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David Cook: After the Bell

5/22/2008 10:07 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The sweet smell of victory -- at the Skybar in Hollywood.


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i have to admit i got a little misty at the end. i think they're both fantastic, just different. they'll both be a success. way to go, dc! :-)

2353 days ago


He's so damn talented! I couldn't be happier for him and when he took David A and hugged him while he was performing the winning song-- that was class! I would have been happy no matter what because, as Simon put it (and whether you agree with it or not, Simon is USUALLY right on), he didn't care who won- because they were both so talented. But David has that edge and his voice has almost an ethereal quality that's haunting... I just couldn't be happier for him. It seriously could not have happened to a nicer (seeming) guy! And I would say about the same thing if it was David A that won. They both have stunning careers coming up and I applaud them both.

2353 days ago

yadda yadda    

The right one did win! Archuleta reminds me of a dorky Eddie Munster. The humble act is nothing more then his lack of personality shining through. He can sing but is not marketable what so ever. The world doesn't revolve around the 13-ish and adults want more then a whining lullaby to listen to. He will be the next Clay Aiken meaning he is destined to Broadway or singing Christmas Albums. The right man won, just accept it.

2352 days ago

same same same    

the comments are pretty funny! DC --->one ? one what? He WON didnt' he? DA singing ballots? LOL that is what Obama is doing! David A can sing but not ballots! more longevity... isnt' that redundant!

COME ON commentors quit being SO MEAN! Both the Davids were very good and very entertaining, because we have differing tastes in music... should not be directed toward them with cruel and mean comments!

2352 days ago


Negative works. Notice that after the info about DA's father appeared, his dialidol votes went down? Also, it would appear that someone has cracked the code on automatic dialing and voting. No other way to explain a massive jump in voting and a decline in ratings. In a popularity race, where talent starts to even out at the top, people tend to look elsewhere for a "reason" to vote one way or the other. Families, in this case, broke the ties. Ask any political campaign manager. Another factor to consider is the "we-are-all-underdogs" effect. When your candidate drops from the race, you blame the supposed leader, not the #2 or #3 person in the race. Happy for DC, I think he can do more with the win. DA's niche will be more MOR where he'll need more "solo" songs. Look at rock, individuals do better at fronting than soloing.

2352 days ago


The BEST David won! David A is too young and immature.

#45....did you watch the same show I watched last night.....George Michael was awful. Could not undertand a word he said. Worst part of the entire show!!!!!

2352 days ago


I voted for David Cook. The phones were so busy I voted only 5 times. I think that the other David didn't win because of the time of the voting. All of his fans had to go to bed while David Cooks fans stayed up until 11:00 pm voting.

2352 days ago

Tricia in Mass    

I liked both David A and David C. The one thing I noticed about David Cook, week after week, was how David C would always put his hand on the shoulder of the eliminated contestant to show his support of them as they were singing their final song. Now that is compassion. For everyone here to bash either David is truly disrespectful to the other David. They both seemed to have affection for each other and all the nasty comments are truly uncalled for. They both have immense talent and BOTH will do well in the future. Good luck and God Bless them both!

2352 days ago


I think American Idol like other shows should limit how many times you can vote. That way you don't have to continue to vote over and over again only to get a busy signal.

2352 days ago


DAVID COOK DESERVED TO WIN!!!!! It's about time that someone who actually deserved to win, won AI!!! Yes, David A. is a good singer but every song he sings sounds exactly the same. He always sings slow songs and it gets played out! I also agree with "David Cook al the way". If Daughtry was so awful why is he more successful that 1/2 of the idols that won??? Daughtry deserved to win Season 5, but instead they wasted the AI title on Hicks (what a waste). David Cook is a hell of allot more talented than Archulletta. He can sing, write and play music, and everything he sings sounds great. WAY TO GO DAVID COOK!!! I look forward to buying your records!!

2352 days ago


I am so happy for David he will do great.

2352 days ago

yadda yadda    

anonymousmug - R U serious? That is the biggest load of BS I've read here in a long time. Get over it, he lost because he wasn't better then Cook. He couldn't win. Stop using race an excuse to be a slacker and realize the issue is you or the person who isn't doing well.

Your Rock David Cook!

2352 days ago


david cook won my heart with 'music of the night' -- i could be his mother and i do him in new york minute!!!!

2352 days ago


David A was a horrible entertainer, not to mention so young. His voice will probably change and not sound as decent as it does now. None of his songs were original. He forgot the words a couple of times. Was generic in aswering questions... was simply boring. David Cook should have won because it was a talent based comp. he did everything defferently and proved he was a real "Idol". I mean at a David A concert i would fall asleep... cause all he does is stand there with his hand out like he is in church...

2352 days ago


When I look at David A on stage I think....great voice

When I look at David C on stage he seems comfortable and I see a STAR

2352 days ago
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