and practiced outside of class another 40-50 hours a week, its a lot more work than most colleges and universities. Another thing, while youre at work, you have to please a handful of people, mainly your bosses. When youre at the status of Mr. Tyler, you are expected to please millions of people and when you dont meet expectations millions of people know about it. As cliche as it sounds, money does not buy happiness. Ya, money and fame, sound great right? Im sure they are but its also a lot more stressful than a lot of other jobs out there, its not really just one big party (well it is some of the time)

2306 days ago


Shoot. He did his best work when he was totally messed up. I was hoping he had a few more toys in the attic.

Best of luck to him anyway cuz his daughter's HOT.

2306 days ago


This is for "janet" and her post from May 21st.........Do everyone a favor and YOU jump off something very high, honey. "Sixty years old and a ton of money..." Hey STUPID - - - did it ever occur to you that the money and fame may be too much for some people? Do you think he WANTS to be in rehab, facing this battle all over again? And how about some credit for him staying sober for 20+ years????? What a dumb*ss you are, janet. It's called compassion. Look it up.

15. sixty yrs old a ton of money and still can't face life how sad!!!!! Time to retire old fella or jump off something very high and get your so rotten life over with. You have it so bad!!!!!!!!!!

Posted at 3:04PM on May 21st 2008 by janet

2305 days ago

Don H    

Tina Turner's ex-husband, Ike, managed to die of a drug overdose when he was past seventy years of age. Sad, really, that as youth fleets away some do not develop a broader range of interests worth living for: family, friends, hobbies, spiritual growth. The money and connections from celebrity allow some to focus too many of their energies on a few infantile weaknesses.

2305 days ago


Good Luck to you Steven!!

2305 days ago


You have given so much of yourself to us, the least we can do is support you when you need it!!

2305 days ago


Everyone keeps saying "oh, its not heroin". WTF. A monkey is a monkey. The guy has come to a point where he says he can't function.......... and it would not matter if he were snorting cats. A lot of starts have serious addictions that are not even drugs, look at Ashley Olsen. Addicted to not eating.

But of course people are curious......... and if I had to guess what kind of monkey Steven has......... I would say it is booze. All the English people I know drink.................. A LOT!!!

2305 days ago


So cut the guy a break! Addiction does not discriminate against age, occupation, race or gender.
Heroin addiction SUCKS! 60 is the NEW 40-so those of you punks who think Steven should retire-get a GRIP.
I never have gotten to meet the man. We did play FALLEN ANGEL at my daughter's funeral....
I went to a rehab in PA, and they said Steven and some of the guys had been thereabout 10 years prior.
Knowing he could stick it out in that hole, helped me through the withdrawal process of heroin.
Steven is not infallible-but he is in my thoughts and I know that he will be BACK IN THE SADDLE again!
Best of Luck-Steve we are with you!

2305 days ago


I sure hope the illness that canceled the show in Hawaii was not substance abuse related. Aerosmith made a lot of money for nothing off of that show.

2305 days ago


Not the whole family, Lola Rosa.

2304 days ago
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