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David Cook Just Won "A.I." and All He Got Was ...

5/25/2008 3:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Cook asked out former "Idol" star Kimberly Caldwell on live television Wednesday night -- and last night he finally cashed in.

Sorry gals, looks like the only fresh "Idol" meat left is Grade A ... as in Archuleta.


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Hardly looks like a hot date. He's going to be way too busy to date right now.
Besides Kim is not smart enough for him! LOL

2304 days ago


Saw this a few days ago and I was like, 'oh my heart is breaking....'
Oh David... No, no no no no. I agree with the majority of the comments. If he went out of the competition before he got his major makeover would she have even spat his way? Doubt it!, Way to go setting your sights so high David. NOT.
STILL Love his music though.... Hey as Cheryl Crow sang; 'If it makes you happy....'

2303 days ago


Who is that little girl with them?

2301 days ago

Accidental Cougar    

I am not a "fan girl", just a music fan who loves David Cook's music and who been impressed with his sense of humor, intellect, values, grounded-ness, etc that he's demonstrated all season and in the week or so since he won Idol. Evertyhing that is, except "dating" this bimbo. If this is just about him wanting to get laid or if its a setup publicity stunt or whatever, fine, I get that. But if it's really "dating" then I am sorely disappointed in his taste. She just seems like the last person he'd want to be with -- she is loud, abbrasive, obnoxious and doesn't seem particularly bright, certainly not even close to his intellectual equal. And if he's just looking for a hot piece of A$$, there are far more better looking women in LA -- Kim just looks like trailer trash. Bleached blonde hair, horrible extensions (worse than Britney's), bad skin, yuck. Especially when he says that he loves Mandy Moore because she's "immaculate" . YIKES. Big disconnect there Saw Leighton Meester from Gossip Girl on E! the other night saying she had a David Cook crush, think she'd be more his speed. Hope he gets smart and ditches Kim Skankwell ASAP.

2300 days ago


What is he doing with her? I thought he was more "down to earth" than to pick someone like her. What is it? She is phony! I just really thought he would choose someone completely different! It sort of changes what type of guy I thought he was. What a bummer!

2294 days ago


To Accidental Cougar: Couldn't agree with you more!

2294 days ago


calm down people...let him enjoy his fame for a month or two..he will soon be a HAS BEEN AI WINNER...kinda like the others.......puhahaha people consider him a HOT guy...i dont think he can pass as a HOT guy to me..with all those hair and huge tummy did you see his guitar heroes commercial puwease...i use to like him back on the show...puhaha and i think he actually think he looks hot with his cap and along with his blonde bimbo around him....i thought he was a SMART guy....

2290 days ago


awh, i love david cook so much
hes hot, and his hair doesnt look greasy ?
im so glad he won.

2280 days ago


ROOKIE MISTAKE! Once you win idol you must distance yourself from idol! Dump her quick dude!

2279 days ago
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