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Hulk to Victim: You Pissed Off God

5/23/2008 8:06 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Unbelievable. While crash victim John Graziano lies in a permanent vegetative state in a hospital with a hole in his head, Hulk Hogan says that God laid some "heavy s**t"on him because of things that he was "into." Nick agrees, saying John was a "negative person."
Nick Hogan: Click to watch
Nice. Blame the victim, not the person who had been drinking and was driving crazy.


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WHITE TRASH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2311 days ago


Oh, what has the world come to! These people are insane. Boycott! Nick don't drop the soap. I wish the judge would
give him 8 more months just for what he said. The victim fault! That man will never walk again. Nick better watch
your back!

2311 days ago


OUTRAGEOUS! Hulk is a MORON and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

2311 days ago


Wow, those photos are terrifying. It really brings it home just how irreparably damaged John has become. Honestly it makes it just that much more sickening that Nick and Hulk can sit there and be so calculated about this, and so disrespectful. And that Brooke has the nerve to try and lash out at their family. Haven't they suffered enough?

No, John may not have been perfect. But he was perfect enough to be considered family by them before he was injured, so they need to learn to keep their media-whoring mouths SHUT now that he's in that condition. I hope they never, ever work publically again. No punishment is enough for these vile people.

2311 days ago

su.san smith    

when is america going to wake up and see that the HOGAN FAMILY is an evil evil bunch of people???
Nick is an idiot.
Brokke give up singing.
soon to be Ex Mrs Hogan - make your son be accountable.
Hulk - American Gladitors SUCK and you get paid toooooooooooooo much for that.
So be smart and take some of $75k an episode and give it to the injured man.


2311 days ago


Hulk Hogan...why are you making excuses for your son?? Would you be saying the same thing if the tables were turned?? I was a fan of yours up until this moment. Now you and your family disgust me,.

2311 days ago


Wow... talk about twisting the whole 'God's Will' thing.... sheesh. It would be nice if John's family got these recordings and used them to get the proceeds from Nick's reality show.. Not that most people ever really thought Nick's 'true' remorse went beyond his own suffering anyway. I wonder if they apply that whole 'God must be doing this because we deserve it' mentality to their own lives?

2311 days ago

Let it Be    

Allow a jury to make John an 'owner' too..

2311 days ago


I guess we shouldn't worry about the government listening in to our phone calls. We have TMZ to do that. No matter what they say to each other, it's none of your damn business and certainly none of ours. Quit it!

2311 days ago


He's a very young boy who made an error of judgement. No criminal intent.

Just lay off the hatred, you selfrighteous asses.

2311 days ago


Absolutely disgusting. He says hes learned a lesson, but what lesson has he learned if hes blaming the victim? Its HIS fault. So sad to see such selfish, regret less, hard headed people. This isnt even the karma hes got coming, this is just justice. Cant wait to see whats gunna bite this kid in the ass.

2311 days ago



I know you can't take responsibility for your behavior, but you KILLED me. I will never walk, or talk or hang out and make a smile again. I am now living in hell. Unable to move or enjoy my life. You know the reason why. I will never forgive you for this and you will pay for it.

John G.

2311 days ago


Um, an error in judgment with no criminal intent? I would buy that if
A) he showed ANY remorse at all for the condition his friend is in,
B) if he hadn't already had a few speeding tickets for going well over the speed limit, over 100 in one case, without changing his behavior whatsoever,
C) if he hadn't been talking on his MySpace about how sad it was to give up his racing season because of an arm injury right after the accident when his friend was dying,
D) if he lived a life other than racing, being destructive and giving interviews at 16 about how his fast, fast cars and street racing death machine Supra wasn't a "panty dropper" so he gets as much sex from girls as he can with it, and
E) if he wasn't trying to find a way to spin his jail time and best friend's irreparable harm into a reality show immediately post-jail time to make "as much money as possible" and craft a poor "New Nick" image out of the whole thing.

GET REAL, KIM (I mean Brooke). The public ain't buyin' it. We've seen enough.

2311 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

BULL! Nick kept making the wrong decisions and drove like a maniac whenever he was behind the wheel! This was not an 'accident' and was almost premeditated in nature! He was a car crash waiting to happen! He never learned his lesson and it looks like he never will! And as a responsible driver, it is up to you to make sure that those with you are wearing their seat belts and there is no excuse for his actions- especially if he always drives like a complete IDIOT!

2311 days ago


The whole family are a bunch of idiots. The family should all be in jail together.

2311 days ago
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