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Nick and Hulk Take Turns Bashing Linda

5/25/2008 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Hogan family doesn't just talk trash about the Graziano family -- they also talk behind each other's backs.
Nick and Hulk: Click to listen!
In one call, Hulk trashes Nick's mom Linda, saying she spends more money on lawyers than on calling cards for Nick. In the second, Nick complains that Mommy Dearest would rather pass the phone around to other people than talk to her son.


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Luis Pusa    

W/ all this taped conversation amongst the Hogan's, what are the chances of them getting on The Jerry Springer show? or Dr. Phil?

2340 days ago


Hulk is a pig if he is putting Linda down to his kids. When one puts the other ex down, you ultimatly are putting the kids down too. What a moron, but what else could we expect.

2340 days ago


After you post here:
Tell the networks how you feel about this family's utter lack of remorse & that you will bombard their network's sponsors with letters, e-mails, faxes & calls if any series featuring any member of the Bollea family is shown or picked up.

Here is the link for Viacom which owns MTV, VH1 & CMT

Posted at 3:24PM on May 25th 2008 by don imus-boycotts DO work!

2340 days ago

tired of cry baby    

boycotts only work if you are black!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are classless people, but who's releasing the tapes? someone must be breaking the law leaking theses tapes. this is classless by the hogans and TMZ!!!!!!!!!

2340 days ago

La Mom    

Ooohhh TMZ, once again, excellent scoop and kudos to you. Just by listening this this conversation in particular, I wouldn't be surprised if the previous phonecalls had already been released, and Pop Hogan & Nick knew this. This conversation sounds more like a delibertate attempt to discredit mom Linda Hogan, knowing very well this conversation would be made public on TMZ soon after. Hhhmmmm, very interesting.

Hulk still thinks he's going to make his money though .... another tip-off in which he's trying to convey to the public he's going to make his millions off of the disabled veteran his son nearly killed and mained for a lifetime. I wonder what kind of audience such a delibertate scheme by Hulk Hogan would attract?

The Hiogans know very well at this point that anything they say will be made public. Can't wait to see what shizzle they put on next as they abase themselves even further.

2340 days ago


Make the BOYCOTT all-encompassing!!! VH1 is a subsidiary of Viacom. But don't merely send your complaints to a
nameless underling. Let's go straight to the top. Sumner Redstone is CEO of Viacom, Russ Pillar is President and
Peter Glusker is Senior Vice President. Please feel free to send one or all of them a copy of the following letter. We should also bombard their offices with calls/faxes Tuesday morning:

Sumner Redstone
Viacom, Inc.
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036-8901
Phone: (212) 258-6000
Fax: (212) 258-6464.

Dear Mr. Redstone:

Your subsidiary, VH1 Network, has in recent years broadcast "Hogan Knows Best," a reality series starring Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan, and his family. It has recently been revealed that Mr.Bollea and Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment are currently developing a "reality" show for Mr. Bollea's son, Nick Bollea, upon his release from his current incarceration. I and countless others are OUTRAGED that the Bollea family should seek to PROFIT from the illegal, drunken, reckless behavior that has left a former member of our armed services in a comatose state. The Bolleas' heartlessness and greed is beyond the comprehension of civilized adults.

If Viacom, VH1 or any Viacom subsidiary agrees to enage in ANY broadcast venture that assists Nick Bollea in PROFITTING from his illegal and remorseless actions, I (and MANY others) will BOYCOTT any and all
manufacturers, products or sponsors associated with such ventures, and will further contact such sponsors or product manufacturers upon identification. Moreover, if any additional episodes of "Hogan Knows Best" are aired on VH1, I (and others) will send letters of protest to EVERY company that purchases advertising time on the show, informing them of our outright refusal to purchase their products.

The Bollea family has been inexplicably heartless and cruel in their disregard for the plight of the victim, former Marine John Graziano, and his family, with Linda Bollea going so far as to defame and ridicule his grieving mother. Legally-recorded conversations that reveal the degenerate nature of the Bollea comments can be found at the website No respectable broadcast entity should continue to do business of any kind with the Bolleas. If you choose to do so, then you and your advertisers shall pay the price in loss of viewer revenue. We will BOYCOTT all ADVERTISERS and/or PRODUCTS associated with or connected to any member of the Bollea family.



In additon ot the networks, we can also contact anyone who assists in deal developopment. Hulk Hogan is attempting to develop Nick's new "real-ality" show with Eric Bischoff, of Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment, LLC. He has structured other deals for Hogan, including his energy-drink deal. Bischoff's website is:

I sent him the following letter. Feel free to copy it:

Dear Mr. Bischoff:

Your company has a history of contractual arrangements with Terry Bollea, aka Hulk Hogan. It is my understanding that you and Mr.Bollea are currently in discussions to create a "reality" show for his son, Nick Bollea, upon his release from his current incarceration. Please know that I and countless others are greatly offended that the Bollea family should seek to PROFIT from the illegal, drunken, reckless behavior that has left a former member of our armed services in a
comatose state. The Bolleas' heartlessness and greed is beyond comprehension.

If you enage in ANY development alor marketing efforts that seek to assist Nick Bollea in PROFITTING from his illegal actions, I will BOYCOTT any and all manufacturers, products or sponsors associated with such endeavors, and I will further contact such sponsors or product manufacturers DIRECTLY the moment they are identified.


Posted at 5:59PM on May 24th 2008 by Edumacated

2340 days ago


If you are tired of hearing all of this bs, then why do you keep coming back to the site and reading it! Its common sense, if you are fed up with it pretend like you dont see it. The family is making money off of people like you who are to busy whinning about how horrible they are. How many people have gotten into accidents, killed someone in the other vehicle, or even in their vehicle and nothing has happened? He is being used to show people what can happen. I know for a fact they they had insurance so the insurance company is already paying for everything, including loss of income. The only question I have is that if they were drinking and they guy was so concerned about himself and his well being why didnt he tell Nick to slow down or let him out of the car? He had a voice but he chose not to use it. He could have stopped himself from being hurt. I feel sorry for him and the state that he is in, I also feel sorry for his family but it isnt just Nicks fault!

2340 days ago

jen newman    

unless TMZ agrees with the poison coming out of the Bolea family's mouths, why isn't TMZ boycotting the whole damn story?! Believe me, if it is because it brings TMZ publicity, I can assure them that their readers are getting tired of the whole story by now. You are only alienating people who will soon stop reading TMZ if all they have to talk about is the Hulk's family problem. They ceased to matter to anyone once they blamed John Graziano for his vegetative state that he will be in forever.

Why does TMZ insist upon being part of the story?

Jen Newman

2340 days ago


He is acting like such a pansy. Quit being a momma's boy and serve your damn time! He talks to them every day (ooh how terrible...I'm all alone in my OWN cell and get to talk to mommy and daddy every day, whaaa). How much are these phone calls costing? I know they can afford anything but, damn, look at how much money he has cost his family and they continue to baby him.

2340 days ago


HAHA! I listened to your song Steve, good luck to ya from Texas.

2340 days ago


I am HORRIFIED as I listen to these phone conversations. Nick is absolutely without remorse and all he can think about is his own discomfort. He has taken ZERO responsibility and all the while his "friend" lies slowly dying from injuries that Nick was responsibly for. All he's done is place call after call trying to get people to help him get out of jail. And then he says, "God****" and it is beyond reprehensible. I pray that God lets him sit there until his pride and selfishness is BROKEN. The Graziano family must be beside themselves with pain and anger. I know I would be.

2340 days ago


They are all disgusting. Maybe mom doesn't want to listen to the cry baby calling and whimpering in his pampers all day long. As you can tell Dad is sick of it to. Hogan is such a loser roider anyways now his son has followed in his footsteps.

My prayers go out to John and his family. The Hogans have showed thier true colors, I wish John could have seen that when he was well. He wouldn't want to be around loser hillbilly con-artist trash!

2340 days ago


Spoiled brat, his best inncoented firend even a solider who worked too hard for him just like SNAP??! How sucks...

2340 days ago


Lordy, Lordy.....
This is turning into a bad tv show.
Hogans Zeros!

2340 days ago



2340 days ago
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