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Hogan Crash -- Brooke Was Driving

5/25/2008 6:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained the crash report from the Florida Highway Patrol that details today's Hogan accident and here's how it all went down.

Brooke was the one involved in the accident -- not Hulk, as was first reported. She was driving in the center lane of the Bayside Bridge when the car in front of her lost control while changing lanes. According to the report, the other car collided with Brooke's, pushing her into the left concrete barrier wall. Brooke's car came to rest on the left shoulder, while the other car went back across the bridge and came to rest on the right shoulder.

The report indicates that, according to witnesses, the other car was speeding. Florida Highway Patrol reps tell TMZ Brooke was not at fault. She had one other passenger with her in the car, but it wasn't Hulk or Linda.

UPDATE 8:15 PM PT -- Brooke has already posted a blog on her MySpace page about the accident. You'll never guess who she credits for saving her life: her brother Nick and John Graziano -- Nick's BFF who is still in a coma! She credits them for reminding her and her friend to put on their seat belts. What nerve.

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE -- She pulled the post.


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Hulk Hogan and his family were involved in yet another car accident on Sunday, has learned!

It happened in the afternoon in the northbound lanes of the Bayside Bridge in Clearwater, Florida.

Several cars were involved, sources tell us, and several lanes of traffic were shut down as a result.

The Florida Highway Patrol was on the scene almost instantly, and, thankfully, no one was badly hurt.

Sources tell us that The Hulkster is to blame. "He rear-ended another vehicle," we're told.


2305 days ago

come on    

some people on here are pure evil. talk about karma

2305 days ago


Gee, don't worry. He only bumped his head!

2305 days ago


It must be John's fault right Hogan family?

Karma's a b#tch...More to come...hehehe

2305 days ago


This is to let you know that there will be a major boycott of your
networks & sponsors if you pick up and/or air any show that the Bollea aka Hogan
family are a part of. This is based on the just released audio
conversations Mr. Bollea had with his incarcerated son placing blame
on the victim of the tragic car wreck that Nick Bollea (who was drunk
courtesy of his father who purchased the alcohol for his minor child)
caused. It also shows they have no remorse for what has happened to
John Graziano (the victim) & their only concern is for their own
financial gain.
This notice is also being placed on TMZ's website for others to
follow suit.
Thank you

2305 days ago


This was probably planned. Maybe when nicky and daddy were talking "code" this is what it was about.
Cause an accident and get the attention off the phone conversations
and now baby nick can say i need to go home to be with my injured dad, put me under house arrest

2305 days ago


This guy is a habitual cheat. tons of stories out there of women that he has come onto. Why would his wife put up with all that crap for 20+ years? For the kids and money? It's just disgusting.

2305 days ago

La Mom    

" Posted at 6:15PM on May 25th 2008 by look at all the losers fired up "

Like yourself? HEE! Love it! And lest we forget, many people on this Sunday have taken the high road, saved some $$$ by NOT driving out of town for the three day weekend, and are chillun in front of our PC's with some TMZ. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon considering we work our tails off during the week :). It's all good, but go ahead and keep whining about all us lost souls who have no lives - he hee hee ... NICE FOR YOU TO JOIN US !!! HAAAAAA

The Hogans should have taken our advice, stayed inside, and curled up with some TMZ too.

Oh wait, nevermind.

2305 days ago


Wayyyyyyyyy to much Hogan coverage lately. How about you put all the updates every 6 hrs instead of every 15 minutes? :rolleyes:

2305 days ago

CA Mom    

I don't know LA Mom,

I get 2 weeks a year vacation and so far I've been down for the count with Strep for 2 days! I kill ( not literally) be out on the boat with the hubby and kids. 200 channels on TV and TMZ is more interesting.

2305 days ago


at#103 rolleyes.. how bout you stop checking TMZ every 15 mins? or how bout you take your ass to another website if you dont like what tmz is posting here. dumb ass.

2305 days ago


to #82 & #83 #84. Who the hell are you calling aloser? Better look at yourself. Don't worry about us writing the truth. Truth HURTS. Shouldn't bother you unless your a TRASHY HOGAN. What kind of life do u have that you have to read all our comments? Hey BRET- looks like hogan's are posting again? They can't go to the beach becuz of LYNCH MOB! hahahahaha

2305 days ago


Who said it was karma? Maybe they learned to drive at the dysfunctional driving school, where they put the "fun" back in dysfunctional!

2305 days ago

La Mom    

#104 wild you say that ... I'm skimming through some TMZ and listening to the (edited) movie Unfaithful in the background. I'm a multi-tasker that way HA. I haven't relaxed this much in one weekend in YEARS.

I don't bother with the other gossip sites like Hilton. he's just too weak for me.

2305 days ago


Just here................

OMG....I have strep throat. Was sick about a week ago with it. Sily me, I did not take all of the antibiotic and it is back with a vengenance.

2305 days ago
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