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Cook Won't Kim and Tell!

5/27/2008 8:31 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For someone with such a big voice, David Cook didn't have jack to say about his meat summit with Kimberly Castoff Caldwell the other night when we asked him about it at JFK yesterday.

In other news, who knew that both "AI" Davids -- Archuleta and Cook -- were both left handed? That's just weird, people.


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I can't believe how the tabloids and papparazzi are hounding David Cook about who he is or is not dating. Why is it anyone's business who David dates? Did I vote for David Cook? You bet I did! Was it because he was single, that I dreamed of him falling head over heels for me? Heavens NO! I voted for him because he is a great artist with a great character.
And I'm not about to get worked up because he had a dinner date with Kimberly Caldwell. Don't really care for her myself, but it's not my business.
Plus I remember the trash that was trying to be seeped out about Chris Daughtry and his wonderful wife. It was horrific. But they overcame it. Hopefully David Cook will overcome the junk stories as well.
I don't regret a single vote I made for David Cook and I will be first in line to buy his CD as soon as it drops. I can't wait to see the AI show this summer!
He's a great talent with a great passion for life.

2345 days ago

Pls don't make me feel sorry for Ryan!    

Hey TMZ, I have a headline for you when Kim Caldwell’s forthcoming cd performs miserably due to the failed AI publicity stunt/dating fiasco with DC ... or whatever it was!

The Skank Tanked!!

2345 days ago


I agree with you. Those people who said they deleted DC and wanted their votes back are all immature and shallow. First off, we cannot choose who DC will date, Second, although i, myself, am not in favor of that Caldwell girl, still, i like his smitten reaction when asked about her because it just means DC is a regular guy capable of feeling what us regular people feel when still in the first stage of dating. Third, DC is just being true when he openly talked about his personal life, it just goes to show that he is not plastic like a lot of showbiz people are. Finally and more importantly, DC is talented perse so let's just enjoy his music. But i just wish in the future he will find someone better, deserving and one who will not just use him, but instead truly will love him.

2345 days ago


I'm personally a lurker, but never post. This subject is interesting to me and I feel a need to respond. First, not all 40 year old women who are beautiful want to be with a younger man nor did we all vote for David Cook because we have some illusion of being with him romantically. He received our/my vote for several reason's. He has a great voice, he picked amazing arrangements to showcase his voice, albeit not always his arrangements, but never the less great arrangements. He has the ability to not just sing a song but to emotionalize the song, which is fundamental to my liking or disliking and artist. The backlash he has received in dating Kimberly Caldwell is totally normal. When John Mayer dated Jessica Simpson a lot of my friends stopped going to his shows (he plays a lot around town in LA). However, those same friends that lost respect for him for dating Jessica are so happy he's dating Jennifer Aniston. Not because she's older, but because she's intelligent, handles herself with dignity and poise. Girl's didn't stop liking Ashton Kutcher because he married Demi Moore, once again, because she handles herself with grace and poise. So, this back lash is because Kimberly Caldwell lacks that poise and I personally, up until DC asked her out on live TV thought he did. It would have been cute if it was a teenager asking out a girl on TV, but to watch a man it was silly. The way Kimberly handled it was absurd. Telling someone in an interview that she has dated atleast 10 past Idol contestant's and then saying she wants to "make out" with DC and probably will. Then referring to Idol contestant's as her co-workers (meaning she's dating within her circle). Well, most women don't date 10 co-workers, maybe one, but not 10 because that would be unprofessional. So, yes I lost some admiration for DC when he went out with Kimberly Caldwell. He's America's sweetheart right now. The only analogy I can come up with is..........Kelly Clarkson dating Kevin Federline!

2344 days ago


David Cook will date anybody he wants to.
He WILL NOT save himself to marry a girl from the idol forums.
WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!
and GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's hilarious. .......................

2344 days ago


Kimberly Caldwell is not good enough for Cook. His fans just want the best for him, that is all, they are not interested in dating him. Let me put it midly, David Cook is an A Lister right now, dating a D lister with a crap reputation. He is being really stupid, and all the attention is going toward Caldwell instead of the excitement of his win. John Mayer's fans hated it when he dated Jessica Simpson because she was such a bimbo, but they don't have issues with Jennifer Anniston, because she is a bit more classier. I think Cook is making a big mistake. He should put dating on hold, and focus right now on his fans, his music and his career, especially while the momentum is still hot. He is thinking with the wrong head.
This chick had a DUI last year, sleeps with an idol every season, yes, she admitted dating at least 10, and lost her virginity at 15. She is a ho....and Cook can do so much better.

2336 days ago


calm down people...let him enjoy his fame for a month or two..he will soon be a HAS BEEN AI WINNER...kinda like the others.......puhahaha people consider him a HOT guy...i dont think he can pass as a HOT guy to me..with all those hair and huge tummy did you see his guitar heroes commercial puwease...i use to like him back on the show...puhaha and i think he actually think he looks hot with his cap and along with his blonde bimbo around him....i thought he was a SMART guy....

2332 days ago


Even RADIO HATES Kimberly Caldwell

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Interesting Radio Station reaction to DC/KC


Hi all,

The radio stations I listen to the most in my city have been slow to play TOML.....I think it was easily three weeks after the finale before I heard it played. Last week, my son grabbed me and said "Mommy they are playing that song" and grabbed to me to go listen in his room. At the end, the two DJs (one male and one female) talked a little about David. The female mentioned how cute and sweet he seemed and she hoped he is really successful. The male DJ said "you know he's dating a former Idol, right?" but could not think of her name. He didn't say Idol contestant, just Idol, so the girl started guessing and seemed very excited. "Is it Kelly Clarkson, that would be so cool!". She guessed Carrie Underwood, and Jordin. Finally the guy said it was a former contestant, not winner, but still couldn't think of her name.

The girl said, "On no, please tell me it's not that blond from Houston that we've had on the show before, ewww!". He said yes and they both remembered Kim's name. There was a long silence.....definitely long for a radio show, and then she says...."well, I'm definitely over him". There was silence again, and they moved on to a new topic.

it was the most amazing example of what has been going on in my head these past few weeks. This DJ did not bash her or call her names, but there was a definite feeling where being associated with Kim was like trying to swim with some lead tied around your ankles. The mere mention of her name was a conversation killer on this show.

Interesting reaction!

2313 days ago


Great comment Lyn, i hope David will read your comment, and i hope it will help him come to his senses. i have tried so hard to not be affected and to continue liking him, but i can't help it, i am so disappointed. now i changed the CD in my car already and started listening to other music.

2311 days ago
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