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Hulk to Victim: You Pissed Off God

5/23/2008 8:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unbelievable. While crash victim John Graziano lies in a permanent vegetative state in a hospital with a hole in his head, Hulk Hogan says that God laid some "heavy s**t"on him because of things that he was "into." Nick agrees, saying John was a "negative person."
Nick Hogan: Click to watch
Nice. Blame the victim, not the person who had been drinking and was driving crazy.


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um wow...just reading some sickens me that some people are defending Nick...okay yes, they are right..John did not have his seat belt on...Rule #1 of Being in a Motor Vehicle...but you say he could have said at any moment for Nick to pull over and get Im sorry i didnt realize you were all in the car....when Nick was racing that guy i am sure he wouldnt have said "Okay Dude here you are get out..." i wasnt there either but really? its not as easy as you think...but besides all of those facts of the case..the most sickening thing is the way the Hogan/Bollea family are acting as they are the victims...your son walked away...he is still with you..they have no remorse whatsoever that they may have wounded a "friend" for life...may have made him a vegetable...they have no remorse only "victim complexes" Oh Poor Me my son is in jail..YEAH CAUSE HE ALMOST KILLED SOMEONE DRIVING LIKE AN IDIOT!!!...Oh My Poor Baby..Lets Make Some Money Off This,,,,is this jail sentence an opportunity to think up schemes to make money or is it a time to reflect on the things that you may have done wrong and cost a "friend" it a time to make changes in your life??? and for the people who say well not everyones conversations are sent out as news stories and think what you would be saying...i can honestly, hand to god, say that if i was in the same situation i would be miserable..not just for myself but for my actions...i would be devastated but i would take the punishment and use the time constructively rather than so negatively...blaming everyone else...grow a spine you ridiculous spoiled boy...

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We all know that Nick drove drunk and a serious accident happened. But what we dont know, is what John has to say, and maybe we wont. I would be surprised if he didnt know that Nick was drunk. And I will be surprised if he blames Nick. Was John drunk? I have not heard anything on that. It will be nice if we get to hear Johns side of the story some day. If he is like any other good childhood friend that we have all had, I doubt he will be calling Nick the cruel person most seem to be calling him. He will likely thank God he is alive, and will likely never be caught involved with drunk driving. We are all taught from very young not to get in a car with a drunk driver. I dont want this to sound cruel, but I wonder if John suggested they dont drive...or if he tried to take the keys, or if he willing let his close friend drive drunk. He obviously wasnt worried about it, or his seatbelt would have been, he wouldnt have gotten in. It is a huge and sad misfortune. Nick is being charged for how he operated his car. If John was hit by Nick standing innocently on the side of the road, I would understand the way many people, and in particular, the TV are dealing with this. If Nick Hogan was not a celebrity, we would not have even known it happened. I am a father, and very much feel for John and his family, and I would show a lot more remorse than the Hogans, but lets not overlook all the details. Nick is being tried as an adult....therefore, we have two adults that made decisions. Even if they are just kids, they made a bad decision. Thas all. Hopefully, they both learn. Hopefully, John gets to learn. It really sucks.

2296 days ago

A mama    

Nick made his bed and now has to sleep in it. But Nick is not 18 years old and should not be locked up in a room all by him self. They should at least give him a room with a window. The so called veg. or (victom) was a friend and got in a car with Nick, like he did many times befor. And the Hulk is right everything happens for a reason. A lot of people dont like to hear it when it hurts, but that happened for a reason. Many may never find out what that reason is but, you will also never know what would have happened, if this didn't happen. Stay hopefull and everything will fall into order.

2294 days ago

A mama    

Every mom and dad that loves their kid(s) would do the same as the Hulk. As a parent thats what you do look out for you're babbies! Right on Hulk, Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of you who would not do the same if it was you're baby in Nick place, wich it could easly be, you are the BAD STUPID people.

2294 days ago


The situation that happened to John is very very unfortunate. I have three best friends that were in the same exact situation, except the driver died. The driver always gets blamed but no one looks at the passengers. John ALWAYS rode in Nick's car and always encouraged his racing. John is what 23, 24? and Nick is 17? If at any point is was starting to look dangerous, John could have easily taken control of the situation. The bottom line is that they were friends, they rode together and they were racing. The car lost control. It was a loss of control. It happens with drag/street racing and it is terrible and so unforunate that he is in the state that he is; however, don't condemn Nick so much when he was just normally doing what he always had been doing with his best friend John- who never complained or stood up to it, he enjoyed it.
His dad is just trying to deal probably with John's mom asking for butt loads of money. Hulk bought his mom a condo and gives her monthly rent- as well as before the accident Hulk always took care of John and bought him things. Yes, it was horrible what he said- but that was probably a snip-it of the whole conservation.
What Nick did was wrong, but 24 hours a day on every minute of a telephone call he isn't going to be talking about John non stop. It's reality. You wouldn't either.
My prayers go out to John and his family.

2294 days ago


Hulk Hogan SUCKS. I cannot beleive that fans and the media are playing up with Hulk Hogan having interviews and "feeling his pain". The man sucks. He is a white trash carnival person who will do anything for attention. Now he is using the lastest situation to his GAIN! Poor little Nick. Poor rich little Nick went out and almost killed someone. AAHHH. I have not seen any remorse by either Nick or Hulk Hogan towards the gentlemen Nick almost killed. It could have been you, your mother, your daughter, it could of been anyone of us. The whole family sucks and I would LOVE to never never never hear about those uncaring, attention-grabbing, inconsiderate, plain out f***-uped people ever again. Hey Hulk come down to Oregon and let me run YOU over!

2293 days ago


Wow. What a-holes. If he was a negative person, then why did he hang out with him. He is a spoiled brat, and has a history of stupidity and car racing.

And I've lost all respect for hogan.

2293 days ago


When will these Hollywood people take responsibility for their actions??? They are totally unbelievable. Everything that happens in their lives is always someone else's fault. Hulk Hogan should be ashamed of himself! What an example he sets.

2292 days ago


I don't like the Hogan's any more than the next person.
Not only do I blame mommy and daddy for a piss poor job of parenting, I also blame the Clearwater Police Department.
My son is also a Veteren, he may have known John, I don't know. But had this been my son, He wouldn't have machines running to keep him alive ( he wouldn't have wanted it that way ) and Nick wouldn't have ever seen a cell.

2290 days ago


Actually this family is acting the way I always thought they would act. I never liked Hogan as a wrestler because he always acted kind of selfish. I think I was one of the few few people that could see through his act. His kid is acting the same way now. He shows no guilt at all about what happened to the other guy . He only cares about himself. The other man is a vegetable now and Nick shows no remorse what so ever. His parents are also blaming the other guy . This family is sicker than I ever thought they were. Sorry Hulk Hogan fans ; I like this family even less now than I did before.

2290 days ago


I'd like to say that I just watched the short film that Johns family posted in the insider......and I'm so upset to see this young man in such a horrible shape! God bless John's family and real friends! As we can see and hear from everything....The HOGAN'S are NOT true friends, OR they wouldn't be carrying on they are @ this very moment! No one deserves to go thru want John and his family are dealing with!! I used to watch the Hulk show and I've watched Brooke's 1st show, I won't be watching again, I'm ashamed of every being "that families" fan!!

2256 days ago


How about he starts his new reality show now? "Nick Bollea's 'Prison Sex' is up next! Followed by Brooke Hogan's 'I got herpes'!"

2238 days ago
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